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Hey guys! welcome back to my channel I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas got to spend time with friends and family all of that fun stuff I am back on the channel with my December favorites now I know yearly favorites are coming up and a lot of people are posting those let me know if you want to see a yearly favorites video I know those will be running rampant for a while hub but I do enjoy watching those and if it's something you guys want to see that i will definitely film that for you but for today's video I'm just going to do what I have been loving for the month of december.

Let's go ahead and get started the first product I want to talk about is actually a body moisturizer by laura mercier and it's the ombre vanilla or amber vanilla and I got this in one of her holiday sets that I featured in my holiday gift guide it came with I think six or eight maybe six of her body souffle.

These are basically just body moisturizers and I love this scent this was my favorite out of all of the sins that came in it oh my gosh it just smells heavenly it smells like vanilla like a very strong vanilla scent.

If you like that type of thing this would be phenomenal. However, I way on Sephora to try to find the full size of this and this scent was nowhere to be found.

December Favorites | LoveShelbey

I'm feeling like this might have just been limited edition for the holiday said that she had but I am going to try to go on like the actual Laura Mercier website to see if it's on there but if you can find this amber vanilla amber amber vanilla it smells.

Good next up is a new product from urban decay this does not launch until January but I wanted to mention it in case you guys got some sephora gift cards you're planning on using let's be honest though if you got sephora gift cards for christmas you're probably going to use them immediately and not wait until january but i just wanted to throw this product in there because i really love this and it's the new urban decay quick fix hydro charge complexion prep spray and. This is what the bottle looks like.

Unlike the setting sprays this spray is supposed to be a priming spray coconut water in it let's see b3 vitamin m three vitamin whatever that is let's just say that. This is just very nourishing for your skin and I really appreciate Orban decay coming out with this because I loved all-nighter for the longest time and then I discovered it had alcohol in it and I felt like it was really drying out my skin.

I had to kind of hold off on using that especially when my skin was feeling super dry and now that i've been using this i've been using this as a prep spray and also a finishing spray and i think it works great both ways but it smells heavenly it smells like coconut and I just feel like it's.

Nourishing it makes my makeup look nice and fresh and glowy after i'm done applying.

Yeah. This is definitely a new product I think you should look into regardless of if you were oily combo dry I think this would work great for everyone. This is also a new product launching with urban decay in January and it's the new urban decay optical illusion complexion primer.

I have it in the box still but obviously I've used it I just wanted to show you guys what the new packaging looks like so. This is what the actual bottle looks like very sleek packaging it has almost this I like this pink tint to it I'll put them on the back of my hand here.

You can see I don't know if you can see from this far away I'll do it close up but this primer let me read you the description on it it says that it reduces fine lines and makes pores seem to vanish we're gorgeous porcelain like texture so. This is supposed to instantly blur and I really do believe that it does when I put it on my hand and I smooth it in i can see the lines in my hand kind of smooth out and look less visible.

I have really been enjoying this primer because it has a great silky texture to it it's not too thick but it also doesn't feel like a traditional silicone primer like for example the Smashbox photo finish primer this feels a little bit different.

I've really been enjoying this for days that I want more full coverage and you know heavier layers of wake up I feel like this really does smooth out my skin and prep it nicely for heavier products oh really quickly I guess I can show you guys the other primers that they're coming out with they're coming out with ad slick primer a urban defense SPF 30 primer I have not tried this one yet and the self-adjusting complexion primer it says it has adapting pigment soft focus effect and shine control now I did try this it reminds me a lot of the hourglass bell primer it's it's not working too well for me just FYI just it's coming out very watery I don't know if like the pumps messed up on it or what but it's supposed to self adjust to your skin I notice a little bit of pigment not a ton though but there's also another one called brighten and tighten which they did not have PR samples to send out yet but just keep that in mind.

These are the new primers that are coming out with Urban Decay's. This is a lip pencil i have been loving and it is max oak lip liner it's what i'm wearing on my lips today I don't have anything else on except for a pretty translucent gloss I've just been loving this as like an everyday lip color it's more suitable for my skin tone then stripped down is stripped down runs a little bit more on the grey tone whereas oak runs more on the warm tone side.

I just feel like this looks really I don't know complimentary I guess you could say with my skin tone right now and I've just been loving it especially with this next product i'm going to talk about and. This is the Too Faced sweet peach creamy page oil lip gloss. This is pretty much like the only thing i've been using daily from the sweet peach collection don't get me wrong i think it's a phenomenal collection too Faced did awesome on it but I explain you know that like peach just doesn't always look the best on me but these lip glosses are awesome that they watched in this collection they are.

Smooth creamy they don't dry your lips and I've really been loving this one it's the lightest color it's called peach fuzz and I have that on top of mine I'm gonna put a little bit more on I think it's faded on top of the oak lip liner and I think it just adds like the two together just are like a perfect winter new color I don't know I love it but these two kind of been like my go-to nude lip combo for December. This is a product i received from Bumble and Bumble this month and i haven't wanting to try this forever but i was going to pick it up the last of four order i made i was doing some Christmas shopping and I just told myself I don't need to get myself anything it's Christmas time I need to be getting other people stuff.

I ended up not getting it but a few days after that bumble bumble I actually got a package from them and this was in it and it's there hairdressers invisible oil dried oil finishing spray.

It's kind of like a dry shampoo / finishing spray to give your hair a little bit texture I love the what is this the invisible hairdressers invisible oil I've used that entire line I'm used the shampoo conditioner the actual oil the UV protectant spray I've used everything in that line but this and I really enjoy the smell of the line I really enjoy how it makes my hair feel um it's just a little bit on the pricey side if you buy everything in that collection you're looking at a good chunk of money.

I held off on this and luckily it was sent to me and I really love it I just I don't like my hair to have a lot of hairspray in it I don't like it to be stiff throughout the day I just really like it to have you know like some movability plus I kind of prefer the messy look anyways and this just adds great texture to my hair it makes my hair smell nice and it's also great for a dry shampoo but since. This is more on the pricey side I'm trying to just use it as a finishing spray and not.

Much as a dry shampoo.

If you've not checked out the hairdresser's invisible oil line in general I would definitely suggest it it is great. This is a lipstick that I haven't borne a lot in December but it's just.

Gorgeous i wanted to mention it again i used it in a tutorial and it's the NARS audacious lipstick in the color Jane I saw this when I was online re purchasing some of my NARS products and it just really spoke to me I knew I wanted to do a look based off of this color and this color can kind of shift depending on what your skin tone is.

Here's a swatch of it on the back of my hand on me it's more of an orange-red like a burnt orange red color on people with darker skin this can pull just a little bit more of like a traditional coral color it's a very how should I say it's a unique color it definitely translates different differently on different skin tones.

I just think it's gorgeous it's a very unique color and I used it in my engagement pictures video and I just love the way it turned out.

I wanted to mention that just because I think it's a super pretty color tarts shake take concealer I feel like I'm the last person on earth to be talking about this or to even be using this I get a pro discount with heart forty percent off and the only thing that they do a lot of times is they exclude pro discounts on new products.

I was trying to hold off for the longest time I'm buying this concealer.

That they would just bump it down to like a regular product category and.

I could use my discount on it they have not done that yes it has been.

Popular it's still considered a new item.

I was just randomly an Ulta one day and saw it and I was like I'm just gonna buy it because everybody says it's amazing and. Okay, here's the deal um I wouldn't say that pie like this better than like my Urban Decay concealer or my makeup forever Ultra HD but this concealer offers great coverage and for me one of my biggest problems is that I have a lot of freckles underneath my eye area and.

With you know my regular daily concealers those can tend to peek through or translate through my makeup and when I really want that just smooth kind of flawless under I look this concealer has been working really great I mean it has great coverage to it the only thing is that I do think it's a little bit more on the mat side and you do have to blend it out pretty fast once you've applied it I know don't mind concealers like that but it does not look bad it looks very smooth it is just a little bit more on the mat side but it's great for coverage and I've been reaching for it I think it looks really good also this color I'm in the shade lights and matches me really well right down.

I've had really liking it and I definitely think it's worth a try if you haven't picked it up yet alright guys.

That was it for my december favorites I hope you enjoyed if you have any questions feel free to leave those down below let me know if you want to see a yearly favorites video I can definitely do that and also let me know what you guys love for the month of December as well and i will see you guys in my next video bye.

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