DIY Backsplash Peel and Stick Glass Tile Kit Review

Hi welcome to mineral dials today we're going to show you the DIY eight-foot backsplash cake basically it's a backsplash in a box the kit comes with eight square feet of peel-and-stick glass mosaic tiles and everything else you need to get a backsplash done by yourself we'll go over all of the tools in a minute but before let's review the packaging the box is very sturdy which is great to protect the tiles during shipping and also it comes with lots of information including a quick installation guide line as well as some helpful tips so I highly recommend you reading these tips before installing the tiles this will save you time money and will make your job nicer now we're going to the inside of the box this is the glass mosaic tile in the color bamboo which is a blend of dark brown brown and also real copper but the best part is the back peel and stick yes it's that easy another color available is the Amazon which is a blend of green brown and copper this can be installed over existing backsplash such as subway tiles and tumbled travertine make sure the surface is free of oil and it's his movie now let's take a look on the tools route flow to upright the premix grout tile spacers to separate the sheets with the same grout joint utility plate so you may cut the sheets gloves so you don't get your hands dirty and the most interesting and I would say innovative are the training pieces cutting management sites to finish the edges and help you with around electrical outlets here we have more trims to finish the edges measurement tape and extra tire chips to fill up any gaps sponge premix grout then you have pretty much everything you need to get your backsplash done without buying anything else so if you're thinking to redo your kitchen but it sounds expensive changing or adding a backsplash is an effective way to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank I'm Henry with mineral tiles and thank you for watching
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