Distress Foiling with ThermoWeb 3 Ways + Embracing Your Imperfections

Hi everybody its Nita thanks for joining me today I know many of you always look at some cars that you see online and always wonder how can I make card that look that's good I want to make a card like that I always used to think that too until I realized that I can make cards that look just as good because they're my cards they're the way I create things I have my own unique style that's totally different from anybody else's you do too now there are techniques that you can do that can make your cards even more fabulous one of the things that I like to do is embrace the imperfections because imperfections are what makes your cards handmade that's why they're not Hallmark cards they're handmade in today's video I'm using three different techniques that all look like they're imperfect but I basically use some techniques that gave the cards a distressed kind of feel.

We're going to touch on a couple of different techniques today one of them is this one here this one features a really fun textured design using transfer gel from thermal web it's really fun to be able to use server web transfer gel to create some really cool dimensional effects and if you apply it on smoothie a perfect foiled impression all the time I wanted to show you how you can apply it in a different way and get a texture effect and they creates a very imperfect foiling design but it looks.

Cool look very distressed and unique I really like it another way I use this oil is to apply it through a stencil with glue and I applied the glue down with a glue pen but I made sure it didn't apply the glue completely because that's going to give me a textured effect as you can see here this foil thank you is not perfect but it looks really cool look like a watercolor and I really like how it has that neat texture again with a distressed feel finally I'm going to show you how you can cover up mistakes this one here I actually boiled it perfectly but I ended up scratching off a little bit of foil by accident to fix that I just added some sequins to cover over top of the areas that I had accidentally lifted off some of the foil.

There are variety different ways that you can embrace the imperfections of foiling to get from amazing results and I hope this video will encourage you to try some foiling even if you feel like you can't do it I know you can.

Distress Foiling with ThermoWeb 3 Ways + Embracing Your Imperfections

Let's try some fun techniques and see what kind of things we can come up with.

The first card like I said we're going to be creating at Rose card with the beautiful texture foiling I'm using a stencil here from ulta new and I'm applying down some of the transfer gel using an ink blending foam. This is going to allow me to get a textured effect normally I would apply the transfer gel with a palette knife and get a smooth dimensional finish on the transfer gel but when you apply it with an ink blending foam you're putting a much thinner coat on top of your stencil and that's going to also create a more textured effect because this blending foam is going to create some more texture than a palette knife would.

You have to let the transfer gel dry completely before you can start your foiling.

I've gone ahead and let that dry because it was a thin coat it didn't take very long I say maybe 20 minutes I'm taking a beautiful piece of watercolor oil from thermal web and I'm going to lay my card overtop of the backside of the silver side of the foil run it through my foiling machine in a piece of printer paper and then after I've run it through I'm going to press down on the paper really really well burnishing that foil into my transfer gel design now that my piece is ready to be revealed I'm just going to lift off the foil and you can see the really cool textured design that we have left behind because we used the ink blending foam instead of using a palette knife if you would use to colonise that design also would have been a little bit more thicker than it is right now to continue that watercolor feel from the foil I added a few splatters in the background using some gold watercolors and I finished off the card by adding a sentiment from Mama elephant and also from Ulta now. This is a great way to get a really cool distressed feel to yours boiling and add a lot of really neat texture I love the way almost like it's been painted onto my card next I want to show you how I created those beautiful foiled leaves those were die-cuts that have a little bit of dimension off of the card and I foil those using some green watercolor from thermal web I cut them leaves using a couple of pieces of toner paper. This is toner paper from summer web and it has adhesive backing on the backside of it they were die-cut using an Ulta new branch dye and I'm running those through my laminator with the printer paper as the carrier sheet.

Again I have the foil over top of the die-cuts and inside of a printer paper carrier sheet that's going to run through my laminator after that was run through I burnish the paper a little bit and then I was able to peel off the foil and you see we have these beautiful foil leads 9 is up making a little mistake with the leaves because I scratched off a little bit of the foil as I was making the card but I wanted to run with the technique and show you how you can fix your mistakes as you create.

I added on some ink blending to the card stock here and I'm using some distress oxide ink.

I get a really nice cool water texture in the background and that will help frame off the leaves in the corners I also size cut this beautiful thanks script dye from honeybee stamp using some of that same adhesive back toner sheets this one I'm going to run through with some silver foil helps give a little bit of contrast off of those beautiful foiled leaves again you want to make sure you put the foil on top of your die-cut with the back facing the die-cut and run it through your laminator or make machine after that's been run through I can now remove the dies from my carrier sheet and I'll be able to repeal off the foil and I'll have a beautiful silver foiled sentiment I attach the sentiment straight down onto the card but the leaves I ended up adding a little bit of dimension I wanted to make sure that the leaves were a little bit higher than the sentiment.

I stacked up two layers of green card stock die cut from that same leaf die from ulta new i layered those behind each of my foil pieces.

Each foil piece has two pieces of the green card stock leaves behind it that's just going to help give it a little bit of dimension off of the card but nothing too bulky because those toner sheets were adhesive back I'm able to just quickly peel off the backing sheet of these sleeves and then lay them down on top of those stacked pieces these are very intricate die.

It was very helpful having the adhesive backing on the back side of the foiled pieces because they are.

Delicate. This is where I was scratching off some of the foiling as I was adhering me down onto my stack die-cuts and I was a little disappointed at first it was like oh no now I'm messing up my card but then I was like you know what I'm going to try to fix it.

I ended up adding a bunch of sequins on top of the leaves and I actually was really thrilled with the way it turned out they look like Barry sitting on top of the leaves and I really love how it adds a nice bit of contrast and interest to my card design.

Don't be afraid to continue with a card even if you've made a mistake with it because there's always usually a way that you can fix it my final technique is creating a really cool watercolor defect using the foil and making it look like you paint it on the design using the foil.

I'm taking a stencil here from faber castell. This is a really cool stencil that has a beautiful script sentiment on it I'm using a thermal web glue pen and this glue pen is.

Handy for adding small areas of foil but I wanted to try using it to fill in the sentiment here on this stencil but I wanted also like I said to have some texture make it look like it was painted on.

I don't want to have all the areas completely perfectly covered.

I'm kind of being a little messy with the application of this pen.

Don't feel like you have to be perfect when you're applying this down I let that dry just for a little bit I wanted to make sure that it was still slightly wet.

I didn't let it dry for too long but I say maybe about five minutes I let it dry.

It wasn't wet wet then I'm going to go ahead and take my foil and add this on top of my piece and I'm making sure to put the back side of the foil on top of my sentiment a good trick to remember when I'm hearing foil down onto your project is that you want the pretty side facing up.

I'm putting this into my carrier sheet and I'm going to go ahead and run it through my laminator once it's been run through I again want to make sure I burnish this that way I know all areas of this piece has been completely pressed down and I have a good coverage then I can remove the foil off of my paper and you can see me they're left with this beautiful design I'm going to rub off some of the extra pieces that were hanging on the edges and that also helps give me a little bit more of a distressed look when I rub a soft cloth overtop now because I want this feel great and painted I want to take that glue pen and rub a couple of areas on top of my paper kind of making some splatter effects then I'll be able to take my foil and using the scraps that I had left over from my sentiment I want to push that into the glue and that leaves behind these really cool splattered designs that look like they were explorers of paint that ended up on your paper I really was thrilled with how this card turned out this one was actually my favorite out of all the cards it was.

Simplest but yet it was I think the one that turned out.

Cool because I love the way that has this painted effect this foil from servo web is.

Pretty it has these different colors mixed in that makes it look like it's been water colored.

Really great way to get some fun sex with your foiling to finish off this card I just added a blue card base on the underneath side and I attached this panel at an angle.

Some of the blue was showing from underneath I hope that today's video has inspired you to try some foiling techniques and don't be afraid to embrace the imperfections of foiling if you mess up and if you have some areas that don't fully adhere down onto your paper don't be afraid to continue with the cart and come up with some really fun ways to be able to use any of those imperfections in ways that will make your cards look really unique and fun thanks.

Much for watching this video please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more inspiration thanks for watching bye you.

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