DIY Deco Foil tutorial!! Without Expensive Tools & Paste!

Hi everybody. This is Susie um I wanted to share this with you guys I have been playing around with the deco art foil and I had seen where I they were using stencils and then applying this and running it through the laminator and.

I wanted to play around with it and see what I could come up with without having to use any fancy machines or expensive glues and this and that and you know that kind of stuff.

I think I got it figured out I think it turned out.

Pretty this was my first try right here and it turned out beautiful but when I went to clean my stencil off it left a sticky residue on there and I tried everything I couldn't get it off of there and.

DIY Deco Foil tutorial!!  Without Expensive Tools & Paste!

That was kind of a fail it looks pretty but you know your tools are more anyways you know what I mean yes anyhow and I tried several other methods and I didn't really like the way they turned out they weren't perfect and I wasn't trying to I wanted it to look nice.

When glue failed I tried this and I'll show you what the package looks like I purchased these at a retail store but I'm sure that you can find these just about anywhere what they are is it's a cover-up sheet that you put on a package and then.

On the box.

You can reshape it in the mail but all it is is a craft cardstock with the sticky back on it and I figured I could use that for other things and.

What I did was I use this punch by ek success and you see little critters over here and what you want to do when you're using your punches on anything that's got like a sticker back on it you want to put your sticker side up and you'll get a lot better result.

I'll show you how how nice and easy this punches and it turns out perfect.

Then what I did was and I'll show you that the deco foil that I'm using and I got this Hobby Lobby and I paid 399 but you could use or 40% off coupon and get that way cheaper.

Anyhow but I really wanted to try to figure out a way to do the stenciling because that's what first initially got me going on. This is because I love the way it turned out.

But if you're doing the sticker method all you're going to do at that point after you punch it is peel your sticky off of the back and just stick it down on the the foil side not the pretty side if that a good press you want to make sure it gets good contact everywhere but if you do peel it up and you've got a spot or two the didn't quite take just Rhys take it down in a spot and it should pick it up but you can see that turned out beautifully but again I wanted to get that look of using the stencil.

I got to thinking about what I could use to possibly get the sticky stuff off of it because like I said I've tried other glues and stuff and I couldn't get them to work right.


What I ended up doing is getting myself a bowl of hot soapy water with a squirt of dish soap and then I added to that about an eighth an eighth of a cup probably maybe a little bit more of and here's my little bowl of water of ammonia and you can get that at anywhere really.

And then the key is to get your stencil in and your tools into that water as soon as you get done doing the glue.

Let me show you and what I did to save time on the video was I put my stencil on and I'm using the stencils that have the sticky back on them I used ones from the Dollar Tree and I also used this one here and it came with the what four different stencils and they have the sticky back on them and and I don't have the packaging anymore for this particular stencil but. This is the package what it were the thing what it looks like from the ones from the Dollar Tree and they're really good this one's a little creepily because I just just trying it out but anyway, and they clean up nice and they're really really they're just a good as quality as any other one I've used.


Then what I did was I put that I taped this down with some washi tape I normally would use like a blue painters tape to tape it down but I literally searched everywhere and I can't find it oh I don't know where I put it that I do that all the time I organize my room and I'll think to myself oh I'll put this over here that way I won't forget where I put it and I don't remember where I put it anyway, jeez. Okay.

Then what I also have here is a page protector and I'm just going to use this to put my glue on because when I first started I put it on like paper and the paper absorbed up a lot of it and which had a lot of waste there for me.

Then I just any piece of plastic work though and the what I'm using is the aleene's tacky it over and over there we go and I got mine on eBay I and I do know that you can find it on eBay ok.

Just put yourself a dollop down if you need more you can always get more it really doesn't take very much though.

You just want to just put this on here and try to make sure that you get all of your spots covered don't have any open here is. Okay, sorry I tend to be quiet what I'm concentrating. All right, well I need a tad bit one always better to get more than to have it waste. Okay, now we're going to get this tape off and get it in cold water sorry my right hand does not work.

Good especially for fine detail stuff alright well shit peel this up quick that way I'm not putting my tape in my water running place it and give your stencil in your tool a little scrub while you're waiting because you basically need to wait it doesn't take very long maybe a couple minutes five at the most I think and well I guess it would also depend on how thick you you put your your glue on there but definitely give your tools a little scrub down when you put them in there and then I just leave mine in there for a few minutes to soak but basically what I do is I kind of just scrub the stencil a little bit till you don't see any visible white glue on there and then I let it soak which really doesn't take very long since you gotta wait for the glue to dry anyways and then I just have a paper towel and a small hand towel in my lap.

I have something to dry my hands on and clean up all this I hate wasting washi tape I don't use it that often but I also don't want to waste it string someone like desk. All right, well I am going to pause this for just a second and basically you just need to wait until it's clear there's no more white visibility:visible glue on there just all clear and shiny oh and it is I thought I lost the cap to my glue. All right, I'm going to pause this for a second I'll be right back. Okay, hit it. All right, back and it is nice and clear and which is perfect and just pop your foil on there with the pretty side up hopefully I got that going he did and just give it a good rub and yeah Oh got one pocket to boot on me oh you know what I I didn't get all of it on the goo I mean on the paper.

Then just get it over to where there's a spot there and don't do what I did and lay your thing on your there we go up anyway, accidentally laid it on my page protector.

I got a little on there but anyway, lucky isn't that beautiful and this turns out perfect every time it turns out perfect just remember as soon as you get done get your stencil into your bowl of water soap and ammonia and clean it up while you're waiting for your glue to dry anyway, guys that's all I want to show you today I hope you guys are having an awesome crafty day and I'll talk to you all next time bye.

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