David BBQ sunflower seeds unboxing

Whats up guys today I got a nice unboxing for you guys and just came in the mail I got home from school about five minutes ago from Dave sunflower seeds if you're like me and you love song flower seeds I'm addicted to them ah and you don't like it's pretty expensive it's like two bucks two bucks for a bag but over time it's a lot of money you know.

Right here it's got a 12 12 pack of barbecue sunflower seeds for 12 bucks with free shipping they have mod all the flavors you got original BBQ ranch and I think there's one more flavor they have let's free shipping twelve bucks you can't beat that as two-day shipping this i ordered this on friday night yeah i probably got some it comes directly from dave sunflower seeds.

Crack this open that is shipping did I have your information on their know if you can see that but it was 1250 1254 for all of us.

They're all barbecue um I heard some more I ordered big sunflower seeds Biggs as the company ah that should be coming in this week sometime ordered a high when I got a lot of like debit card things like gift cards for Christmas and my birthday.

Ah as usuals online.

I bought i had some money left over sized bought these i bought big sunflower seeds uh the moat you can't find them anywhere in these coasts say I buying from there and they're pretty cheap for I think it's one of these bags well sized bags are resealable for a dollar fifty nine.

I got five bags of those of different varieties but it really was like 9 bucks ship it with standard really a postal service shipping which kind of blue because uh yeah.

When I solder mudjug because where you gonna spit your seeds at um yeah Mike jug is just a pretty much a bowl it's like about this big and it's you just spit in it and it's uh not spill will see and like dump it upside down and I won't spill out it's probably used for chewing tobacco or dipping.

I got that I amazon to sew up i have an unboxing of those two things when they come in probably this week sometime.

Make sure you subscribe for more unboxings and just more random videos i'll post up on here peace.

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