day 223 | Safety Razor

Day 223 I can't start this video without talking about yesterday day 222 look at this I got a bee sting I was out doing what I do and Abby decided to sting me right here I'm hoping I'm not allergic I guess I would know already right.

I'm here at the beautiful headquarters of splashes of hope and I need some hope. This is the most exciting thing that's happened to me all year oh now yesterday I was poised to do a review of the new Honda Civic and I got stung by a bee and my lip ballooned out needless to say I had to cut that review short today I'm back to my beautiful self and I went to target now if you've been around this channel for a while you probably know I'm a one blade guy if you don't know anything about it or if you're new to the channel one blade is made by philips norelco here are two cartridges two blades it's the most awesome product I think I've ever bought for about 34 to 39 dollars you get this amazing smooth hybrid razor I love it I've done several videos on it now and I went to get my first pack of refilled blades.

Two of these out at a retail store cost me about $24 I'm going to leave the link in the description box below you can go to Amazon and pick it out I think probably a little less expensively now I've been hearing from lots of folks about how one blade this one blade that you're not a tough guy you're not in order now I've been read by a few viewers over time saying that I need to man up stop playing around with this one blade and go with the traditional safety razor.

Today I was in Target and I picked this up van der Hagin traditional safety razor.

day 223  | Safety Razor

Today I thought we go home and do a face test like a taste test.

On day 223 I'm going to get my shave on and I'm going to give you a one blade safety razor taste or face test let me just unbox this it's a little. This is a tiny little thing. This is like old-school like when your grand father used to have one of these things a little device here in some way that opens up how it opens up I guess I have three directions used to be that you turned it oh.

You turn it alright and see there you turn that and then the razor blade goes right in there ice tempered stainless steel blades made in Germany won't any.

Here's said razor blade the razor blade drops right in there you close that bad boy up there's your blade.

A little later today I will do the face off between my beloved one blade shave system and the traditional safety razor I want to thank you all for watching guys TGIF again I'm back to my beautiful self and I will see you next time remember remember Kate pushing way oh and another cool thing when I was at Target they were having a special on bacon-wrapped filet mignon look at that bacon-wrapped filet mignon for ten dollars buy one get one free.

I got four beautiful bacon-wrapped filet mignons for the grill on Friday for $14.99 can't beat that keep pushing play all day 2:22 I was minding my own business doing what I do and B decided he wanted to give me a kiss on the lip.

I got this but just a minute ago my buddy Dave went out and got me some benadryl I've taken that and I'm hoping I'm hoping you will get this video today because if you got this video you know everything's good. All right, over now.

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