Dehydrated Sprouted Almonds

Hi I'm dr. dawn of get fit with dr. Jeong calm and your health get to the point calm today we are going to be making dehydrated spreaded almonds what I did was I started out with a couple pounds of almonds and I soaked them for 24 hours in pure water then I use this strainer and I strange them for probably about an hour and just put the all the water drain out of them this is my dehydrator and as you can see I already loaded it with several of several layers of almonds miss you the last layer we're just going to pour it on and just you want to spread them out so there's only one layer to dehydrate what happens is when you soaked almonds it's really really healthy because you're actually getting rid of the enzyme inhibitor so they get digested much easier and by dehydrating them it gives them a really really nice crunch and they taste so good now what you would do is just close the dehydrator and I usually set my dehydrator about 115 for about 24 hours and you can just keep checking them and just keep rotating them around to make sure that they're nice and crunchy I want to show you a couple of the end results this is an almond that's already been dehydrated to in soaked and dehydrated as you can see it's very or hear it's very crunchy and really really tasty I also like to be high direct dehydrate walnuts you're 50 hydrated walnut as you can see it is very crunchy as well so it actually just enhances your health and it's a great snack to break on-the-go snack just measure announced put them in a little baggie and take them with you for this and many other great ideas you can get my book at get fit with dr. Don com or you can download the book on my website your help get to the point com you can also find many many great ideas at get fit with dr. Don calm and you can also go to my facebook page get fit with dr. dawn and watch many more of my videos dr. dawn youtube com I will see you soon
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