Davids sunflower seeds

Hello Atlanta. This is Shana Lackawanna lock Alana yeah.

Today's session is going to be about David's sunflower seeds now how many of you all out there eat seeds when we were little we all had our favorite flavor sees which was back in the day now they had David's ranch flavored seeds which are really really good I'm going to tell you a little bit about that now David seeds consists of a lot of good stuff you want to know how to eat David sees. This is how you eat them you see did you read it ok times up um now I'm going to show you a little demonstration on how to keep David seeds there's one or two ways have you as you have may have right now um the first way you take one seed out of the David's bag yes one seat which looks like this put it in your mouth.

All the flavor and then in between your top or bottom T then that's where you put place to seed and crack it in half you spit off the shelves and what's left inside your mouth should be the seed pit. This is what if see if it looks like did you see it where's the scene now you chew it that's the first way to eat David sees. Okay, the second way is to take a handful of David seeds flavor of your choice preferably ranch and you put it in your mouth holding all the seeds on one or the other side of your mouth you reverse you take one seed switch it over to the other side bracket while the clump of seeds are still inside of your mouth now with the right way to say this I should be saying um that's you oh I'm sorry excuse me allergies you take a handful of seeds in your mouth and store them in one cheek then you transfer a seed over to the other side with your tongue crack it and eat the scene and spit the shell.

When I said the first time I had just be sure now do I have any callers I think I do call it hello hello hello hello mommy I want to please shut up something what. Okay, no I mean don't tell me to shut up I'm gonna slap you I will pull it off mom. Okay, next caller give it a mule nine yes still here I was talking to ask him to David sees. Okay, Oh what do you want to know about the David seems you're not ugly yeah we do actually I got cheese dad actually we have chili we have line we have limited eppard we have BBQ we have rich we have kroger we have walmart now how may I help you I want some BBQ I want every single flavor hi there big guy good luck mother me chef you will not get OC the five-second let's call err i mean i love you ain't but why doesn't know what kind of your favorite branch what kind of that y'all get ranch you're not fat free rent.

The veg to play no rain I all love with you I love ya got a bad mix for all three rigid kind of five kids been around please yes you made that will be fifteen dollars whole degree a sidebar that's Matt Fowler please call it um polar I'll get the matter there's the phone hello yes yes mami man lincocin see sure darlin my name is Pavel Olivia I will call him to upstream of the Davidson's yes ma'am and how may I help you what flavor did you like to just a very commercial I wasn't finished talking well it's tomorrow night for him mama I invite you for a trip you calling mama George.

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