Doggie Dash 'N Splash Fest 2007

The heat for the 2007 doggy dash is x-ray number 11 Sam and you notice I asked Lori to do that because i want got to put down the winner of the queen is Katie it so do we have to get the two together here take like a metal I want to thank the entire court how the owners I'm this job for this model you ok okay it is a little after twelve thirty that means we are ready for this one to competition I know all of you are very excited to see this have a three-way tie for third place closing up to the judge here I don't know if that's going to work okay babe determine the winner is kaylee and Elmo Haley Noah our second-place winners and our first place winner in the swimsuit competition is so we may with her owner Becky King doing today she is going to be a shocker and then he's gonna grab a tissue third place we have Jesse our little singer okay she's pretty happy then in second place we have Duke who got the tissue for her owner and in first place we have hazel the Pooh me who chased the ball we're going to start our ugliest dog contest right now possible tie between one and five so number one and number five Number find the one you scared with applause whoo congratulations it was our third stitch okay thank you guys so much we'll be having more contests in just a few minutes we have another one wearing the fabulous red coat this is Baba he is 8 lookie here ok this is Rex a pembroke welsh corgi this is Fawzi a basset hound Clyde is a basset hound one and a half years old Daisy is a basset hounds she's somewhere between one and two years old if this Mandy basset hound she is only 12 months and blaze is a husky who's only eight weeks boyer Bora Meyer or 40 Greyhound for this is no arm everybody a basenji mix seven months this is Thunder i love the names from the grey house borow and thunder this is Thunder he's five this is Molly a min pin a raisin is a poodle nine years old this is Casper an Aussie two years old okay that's it but I have a handful of cards if anybody's in from a you know needs any information let us know and if you know somebody make sure yet you haven't visit one of these agencies thank you so much we'll be doing something else here in just a few minutes nice girl big jump now good thing to have your dog do is get interested in the frisbee your instead of throwing it do what we call a roller now heavens demonstrating a little play with a frisbee to hit the dog interested in taking the frisbee with its mouth throw the frisbee out score points and house into the competition okay for the ladies the first that looks good race go and that was right in this out okay John can take that dick number six foot maximum score for the ladies forget your jam on whoa big lips from a big dog there's a butterfly catch there's a nice scale like leaving leg kick throws this magic well they're just one to work on and legacy done butterfly I small oh yeah Oh give it got a little bit of us turn up the twist is a lot faster off the box which wasn't pretty even started his quickest on the box yeah a little bit of a head start off the start the church is much quicker off that box okay Nick with a figure they start oh it's going to be close let the dog down
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