DIY Peel and Stick Backsplash - Bathroom Enhancement

Hey guys so in this video I'm going to be using some of these thick tiles that I purchased from Walmart just to add some backsplash here in my bathroom they were only $19.99 per pack and each pack comes with four sheets of towel in it and as you can see they have different hues of purple which is the theme that I'm actually going with in my bathroom and since they're appealing stick I figured it'd be pretty easy to work with so the only tools that I'll be using is a ruler a razor and a pair of scissors so this is my club area and I've taken it out of the pack and it's four sheets of a bit and so I'm going to take each of these packs and you're just white on the back side of them and I'm going to peel this clear seat from toxic stuff of it so now I just have this regular sheet and I still have the adhesive on the back side of it so to start in this corner I'm seeing I'm going to have to cut the edges off of the towel and make a straight line so that it lays flush against the corner of the wall [Music] and since I'm only using half-and-half over seats I'm just going to take my razor and cut it in the middle [Music] so now that I've cut the piece in half and I have two end pieces I'm just going to use one on the end of the side that I shows you and the other one on the end when I get done going all the way around the top and to make it easier I'm just going to repeat the same steps and continue to cut the towel pieces in half so that while I'm doing the project I don't have to stop and come back and clip more pieces and now I'm displacing the pieces according to how I want them to lay against the wall so that I can just pick up and grab and keep moving along [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now that I'm at the ends of the wall I'm going to have to measure how much needs to be cut off so that it fits in that space [Music] now this was the most complex part because my father is circular I had to take the towel and push it up against the edge and use a razor to kind of shape it around it so that I can cut it and it would fit around the faucet [Music] [Music] and I also had to do the same for the other piece around the other side of the faucet and once I got to the edge leaning this last piece I just had to cut the edges off and make them straight overall this was really easy to do one thing I will say is that you just have to make sure that you line it up exactly where you want it to be before you stick it because once it six is really really heavy glue behind there also it doesn't interlock anymore so overlaps so you have to line up the grout area so that it looks like it's interlocking so this is a really quick and inexpensive way to spruce up your bathroom or your kitchen if you just want to add a little bit of backsplash and do it yourself and again this was only $19.99 and Walmart and I found it over in the paint section I also went online to look at some other patterns because they do have other colors that will match your decor so I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I will see you next time bye
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