Hello gorgeous. This is Melanie from Mecca by Melanie B and I have a customer request video for you today I want to say her name is Helene E I'm not sure how to pronounce it um she makes fun of me because of my southern accent I'm just kidding no she doesn't she just said she really likes my southern accent.

I'm probably gonna butcher her name but it is hele and I.

I'm just going with Helene E and we're gonna go with that until she corrects me on Facebook um anyway.

What she wanted to see was live since Roseberry with opal cloths and I thought haven't done it I think we should do it.


Let's do it alright.

I have my OTT light here which is like super strong lighting um and.

What's going to happen is when I put on my sexy cool reading glasses the glare is going to be horrible.

I'm going to try to tilt them down but I really need them to be able to see what I'm doing.

Let's go with these things don't you love them feelin.

Burning. All right, yeah that glare oh Lord. Okay.

I'm going to get my mirror though cuz I think the mirror will help me to not have to look straight at the camera I hope you don't get blinded by that glare I'm.

Sorry let me tilt this down a little bit it's gonna really note the nut didn't do it really mess up my bags alright here we go I'll just go and get started light first layer light touch smoothing it out. Okay, this will layer one can't even speak today y'all is my birthday I can't speak because I've done nothing except my videos and haven't used my brain other than that and I have just been chilling out I hadn't really done a whole lot fact I've got orders to fill but it's Saturday.

I can't ship them till Monday anyway.


You know I'm not being lazy I'm just procrastinating. Okay, little weapon off excess of course there just want to make sure I get my water lid now you're not watching me overlap I would not do such a thing oh goodness. Okay.

My fianc is going to come home with birthday dinner and popcorn for watching a movie at home and he's going to be like why do you have a lipstick and I say because you were bringing home birthday dinner and we were going to watch a movie at home and popcorn.

I just thought I'd pretend like I was going on a date and I put on my makeup.

Zip it I don't know how he puts up with me all for real he has a good sense of humor thank God and he does have a name his name is Jim by the way.

Always calling my fiancee as if he's got no identity I swear it and just Nike but I'd swear. All right. Okay, you know how to do that's.

Pretty I can't use annelids though. All right.

What I like to do and I do not have my glossy consumer purse as always but normally I would say I would say put your glossy on first especially if you're new and if you're not new you really don't have to do that but it can help your opal stay on.

You know a lot of times I just put a little Center in the little put Center in the pop a [Laughter] little pop in the center of opal and that way it's not covering the whole thing but she wants the whole thing.

We're going to do the whole thing ah it's almost like fluorescent yeah I should have put my glasses online or my lips are like I couldn't see these bright things but can't they're now that changed it like 360 did it not very fluorescent pinky great combo I'm.

Happy Helene E and if I'm saying it wrong I swear she's gonna kill me anyway, I really do like this combination um this would be like a perfect going out on the town you know I've said in Prior videos I don't go anywhere I mean I'm sitting or watching a movie at home tonight on my birthday cuz god forbid Jim take me out of the house once in a while I guess I bear Sam I don't know anyway.

But seriously. This is just really pretty very bold but I love it great idea thank you for suggesting this one I appreciate it and I hope you guys enjoyed this please subscribe share like whatever you have to do to make sure that you can see my videos in the future thank you very much as always and have a great day.

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