David Seeds or Giants Seeds?

Hey everybody!.

The season is started everybody's really excited working here in the field house and we have a little question of the day question is do you like David seeds or giant seeds let's hear what the guys have to say alrighties question the day is David seeds or giant seems I'll be more specific than that Giants kettle roast conversations over I won't i won't eat any other seats Kevin roast Giants thank you they see you. All right, months question of the day Giants or a times. All right, Zach de vinter giant hi tha says it all alright man David see the giant what kind. All right, you know David seeds or giant seeds well firstly I don't know the fan of America sees ya go spits good old Canadian bread. All right, hi jack David sees or giant see when I have to go giants hi hi Joel David's are giant EADS Giants dill pickles the way to go man I thank you John papa. All right, David teaser giant seeds Giants. All right, David seeds for giant seats kettle roasted giant sea I are the cutest favorite kind. All right. Okay, Giants or Davis Oh BBQ chucks. All right, question the day David sees a giant seeds giant sure I Daniels naked. All right, Leroy David's needs are giant seat John sure like a favorite kind dill pickle. All right, all right max giant seeds are David shines for sure. All right, all right hey Ron David seeds or giant feet all that this season one hundred percent Giants get those BBQ you mix it with a little dill pickle who those things are good now like the little hot ones they have chemical bros dodge I Cho David's or giant teeth not even a question Giants all the way question of the day David Caesar or giant see big boy toy giant seeds boy. All right, Nico question of the day David seeds or giant seed a can't even believe that's blush Giants all day.

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