David Jumbo Subflower Seeds Ranch

What's up everybody. This is a tree the best what's up everybody. This is a true the best thing today I'm talk about David's jumbo sunflower seeds roasted in Saudi ranch out of artificial and natural flavors frozen Cowboys you see a roast them cowboys artificial and natural flavors yellow wrench step is not conventional up the backstairs picture effects summer size 1 / 2 cups 30 grams cook kernels 7 / 10 or about 1.5 calories Cardinals hundred ninety cones plus season on cell 19 decals from fat kernels 140 kernels plus seasonal shell 148 total fat 15 grams twenty-three percent daily value 15 grams twenty twenty three percent trust fat zero zero cholesterol 00 sodium one hundred and eighty-eight percent 1230 51-percent dietary fiber two grams eight percent daily value two grams eight percent sugar is less than 1 gram lady values less than 1 gram protein 8 grams dude evaluate grams calcium two percent two percent i went to eight eight percent papers invited me fifteen percent in fifteen percent say. This is david's jumbo sunflower seeds roasted and salted ranch unofficial flavor natural flavor dostum Kabbalist to comment subscribe like my videos until done thing about davis jumbo sunflower seeds that's when Officer flavor ranch but. This is a 2 through the best and I a comment subscribe of my videos and. This is a to do the best in an email.

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