David Sunflower Seeds Commercial-1989

Anywhere anytime David now fresh tasting brand anywhere anytime David now fresh tasting brand anywhere anytime David the price tasting brand the core performance he has their slam-dunk contest right before their all-star game on that in those few days they have the long-range shooting contest and the slam dunk contest now all of the writers everyone that has seen Darren Hancock I said he can jump almost like Michael Jordan I mean there's only one Michael Jordan well you know he has been compared to that that is something him because like magics is like Isaiah says they say constantly that we play at this level Michael plays at another level and for for people to make a comparison saying that Darren Hancock is like a Michael Jordan that's quite a confident and quite a comparison now they're calling the contestants to the to the court for the finals of the slam dunk contest and we'll take a one-minute break and be right back honey I'm home what's for dinner hmm three ways I get your maximum daily requirement of fun on the create no TV dinner and buy or come on laughter with the ultimate food processor mr. bell our contest now the way that I'm perceiving. This is that they have called for many more players that have actually shown up on the court and it could be Artie that Darren Hancock intimidates pretty much that the players say hey I don't want to go out there on television and come in eighth you know well I tell you what I can handle this if you want to go out and be the fifth player let's go to chip Davies he's the public address announcer and he will lead us through this slam dunk contest I think tip is still waiting for other players to show up I don't know whether they will it's your Florrick a second contestant number 33 from Cleveland High School Vincent hurry Vincent when you're ready [Applause] not koi remember each contestant has three dogs and he may replace one dunk never try the game here in the meantime Darren Hancock our next contestant Reggie Simmons from Cleveland High School in Los Angeles Darren Hancock - spidel is when I at the other end of the court he was up that time he just didn't bring the ball down.

He'll get to try it again and he may replace his dog Cleveland High School by the way victorious earlier today over Radford 7250 he was up real well and now mr. Hancock and the final contestant number is 33 Darren Hancock watch this well say no more we shall see it again we start again now on round 2 yes pretty impressed art again on round 2 is K here Robin if this start that way when I get your your opportunity James we got to lower the lower the basket here that's not bad at all it's not bad and he did that without even a run he could success instead he coming up next Vincent hurrying from Cleveland High School Vincent hurry [Applause] since the little program does not get another shot because he use his replacement dunk already the next contestant is Reggie Simmons from Cleveland high school [Applause] buying up a long way here our final contestant number 33 Darren Hancock here we go he missed it Oh Bret Hart is allowed a replacement dunk now he's got now he's got to make sure he doesn't miss it he's just finished playing an entire game well well I think he has heart essentially we change the order we change the order and the first man dunking will be Vincent hurrying from Cleveland High School the gentleman wearing number 33 visited hurrying we'll go first Vincent has had a little frustration with these dogs he's been up but he's just lost the ball and not able to throw it down he needs this in real bad David red McGibbon from Cleveland High School will go next you ready to make them in oh yeah.

He was a little conservative I think made sure that he he was able to get the ball through the kinetic that's. All right, that's. Okay, timings got to be there you know it's not good for Reggie Simmons and our third contestant on this round k he'd Murray of Cleveland High School and I like worry here he he has a little uh artistic ability with his jam throws it down pretty hard and he's double flexed a little bit brought it back to the shoulder threw it down our last contestant from Brooklyn high school Darren Hancock number 33 [Applause] with the fame as you like to say RT no question oh yeah. Okay, we'll get a prize again the judges are babes riders from USA TODAY's Jim hackle men's the sports writer and sportscasters Dan Morrison and the football coach David Reardon the sports writer I don't think it's a tough decision well really don't I tell you what you know you never know the erection judge over there might change things off the lot here he comes again [Applause] he said the last one he is in point place FinCEN Harry from Cleveland High School Vincent after credit Cleveland High School because they did not they were not intimidated they came out the challenge huh yeah in fact they were the only school that did yeah why I can see it was everyone else and Darrin.

That's the fourth place winner on high school they're going to go up on the line place finisher katie marie of Cleveland High School and Darren Hancock I'm not the one who do winner would be if you're going to do another one Darren Hancock from Griffin high school Darren hand-cut the winner of the slam dunk contest and Darren Hancock no doubt way above everyone else in this tournament this crowd wants him to do he's down a hill of lighter hey alright come on I got a lot more in me. This is an on-court thump oh hey he's played enough he's done enough and my man from Cleveland hi he say he wants another one well you can see that everything they say about him is true he is a tremendous talent and he has nothing but a bright future ahead of him and it's districtís sit here and see a young man with that much talent in Mid Atlantic that affect Baltimore you could see 3 to 5 inches of snowfall New York it didn't get the snowfall in the winter now as we move into late winter you get it there's that precipitation across the west coast as I've mentioned the heavy rainfall at San Diego but the Bay Area's really been in.

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