DIY Reese's Peanut Butter Cups | Make Your Own Chocolate! 2015

Hey guys! it's Alisa and I'm here with yet another DIY video because you guys love to watch them and I love to make them.

I feel like. This is a thing that should continue happening for a while and I'm sorry that my backgrounds all ugly and white and plain right now it's gonna change for the Fall I'm like rearranging stuff.

In a couple videos after this one it'll be different you'll see a change of scenery soon that will hopefully be more flattering to your eyes.

Anyways today I'm going to be showing you guys how to make your very own it's DIY Reese's peanut butter cups at home they're super easy to do super yummy.

I thought that I would share this really simple and fun DIY with you guys I really want to get to know you guys better like I consider you guys my friends and I feel like friends should know more about each other.

I do like question of the days with each of my videos where I ask you guys a question and I normally ask it down in the comments below.

It would be cool if you guys could answer though I think that that would be really fun to do.

I could get to know you guys better and I will be commenting my responses down below as well.

Like today's question of the day is what is your favorite app let me know it could be a game app it could be a weird random app that has no purpose via photo editing app like anything just let me know you guys know that I get obsessed with game apps for very long periods of time.

The one that I'm obsessed with right now is a game called a mystery Mac and it's a really fun jewel matching adventure game that has a mysterious twist to it basically you get to find clues and objects that are hidden throughout the game as you go through it and then there's like hundreds of puzzles for you to do and the graphics are just.

Insanely beautiful on this and one thing that I love about this game that's different from other jewel matching games is that it has an interactive storyline that you can be a part of and the features on this average is.

Beautiful and.

Like interesting it's just like a fun app and I'm obsessed with it.

You guys should definitely check it out I will put a link down below got to definitely play it and let me know what you think of it in the comments down below.

I could reply to you guys about the game because it's super fun again it's called mystery match it's completely free in the App Store and you can find it on a bunch of other stuff like Amazon 2.

I will put a link down below.

You guys can check it without further ado let's just get started you're going to be needing some peanut butter some milk chocolate or milk chocolate chips you will also need a cupcake tray I chose a mini one.

I'm going to be making mini peanut butter cups that you can use whatever size you want and then the same size baking cups to correspond with that.

The first step is going to be to line your cupcake tray with the baking cups and once you've done that you can go ahead and set that aside the next step is going to be to melt your chocolate and there's a simple technique to do this.

What I'm just doing is breaking the chocolate into pieces and then I'm just going to put it inside a ziplock bag which I'm going to put inside a bowl of hot water. This is really easy and works really well.

Now you're going to line the bottom of your baking cup with a layer of chocolate make sure not to put too much of it inside but also make sure not to put too little of it.

Kind of just eyeball. However, much you think will be good for that then you're going to take your peanut butter and put it into the center and kind of press it down slightly but don't press it down all the way because you don't want it to show through the other side.

Go ahead and do that and then you're going to add a final layer of chocolate to the top which then you want to smooth out with your fingers and I didn't tell you this before but you also want to smooth out the bottom layer as well.

Just smooth out both the bottom and top layers this will help it just look a lot neater um.

Now you're just going to place this into the fridge for about an hour and yeah pretty much it once they're done they should look like this you can go ahead and take one out and carefully remove the baking cup or wrapping paper or whatever from it and tada it looks exactly like Reese's peanut butter cups I feel like and even when you bite into it you can see the peanut butter popping through and you can just do different flavors disease for different holidays and you can definitely do bigger sizes of these and I just think that. This is really fun and easy DIY to do and I hope you guys liked it are you guys that was the video. This is super easy to do and I think it's just such a cool thing since halloween is coming up you can make these for like a halloween party or even change up the ingredients and make them like christmas themed or whatever.

It's really fun to do and i hope you guys like this and if you happen to recreate them make sure to send me pictures on my Twitter and Instagram I hope you guys like this video I love you guys I will see you in my next one.


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