David sweet and spicy sunflower seeds

Hello everybody snowman killer here and today I figured out how to get light in my room window power anyway, I'm doing something really cool because I thought it was gonna be terrible or like somebody just nom on no these are sweet and spicy David sunflower seeds oh my god like I said I had to do a review on this.

Here I am now when you're looking at them they look like um just normal seeds obviously let me see red everywhere like doubt you'll be able to see it here just grab a seat here my phone to the focus trick got it know what it's just covered in the salt stuff whatever they use when it first touched your tongue get sweet just nothing but sweet then I years until like I am like a red pepper e that deal it's a red pepper type thing really really good really tasty like two bucks to four big bags and they feel these things to thumper in like all the way up and it didn't look like that much but there's that much bag the rest of sunflower seed hmm it's just.

Sweet i love it gonna try to bike down and like see the thing itself just like just normal summer street with the hino sweetness morning gross ah shit the mist OOP getting there you ah it's really sweet cuz she's like am caramel popcorn salt that's kind of what it tastes like hmm oh I messed up I have nothing to drink but it tastes like the the caramel salt you get from like the movie theater tastes like that like caramel corn I wouldn't recommend cheering though cuz just what do I start chewing it dang it I think they're really good like I definitely buy another bag of these mean third eight eight and a half ranch are always gonna be my favorite but right by these gettin either he's really good Kim a try quick videos thriving uploaded in a while but um no excuse I just forgot long as I just forgot to him record but yeah.

Mike either see you later.

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