Deco Foil with a Glue Pen

Hi morning folks it's real early here I figure I'd show you how to do that foiling with a glue pen today.

Let me get some things and we'll get started in case you were wondering about my last blog post a thousand file folders what I've been doing is going through my old sketchbooks these are just put I just truly sketchbook not journal nothing else I play I come up with ideas sometimes sometimes you know whatever but I've been pulling out pages that are ideas and I put them into file folders and I put names on the file folders and I'm going to put the file folders into a filing drawer.

This was one cold illustrated words and. Okay, that's sort of fun and i think i'm going to use this word zing I love these ten onomatopoeia I think it is zing bang flip-flop I love this word.

What have I got here I've got some deco foil a Heidi Swapp makes it to thinner than deco foil but it works just as well um Ranger also has some it all works the same and i also have I have a zig blue pen and i'm going to write how should i write it i think i'm gonna write it to in the shape of the word.

Deco Foil with a Glue Pen

You're not going to be able to see it.

I'm just going to go ahead and write it and then let it dry I decided to write it with the pencil because you can write with a pencil and then write with the pen and you won't be able to see the pencil under the foil which is pretty nice.

Zing under yeah. Okay.

Now i'm going to go ahead right with this pen that you won't be able to say and i'll let it dry um oops I think it's dry the thing with that pen is doesn't feel very sticky that feels pretty sticky it should dry sticky these pens dry sticky and grab another one this one's thicker I like this one too it's.

This one happens it sees 2-way glue pen car taki makes them I'm not sure that was enough I'm going to just go over it again and let it dry again.

While I'm waiting for this to dry I just wanted to let you know what I'm when I've been playing around with and I've been playing around making these little cards these flower drawings and I'm going to be uploading can you see the foil on that and.

I'm going to be uploading these onto my foiled again class in the next week or.

A little bit by little bit.

That you guys can print them out you can either just draw over them with a glue pen or I'm also going to be demonstrating the the mink machine from Heidi Swapp next week which is a machine that does this foiling we will that rainbow foil that rainbow foils nice.

Um yeah i'll be doing that probably next week it's on my list like to do list wherever not to oh well whatever ok.

I think that. This is dry enough.

I'm just going to grab a piece of oil pink shuffle oh. This is really nice i like to do different colors.

I'm going to zoom in here see if i could yeah yeah you get used to this thing now yeah.

Um. This is dry but tacky still.

I'm just going to rub it lightly and pick it up and I really like to do different colors myself.

That it's kind of mixed up I think that looks nice and i getcha getcha better picture you can see that I ran. This is one of the pieces that I ran through a make machine and well whatever I'm thought about that for add another point.

I just thought it would be fun to I did.

Much research for that foiled again class and I really wanted to get some pieces some drawings up there that you guys can work with if you don't have drawings of your own.

You can just print stuff out now I got a little bit of foil where I didn't want it.

I can just go over that with a I'm just gonna this pin doesn't seem to be working for my bday I can just put anything away that I or just scrape it off with an exacto if I don't want it there and if it didn't come out exactly the way I wanted I can just put a little more on. This is kind of an ancient pen these usually work really nice on a clean surface but of course I don't really have a clean surface here.

Whatever ok can you can see that zing there now and that's a little remember that was a little messy because that pen is a little messy and um also it's not a perfectly smooth surface.

I thought I would grab a smooth surface and this little ATC and it feels sticky and I used this quickie glue pen I like these these work really well.

Let's grab a piece of this might show up pretty well. This is like hot pink or something.

It says here it's just a little bit no we're gonna rub too hot you can't see at all you don't want to rub too hard with these Trent you don't want to rub too hard with this transfer paper because it um it kind of Mars it and it can blur the result will transfer paper by the way no no no if you can see it's this one the one is coming up real nice flowers coming up pretty nice and I can come along and put and do this again with some different color I really like doing different colors are just add some interest and gives it more but grungy look not exactly grungy but not you know not.

Perfect more of a love that that feels more like me you might like a more perfect book that is up to you.

You can see I hope how nice that is are there.

I just finish up this little ATC have a great weekend.

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