DIY HOW TO MAKE Giant Reeses Cup!!!

Look at the inside what about my beautiful moments welcome back to my kitchen today we're going to be something is skeet a giant reason I seem some other people make giant Reese's Cups but they're like really long I'm gonna go for a height like this hopefully I think it might be as high as ten for something to start by coating the wall with a little bit of butter spray to make sure the chocolate does not stick to it and.

The butter is also weird.

The pan and actually a giant cupcakes and I made the video long time ago open and then stick too much to the sides come on please pan we'll see what happened you want to start by boiling some water and then putting a ton of chocolate chips in there let it melt keep on moving around move it around look how beautiful that chocolate is oh my gosh it looks.

Beautiful now it's perfect and it's all melty.

We're going to put some butter in this pot now melt this bad boy up come on baby yeah now we're going to keep melting it up put some peanut butter in there then we're going to keep spinning it around pushing it around ooh which is also good add some brown sugar in there with some powdered sugar in there. This is all sugar no wonder it just makes me.

Chubby with the static I'm beautiful that is I'm going to keep moving this bad boy around it.

It gets a little thicker like this then we have put some more powdered sugar in there oh my goodness this looks.

Beautiful I love powdered sugar I'm going to keep mixing this bad boy around alright.

Now that you've melted your chocolate you want to go ahead and pour it directly into the pan look at the chocolate it's.


A little keep going on in there well there's a lot of you in minute chocolate.

Now that I have the chocolate melted and it's in here I'm going to try to get it onto the wall like this look at the wall yes traffic law it's a case it looks messy not promise we're going to fix it later after we have made the chocolate cuff we're going to put it in the fridge for about 4 hours now and then we're going to finish this bad boy off he makes mel-min par right now I have it out of the fridge with it's hard I can't smell anything but it looks delicious.

Now we're going to fill it up with my peanut butter mixture alright.

Now I'm gonna take out as much of this as I can oh it was really nice it's like a nice like plainer almond. Okay, I'm.

Excited about this one it smells like the real deal wow. This is the real deal goodness oh my goodness look at all that gonna put it in here like this you didn't know I'm ambidextrous and I can do I'm just kidding I can't do anything with my left hand I can't right handed here we go here we go make sure you want to leave enough room for your chocolate layer on top like that keeps moving it and that looks really good to me now I'm just going to go put this in the fridge and then get some more chocolates and forms off of it maybe next meet down alright.

I picked this out for it I've melted some more chocolate right here and I'm going to pour it on top to give it that nice cover hmm yes like a beautiful minute I just love the ribbon the chocolate it's.

Satisfying to watch to me mmm mmm nice little layer on the tongue now we have filled it to the top I'm going to set it in the fridge now for a whole day eight hours I don't know I'm going to let it send it back we're going to come back and pull it out as mole and finalize a Reese's Cup moment Nate Dale alright guys. This is 8 hours now and our giant Reese's Cup and now turd in the fridge it is rock solid I'm going to try to release it from the mold now wish me luck. This is gonna be very scary I'm very nervous let's do this it is not here I agree spit up I'm hopefully going to flip it over and see what happens in three in two in one oh man is fine sweet five is in the right spot it will come out. Okay, note that definitely did not work I'm not a scientifical method. Okay.

I'm going to go ahead and trim out put a little bit very delicately and gently come on finally came out and we did in my chocolate Jess come look beautiful look at this haha all we had to do is not get a wrap and play with it for if I this and I just push the top. Okay, I have little more stuff to make it look pristine which is we're going to cover it with more warm chocolate and then harden it again I got my double boiler how this works is there's a hot steam that goes through the bottom talking about my chocolate as has been melting on my custom this whole time we're talking quickly issue just like this come on Oh God alright that's alright. Okay, okay it's. Okay, I'm going to grab my wooden spatula my favorite weapon a choice and I'm going to go ahead and just start stirring.

You can see those chocolate is already starting to milk oh my goodness bring it around to nose now that our chocolate is fully melted it's ready to coat our giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. All right.

Now I'm pushing it over the edges trying to get a nice even drippity coat then I'm going to let gravity just do all the magic after that and after it's all coated with chocolate now we're going to put in the fridge for about three more hours graduation day alright.

We are back and it is rested now there's hard all of this little top is now hard in years you can get a few here that can do that the chocolate on a Reese's Cup is hard it is just to the bottom. Okay, there we go I broke it off of there now we have our beautiful extra chocolatey double coated Reese's complicated I can't wait to eat you.

Now I have a knife I'm going to cut it in half oh it is thick it is.

Hard to cut it's a very tough chocolate come on baby I need a thousand degree knife oh come on chocolate I'm getting close to you I just don't want to break you alright I switch to cutting board because. This is.

Cool all up it could be inside look how delicate and beautiful. This is the peanut butter that we were looking for look how big the bottom was also tough to cut oh my goodness I've never seen these this thing ever but. This is excited oh my gosh I usually eat these on Halloween mostly because everyone always gives them out first we're going to test out the peanut butter smells delicious is it creamy though let's find out what's going there oh yeah look at that.


Nice. Okay, here we go taste test of it it's.

Good I can't eat that cream for breakfast lunch and dinner out of the bowl now just have to take a bite of it you guys ready ha hours talk we're.

Late I know weird round pieces chocolate offer God by. This is very good I thought this would be too chocolatey but it's not it's a perfect amount just first nap you just put in your bucket take you to school bring it up here take my giant Reese's Cup you can eat it for a little snack for lunch or something you're going to get a tummy ache probably because. This is you oh my god but I can just lick this inside I'll do who love Reese's Cup leave in the comments if you love Reaper cuts or if you have any other favorite kind of like peanut butter candies that I don't know about because. This is my favorite peanut butter type candy we talked about all over it looks I worry right now but don't worry it's creamy I don't know why I just like put my hand and it off I got.

Much peanut butter give this video a big thumbs up I want like 12,000 likes on this video you guys love Reese's Cups if you guys love peanut butter and you guys love nephew things I'll see you guys tomorrow I'll talk to him for another new video Oh.

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