Deco Foil Doodles

Hey guys! it's jen and i'm back with another little thermal web tutorial for you today i'm going to be using the deco foil pen and some of my circle punches along with some scrap um patterned paper or a six by six paper pad and i'm going to be using rose gold deco foil i'm going to show you how fun it is to kind of dress up and some of the circles it's super easy using the deco foil pen.

To go ahead and get started what we want to do is to first punch a variety of different circles out of various pattern papers.

I'm going to use some from this Maggie home shine collection but I also have some that I just had in my stash that I thought I could include as well and I'm going to punch them in various sizes now I have a really huge punch and then I have some smaller ones a quarter one and a quarter inch one inch and then I think this one is three quarters of an inch or half an inch even and then gonna punch circles of all different sizes out of all of these different papers and I've done this in a tutorial in the past punching circles or I don't think I punched circles I think I punched something else out of various sizes of patterned paper but um I think punches are a really versatile tool and.

If you have punches in your stash you don't have to use circles obviously you could use any shape that you want I think it it's a really fun easy way to UM make a fun background which I'll show you.

Deco Foil Doodles

I'm going to go ahead and punch out a whole bunch of different circles and then I'll come back and show you how we're going to kind of know that I have a variety of circles cut out I just pulled a few aside.

I could show you some ways that you can use the deco foil pen to kind of dress these up a little bit and what I want to do is um I'm going to get rid of one of these little flower ones what I want to do is first of all I need to make sure my deco foil pen is ready to go.

What you can do to do that is just take a piece of scratch card stock and you can depress the tip if it's brand new if it's brand-new you probably don't need to depress the tip but you just push it down this one's already good and going and flowing.

I don't need to do that.

What I want to do is on this and I I make sure to cut out some kind of planar patterns.

That I would be able to be a little bit more free on what design i wanted to do.

On this plane circle I think what I want to do is um I want to do I think I want to do a polka dot.

I'm just going to do some random circles and I'm just putting little dots of adhesive and the fun thing about the pen is you can do like if you're I'm not very good at drawing but i can draw dots or stars or hearts or anything like that most people can but if you are good at drawing you can get really creative with this and but i'm just doing some dots now on this floral and I don't want to cover up the floral too much but i think i'm going to write the word love on here and.

What I want to do is I'm just going to kind of write it.

That it the l comes up here and the and the rest is below the flower.

I'm just going to make it go off the edge come up with my l. Okay, that wasn't perfect but we'll see what what it turns out like when we're done i'm going to put that aside this one i think what i want to do is just put dots in the centres of these little flowers.

I'm just going to put a dot right there wherever there's a dot in the center of the flower i'm going to put a dot.

There's just three on this one maybe i'll put dots where the other dots are as well.

There's dots in between these little kind of chevron points.

Put dots there as well and then i think on this one what i'll do is i think i'll do some stripes.

I'll just kind of underline the words and I'm not being too careful I'm not going all the way to the edges in some spaces that's fine on the stripe I think I'll do a stripe again I'm just going to do a line above the black.

I'll do three lines right about the black and I'm not taking a lot of time to figure out what i'm going to do on this one I'm going to do another dot I promise I'll do something besides dots and stripes let's see I'm just going to put a dot in the center of all these circles sometimes it's nice to let your pattern kind of decide what you do in that circle or yeah on this one I'm just going to draw a big heart and I fill it in it might be a little bit messy it's not going to be perfect and that's totally fine I think on the small ones it's nice to just do a dot in the center or I could do a little X like it's a button or on this one what I'm going to do is I'm going to start at the center and I'm just going to draw lines radiating out from the center and.

If you're sitting and you can see at at the angle depending on your lighting you can see where you're drawing just depends on the angle of your lights and I think this one I'll just do another dot in the center and then this one I'm going to do a circle around the outside.

It'll just be kind of like a messy little circle around the outside.

Now what I want to do is I want to make sure that those get dry and kind of tacky and because that's what's going to make the foil stick to them.

I'm going to let these get tacky and then we'll come back and i'll show you how i'm going to add the foil onto these pieces of pattern paper. Okay.

I think some of these are good to go now what I'm going to just do is I'm using a scrap piece of. This is the rose gold and I'm going to just lay it over my circle here I'm going to tap it down.

It sticks and you can kind of see where it is sticking already there you get a little bit of a good look there and what I'm going to do.

What this needs to adhere is pressure.

You can run this through your die cut machine to to get that pressure or you can run this through your laminator to get that pressure what I'm going to try today is just using a rubber brayer to get that pressure just because it's handheld and it's easy and.

What I'm going to do is I'm just going to be careful and i'm going to apply pressure by just rolling over it i'm going to go back and forth a few times just being careful and then I'll peel that up to see how that looks.

There you can see that's definitely an imperfect writing of the word love but I'm going to go with it i'm just going to leave it.

Now i've got this this scrap paper and I can see where i have written on this one where the heart is and i can just fit it right in right here.

I'm just going to do the same thing i'm going to tap it down and i'm going to rub the briar over it now it does get a little bit of static cling that's a good way to adhere pressure and then you can also use your finger if you think you need to do that and like i said i did a very imperfect job of coloring it in.

You can see where there's a few lines that's totally fine this the part of the joy of the pen is that it's a little bit of a free-form look and I really like that.

Here's the stripes we're just going to lay that over again and there I have my stripes on stripes and see how that looks.

It's just a really fun fun way to do something like this let's do the large circle and then I'll do the rest um off camera.

With something like this if I just have a small scrap what I can do is just lay it over part of it I'm just going to roll this you you can get.

Much use out of these sheets if you just make sure to save your scraps.

There I have half of it done and then I can just lay this back over and I'm just trying to get it in places where it didn't hit before but you can always go over this a few times if you needed to and i'm just going to again use the brayer to apply the pressure to make sure that that foil adheres and i think i did get one spot maybe one or two where it wasn't quite right there we go.

You can see that fun polka dot and i love that it's imperfect actually think it looks really cool.

I'm going to do this to the rest of my little circles that i cut out and then I'll come back and show you how I've used these on scrapbooking layout. Okay.

Before i do my layout i just wanted to show you a bunch of finished pieces and i have a few tips for you as well.

One thing i noticed as I was going through is you want to make sure that you have enough of the sticky liquid ink flowing out of your pen if there's not quite enough then it's the the foil can't stick to it.

You can kind of see on this word today on the D there wasn't quite enough of that sticky ink right there I don't care i'm going to leave it I actually kind of like the way this looks.

He likes the way that it looks when there's not boil everywhere that's something to keep I guess keep in mind is that you like that look then maybe just make it.

That you write really fast with this or don't let the ink flow as well it's not really ink the adhesive flow because that will give you that kind of funky look you can see on this one where there wasn't quite enough right here but I think these are.

Cool I'm going to use you know what I can from these but i just wanted to show you the different the various kinds of things that I did on them it's hard to see the foil unless you tilt them in the light I think the polkadot ones are actually my favorite and I really like the word ones as well.

I'm going to be using these on a layout and then I'll come back and show you how I did that. Okay.

Here is the final layout and you can see how I use a whole bunch of different circles the circles that I added the foil to I'll just kind of turn it here in the light.

You can see all of that foil goodness and I really really love the way that the foil looks especially my favorite again I have to say is the polka dots and the today just really like the way those turned out but I also added in some products from my stash to just give a little bit of a different look.

I added some little chipboard circles in this chipboard heart that's the same kind of rose gold color as the foil and then I also included some of these little micro beads which I've been loving lately and these are from american crafts. This is gold but it's kind of a really i don't know i thought the gold went well with the rose gold color of the foil and.

What I did was I took some super tape and I just I have some nonstick scissors and I just um hand-cut little circles out of the super tape stuck them down and then stuck my little beads to it.

And that's something that you could give a try for my title I put it in a circle as well just using some letter stickers and wrote my journaling in the center and then accented it with a few enamel dots and I also wanted to point out I wanted the photo because there's.

Many circles on the layout I really wanted the photo to stand out.

I popped it up on some foam squares just the 3d foam squares from thermal web and these are pretty thick and I wanted to pop up some of the other circles but I didn't want to give them as much importance as the the photo.

What I did was I took some left over deco foil foam adhesive which is really super thin comes in a package like this and I just doubled that up.

I just doubled up like a couple little pieces. This is just a scrap piece.

I you can see that I've cut this piece up and I doubled it up underneath a couple of these other hearts just two and a couple of these small pieces as well just to give it a little extra loft but I didn't want it to be quite as high as as this one as the photo was.

That is the finished layout I hope that you have enjoyed and that you'll give decorating some some of your pattern paper or even cardstock circles a try using the awesome deco foil adhesive pen thanks.

Much for watching you can find out more on the thermal web blog at thermal web com / blog you.

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