Cuttlebug Quilled Rose/Carnation Kit Review

Okay hi everyone I'm gonna go ahead and continue the tutorial from the Daisy kit for the cuttlebug but this time I will be using the pulled Rose or carnation kit it says and since I'm at home now I do have my my extension the larger cutting plates and these are too long obviously for this little project but that's better than being too short because the other regular plates that come with the cuttlebug are just like I'm inch too short for the 12 flower plate dies.

What I was trying to about that is that they might as well just made the dies an inch shorter because everybody can just purchase them without having to buy these new cutting plates.

It does add some expense to the actual dies.

You have to buy these larger plates and I meant just mess around with this I have this piece of 12 by 12 left over and it's about 2 inches wide.

I'm just going to cut it at 1 inch wide and has some pretty flowers already on it.

I just thought do some pattern paper see how that comes out.

I'm cutting that out and then I'm going to cut some of this red cardstock just at 1 inch and this 12 inch wide paper.

It's gonna be 1 by 12 there's nothing be that long because the guys aren't that long foot yeah let me see and then it goes in 8 and a half by 11 inch paper but I'm going to cut it at 1 by 8 and 1/2 that way I guess I'll use the other side of the paper for something else if I want to and then I have some some green paper I'm just going to use the cut leaves out with and I'm just gonna leave these the way they are because um you'll see why.

I'm going to open this packaging and the other one came with a sample flower also this one does too and we just kind of nice.

You can kind of see what you're supposed to be doing in there on the back side you can see that there's a yellow rolled up scroll piece and in the red um pedals themselves and some little green leaves. Okay, and they have all kinds of cute ideas if you think that I like view or to emboss the paper before you cut it out or just um ink the edges or whatever to make the flowers little have a little more personality than be cute and then the kid itself opens up and again has some vague instructions on how to make a flower and then the kid itself comes with its quilt the quilling pen tool and some stamens or stems I guess do you want to use those and then it has again these four thin little dies so. This is a larger kind of flower that's why it's the rose carnation kit.

This one it's like more of a scalloped edge it's kind of pointy you can see that and then the strips that go in the middle and then your leaves different types of leaves. Okay.

I will go ahead and cut out this these yet in the strips that go in the middle first just because and use my inflate ofcourse put those down and probably cut all these at once oh I'm going to cut out some of this scallop II the pointy one on this red paper and this little rounded floral rounded petal one on just twelve by twelve on the floral floral paper and of course I put them down on the a plate which I suppose to put them on these three plates.

Let me pick those up and place them here don't want to cut on the a plate I've never done that before I just assume it's just gonna mess it up make it look ugly. Okay.

It's a shiny and brand-new hook.

Nice it does the other ones I have are all worn out. Okay, so. This is gonna be an issue it looks like I need to have a bc i didn't buy the c plates because um i still op with the expense out to pay for those two let me put the cplay in the front and the shorter C plate that I have I'll try to run that through and see if I can't just run through again with the rest of the guys on there. Okay, stand up for this one because it seems like it's a little bit tight here we go and I probably need to layer them up I was just being lazy cuz there's a lot of guys on here earlier if I did one at a time I can crank them out pretty easy yeah I know and you know I have another seat plate I could probably just go and get it and move it down but I'm just going to going to do this and then I'm going to move the C plate back down a little bit to cover the part that I didn't cut and roll it back to the room and hopefully can I have too much issue with that. Okay, and that should cut the other side of what I wasn't able to cut yet just gonna make it work. Okay.

Can I'm at the Ordos C place I didn't think I usually use the C plate but apparently I do use it and that cut kind of weird I must have shipped something use what I have of these little strips that came out right. Okay, this one's perfect and the flower petal is perfect and generally you want to stack like two or three of these together at a time I am probably going to use one of each I do one flower with one set of red and one stead of the M flower one just.

You kind of get an idea of what you're supposed to do as another video it says in the instructions to stack them I'm just trying to give this a better wheel here. Okay.

It says to stack what you want to do as far as the flowers and then roll them.

I am going to do that with these yellow strips I'm going to put a bead of glue down the yellow strip put another one over that and I'm assuming what. This is going to do is just gotta roll faster you know has its rolling I haven't done this before.

As far as this part of it I'm sticking them all together now I'm assuming it's going to make it.

When you roll it you don't have to roll as much because you have all these that it's just to make it that much thicker that much quicker right.

There are three of the yellow middle pieces the little strips that you can cut and I'll stack one more I'm going to do one more because that it feels pretty thick I don't know if that's appropriate if that's how it's supposed to be. Okay.

I stack that one I'm actually going to roll it now that it's still a little bit wet because when I did it earlier and they started kind of drying if it start has any movement in it it will start coming away from each other.

I'm going to grab the little tool the tool has a little slit right in the middle of it if you can see it there and you're going to slide your paper in there. Okay, if easier said than done. Okay.

Slide the paper in there all the way to the tip.

You get a nice tight roll and bring a little closer to me because it's hard to see. Okay, there.

I got in there and I'm just going to start rolling it I'm gonna roll it the other way roll it towards where I stuck the where I have these little tabs where I stuck Ameche on top of each other. Okay, and that's what I'm saying they feel like um maybe you're supposed to put glue at the very beginning to keep them together because right now they're like coming apart it's kind of irritating let me try to fix that. Okay, and you just continue rolling rolling rolling rolling I can see that they they work up faster if you stick them together like this but I really don't care for this I'm gonna cut them off right there a little harder time with this one that I did with the one I did earlier at work let me cut off part of this yellow cuz I think of plenty when I did the daisy flower I only did one yellow pepper.

I think that makes a difference because it's got really thick really fast.

There's this big yellow Center and then I'm going to grab this little colorful flower one and when you stop rolling the yellow you're gonna put a little glue there and with the pattern in because what happens is as you roll when you're done the pattern part is going to be the actual petals the inside whatever facing inwards is going to be what you see. Okay.

Let's continue rolling this got kind of loose. Okay, and I just use some Elmer's craft bond fabric and paper glue and you know before I do that I'm going to also I'm gonna put the right way in here to see if it makes a difference or how it ends up looking.

I'm put a little bit of glue and stagger it.

The staggering is what helps it.

That when you're rolling the flower has a little more personality. Okay.

I staggered one in between the other two petals and you probably not supposed to mix these I'm assuming supposed to us to make it.

That um um you have actual carnation looking flowers and actual rose looking flowers this one gave me quite a bit of trouble the Daisy one was easy to do this thing keeps loosing it out I'm actually gonna go ahead and pull this down and just finish rolling it by hand um the days are gonna rolled up no problem this thing is giving me a lot of issues right now.

I guess I'm just gonna finish rolling it in my hands. Okay, and this one stops here.

I'm going to go ahead and go ahead and glue that one to the last bit there and as I roll this last little piece over I'm going to stick it down right there with out of the way sorry I'm just gonna hold it for a second um sounds a little bit harder to work with the Daisy one was a dream and I'm if you saw that video it worked really easy and it was actually.

Very pretty.

Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and kind of squish this down on my surface just like I can get that down and then you start kind of spreading the petals open and I'll start from the outside going towards in inner petals it's actually not bad for a first try but it's not my favorite flower but it works I can quite do a better job once I get a little more hang of it.

It has different colors in there different types of petals and one other thing I didn't do earlier was cut out some of these leaves.

There's three of each type of leaf on here I'm just going to cut out the ones that look like flat um just have loose I would want I'm spy these here these other ones look more like a holly leaf but I'm gonna cut these out using the seed plate and the bee plate and put this a plate let's get that going yeah see when you do one day at a time it cuts a lot easier I just put that in here anyways right let's try a presumptuous afford. Okay.

I just need a couple little leaves and I gotta do is find your flower wherever I put it here it is pushed aside and just put a little glue and they show to stick the flower down like on this little back that's why I has the same kind of size um they're the back of the little flower the little tip I'm going to bend it back a little bit and it's about the same size as the quilling the thickness of that the bottom part of the quilling.

All you do is stick that down this little flower I'm sorry a little leaf and I stick another one nearby there and of course you could give these leaves personality or embed them in half maybe put a little inking do some other fun stuff I'm just trying the actual technique right now and I think later I come a little more inventive with it making make them a lot prettier and I'll stick that leaf on this other backside cross the way hold that down for a minute that's pretty fun I mean for a few dollars I guess that 11 bucks the thing is when you have to buy all these new cutting plates they end up being like 25 bucks maybe 30 and just the two bees and the a plate the two bees come in a pack together than a plate and they're like 1199 I think 1209 each that's on sale and I didn't buy the B plate just for that reason I figured I don't really use to be played very often or the C plate but apparently I do with the small thinner dice but oh well I guess I'll get that in the future.

There is that little flower.

I hope that encourage you to try it I mean it's not perfect this one but I can see where I can perfect that a lot better and make some pretty things.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next video bye-bye.

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