Disney's Sugar Glazed Pecan Recipe

Okay so this is what we need for the Candide becomes you need pecans or pecans how are you gonna say it I'm half and I bucks this bag at CDs you need a little bit of water some cinnamon and some sugar and a pan of some kind to melt the sugar and put deep content so I have this right now and high I'm gonna go ahead and let it heat up and then I'm gonna add some I have about three cups of pecans in a medium heated pan I have my water we're going to hit go ahead and pour and then what we're doing is we're creating a camel into the water and we're going to wait until the sugar melts into the water excuse my family in the background we need to be sure that you have enough sugar in order for us to create that crust go ahead and crispy just to medium-high heat we want to evaporate all the liquid add probably about 1/4 of a teaspoon of cinnamon cinnamon cinnamon cinnamon like the holidays we're still letting it do its thing it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to all the water to that right so just make sure that you watch it closely and stir not continuously but every few minutes or so so that's the triggered mrs. burns okay so now it's getting nice and caramelized and the water friends evaporate we make sure there's absolutely no water in the pan no liquid it's gonna be nice and crumbly and dry so make sure you keep stirring keep watching don't burn your sugar and you'll be good starting to get nice and dry that's when you know you're getting close just keep stirring and so they're nice and dry so I'm gonna go ahead and take them and put them on a cookie sheet my kids baked cookies will eat it so I'm just recycling and reusing I mean go ahead and pour it out spread out your mixture and let them know my mixture is nice and evenly distributes go ahead and please hold down and then we'll do a taste test me oh no it's very hot yesterday we went to do steam we love these these um ki cons sugar-coated pecan and we're gonna do taste we can't wait do they taste like the ones that Epcot yeah yeah so why paid five dollars and fifty cents for a bag of nuts when you can buy six pounds of nuts for ten dollars and just extra motor exactly all right get seal of approval if you try this recipe please let us know below let us know if you like them please tastes just like the ones at UM Epcot so we'll call this vlog Disney's pecan recipe happy cat if you haven't taste one then you've got taste wine and make the whole thing I wanted to try it first day do think about like completely dry yeah they're gonna be gone by the end of the day make the know if she makes a reservation Terrell go you're gonna do a taste test it's really good it's really good mm-hmm you like it mm-hmm I made it i'ma pick on us because we're Chioggia yeah
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