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I am going to make a shopping basket for a doll using plastic canvas matching thread a sewing needle coded paperclips needle nose pliers and scissors I start by taking a sheet of plastic canvas also known as mesh and I found these at the craft store for about 69 cents each cut a rectangle out of the mesh making sure that all the sides have a neat straight line cut a square out of the corners creating tabs around a center rectangle fold and crease the tabs so that it makes a box take a needle and thread match up the tabs at the corner push the needle through the little holes and then just sew around it several times until it starts to hold it in place then move to the next set of squares by going at an angle on the inside then just continue to sew around to help hold it in place this helps to keep the stitches looking neat in uniform then when I get to the top I just go right back down then tie and cut the excess string repeat on the other sides unfold to coated paperclips bend them to fit around one end of the basket trim the ends to make them even score around the coating so it can be removed bend the ends to make small hooks place the hooks through the squares to complete the shopping basket resize them to make them bigger or smaller and you're done happy crafting member oh yeah the store is open finally we want to give a shout-out to teddy Gabriela what's up no thank you don't need a basket I'm just gonna grab a few things like this oh that a few of these and a whole bunch of those wait arms not big enough second thought may I please have that basket now
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