Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat Review

Hey guys! the same yos the savvy mom and today I'm going to show you the diono radian rxt car seat this seat is a convertible car seat that goes from five pounds all the way up and selling your child no longer needs a booster seat the top weight limit is 120 pounds.

It's pretty impressive for a car seat.

Right now I've got the infant insert in it just to show you how it looks with the instant inserts we don't currently have an infant but I wanted to put this in really quick just to give you an idea of what it looks like the car seat has a full steel frame and it also has aluminum reinforced side and.

As far as safety goes. This is going to be one of the safest car seat out of the market it has all the safety features that you're going to want to look for in a car seat I'm going to take that out really quick and it is currently sized for my current size for my three-year-old.

Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat Review

Rear-facing with a would be insert and without the insert we're facing this car seat goes from just five pounds of this little comedy almost all these words with a symbol for Knoxville all the way up to forty five pounds again that's rear-facing studies have shown that if it's an toddlers are much safer rear-facing than they are forward-facing and.

Instead of C instead of automatically flipping them around before facing when they hit a year old or even living at two years old you're going to want to rear face them for as long as possible.

Forward-facing this car seat can accommodate weight from 20 pounds up to 80 pounds 80 pounds in a five-point harness that is pretty impressive let's see the curtsy comes with an additional set of straps for kids who are above 65 pounds if you are going to use the five-point harness with kids who weigh over 65 pounds diono includes this extra set of straps and then once they have outgrown the five-point harness this will be a booster seat for them.

You can use this as a as a booster from 50 pounds all the way up to 120 pounds also from 40 inches up to 57 inches.

I know that. This is a big question if you are putting this car seat into a sedan and how big is it.

The owners are supposed to fit three across in most mid-size sedans the shoulder width.

Right here in the widest part is 17 inches the seat depth.

This entire depth part of the seat is 16 inches this seat width right here which is very important part when you're sticking car seats in is 15 inches and then this whole height.

From bottom all the way up to the top is 28 and a half inches.

When you're trying to figure out if this seat will work in your car take those measurements into consideration.

I'm going to show you a couple of the other features what are the things about this car seat that makes it.

Handy is that the size fold in like this sorry it's very heavy and it doesn't sit up by itself.

The size can either fold in for a more compact or midsize sedan I guess or they can fold out for a little bit more secret for the child.

They you can get up to 4 you can fit up at 4 cups cup holders in here.

There are little plots that you can stick the cup holder did write as a little red tags here on the side until carseat comes equipped with the super - I love this last system.

A lot of the latches you'll have to like push down on and geometries but the latches in your car and simply hook and then figure out how to go to unlatch these the super latch system has this button right here the each press image releases the left and then to latch it you just push it straight into the last system in your car and it it just you know chomp down on the latch elastic like that.

I love it super easy to install and uninstall. This is the only car seat that we have with this lack systems and I absolutely love it. This is this car seat is FAA certified for airline travel if this will only airline seats because of these fold in size and because of its compact design it's very narrow it also folds flat for travel alright.

Here we've got the courtesy all folded up inside it a bit tricky to fold I'm not sure if I got it quite as flush as it's supposed to be it involves little finagling as a strap you know move them up and then you know make sure that everything is tucked in right.

I took the base in because usually the base is pulled out just a little bit to lift the seat up to get it at the right angle in the car.

You do have to do some adjusting to get this folded up but if you're traveling and if that's what you want to do then it's definitely possible to do it you can purchase carrying straps.

That you can wear this like a backpack like I wear it on my back like that I'm sure it around the airport however. This is 25 pounds if you have any issues with your back there's going to be a heavy part you just know that you're going to want to get somebody else to lift it for you that said I do think that the safety of this car seat and the construction of this car seat is worth the wait especially with the steel frame that it has it's very effective in accidents I've read several reviews on this car seat of people who have been in major auto accidents and it's just really comforting to read their reviews that there's their children more protected in this car seat.

You can check out more about this car seat at Gianna calm and show you the neighbors like Fiona Kampf and I'll have the links for you down below thanks.

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