DIY Ideas - How to Easily DIY Kitchen Backsplash - "Peel and Stick" Mosaic Tile

Hi everyone I'm miss Jackie I'm trying to show you an easy DIY project in the kitchen today we're going to do a kitchen backsplash right here so it should be quick and easy so these are the products that you need to start your kitchen backsplash the main thing obviously is a tile here I'm using an aluminum copper with gemstones it's kind of hard to see the color but it's like a penny color basically so the thing about this it's great is it's like big stickers so all you got to do is peel the back and you just put it on the wall but before you do that you need a glass cleaner or some kind of cleaner to clean the grease and whatever debris off dust off the wall and basically you need a scraper just to scrape all the bumps and whatever debris on the wall and if there you have holes just use a compound patch it up okay and you need a screwdriver take out the outlets on the wall so that you can have free space and lastly this is very important because if you use a cleaner you know it's a little wet you don't want to put the sticker on the web because they'll fall off so you just want to use a hairdryer just to dry it real quickly but main thing is this one is just basically you can take a pencil measure it it's really flexible so you can cut it whichever way it's really easy to cut and so you can use whatever dimensions you need so that's all you need for this project so here I'm using a screwdriver to unscrew the screws from the outlets if you have a power drill that can make this process a lot faster next I'm taking a waterproof tape and I'm going to wrap it around the outlet so that I ensure that no liquid goes in because I do not want to get electrocuted while cleaning the walls for some reason the next clip of me cleaning the walls got corrupted so I don't have that sorry now I'm taking a hairdryer to make sure the wall is dry make sure you get the bottom because of the drip of the liquid it collects there I take the scraper and I scrape any imperfections on the wall any bumps to even it out next with a compound you fill in the holes or the gaps and the found in the wall and make sure it's filled so here I'm just pushing in the compound into the cracks so that I can level it out to make it even and smooth as possible so it's like a consistency of play-doh so you just insert and smash it against the wall and then you take a patcher and you just smooth it out and make it even so that it fills in the hole evenly and then once it dries it will turn white from the color pink that you see or second option to make your dry fasters use a hairdryer and you just wait until the color changes to white to know that it's completely dry all right so now this is the most fun part basically what we're going to do is measure out the distance but before you start cutting anything we need to figure out which direction we're going to put our tiles I would suggest starting from the inner corner and going out on this side same as well you would go in to the corner however from the fridge basically what you would do is want to get it towards the end of the fridge and go in towards corner because you can cut these tiles too however width you want okay so what you generally do is basically you put the tile to the bottom okay and you measure it out to see what you would need okay so obviously this will overlap so you measure out and you can count how many towels you need to cut out here in this instance we have to cut out four okay so that's what I'm going to do is cut this is easy to do because you just literally just cut through it and it just comes on okay so I have these tiles laid out in the wall so I could presume that it would take up to here at least to the outlet because it gets a little tricky with the outlet so we're going to cut two more tiles again this is going to be the first one what you do next what I generally do is use a pencil to measure the distance of each tile okay so I mark it loosely it doesn't have to be exact because you can't bunch the tiles up bill it'll Bend okay see you loosely market move it down I just lay it out in front of it just so I know that what the distance would be get the next tile again loosely mark it I don't know if you can actually see the pencil mark but here this is where it gets a little tricky the outlet if you see I already unscrewed it so that it could be protruding from the wall because you want it to be close to the hole as you want carry because you don't want obviously a gap to show so what you would do is I would put the tile up to the line where you Mark the previous tile and I would try to cut to the center of the outlet so as you see here this is our about center and then I would cut it here okay here so after we cut the towel in the middle part of the outlet what you do is go as close to the outlay as you can and see the metalmark and you would place a marker just so you know where you're going to cut so I take a permanent marker as you see here and on the top as well remember as close to the metal outlet just because you don't want it to have a gap so make them a little mark this part doesn't matter because you're going to cut it out anyways another part you need to do is obviously we made a previous line from the last tile place it right against the line and count as close to the outlet or the wall hole one two three four five and go down to where that marker is and make another mark okay so that way you know exactly where how much you should cut okay here same idea same thing you just have to go down you'd have to count anything so what you do is basically you cut where you marked up to again it's so easy it just comes off literally and then you place it against the wall where you cut it okay line it up from the previous line that you made for the tile okay so you hold it and you see that it's going to be what you do next don't forget to do this pick a pencil mark so obvious you have to do the other side of the outlet okay you take the other half that you cut same process basically what you do again you can do it this way okay this is kind of tricky because just like a wider hole but try to go to the top again take a marker and you know it's going to be one two three four five okay so you don't necessarily have to mark anything what you do again take it against the side to the metal as always mark it again remember you wanted you already counted how many over so you count over and Mark where you want to go down to the side again and then you cut it out you place it up put it together you want to see together you can put it together if you want to see how it works again under the outlet kneel down obviously it's not going to stick right now because you don't need to take off the sticker but this is generally how it would look okay again place the line or the towel where you put your left line mark it again all the way to the bottom just so that you have a general idea take your next I'll put it up remember we only cut three before here there's overlap okay for some reason this kitchen has a weird the counter is weird from the cabinet so you have to make sure it lines up here we cut four out here this time it's going to be only about three okay so you count three tiles down just cut it and then you mark it same process over and over get the pencil get down so it's up to you whether you want to go all the way to this color line or you want to start at the cabinet up to you okay so after you cut out your tiles the way you want to plant them now what we do is take off the stick apart like I showed you earlier it's really easy you take it off be careful it's really sticky so what you do take four fingers try to level it okay hold it up when you put it in remember line it up to floor as close to the floor as you can basically from the bottom just push it so you continue to take off the stick over the back and just stick it to the wall it's easy because it's a peel and stick mosaic tile again this is a tricky part make sure it goes under the metal part of the outlet again to the bottom it's going to be kind of funky you could pie you just lift the owl it up so you can get it in again this is so flexible that you can go over it as well as stretch it out a little bit trying to look really nice as you continue to peel off the sticker just make sure that you align the tiles next to each other so that it won't come out crooked because that's the main key point of this but it's really simple to do I mean you would continue on to the very end of the cabinet if you like and that's what's great about these since you have these extra pieces you can literally just cut it out to stick it on it as you can see we've finished our backsplash so you can see that it was easy to do easy to apply so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and subscribe with us you
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