Doggie Dash Playthrough w/ Celestial Shadows part 1

Well hi guys I'm Celeste shadows and welcome to doggy - another - game and I've had this for a while - a lot of - in play first games you just never notice how many you actually had I got pretty sure I got most of them in like a bundle like the 401 bundles always on to story mode and so much tax I think I usually always skip this but I won't this time but Danny Jones Petzval was love at first sight Wow a dog picking up at a cat wanna come to my place and see my pedigree come here often big doc so weeks go by and we fell more and more deeply in love my mama tell me never to talk to any dogs huh I'm not just any dog then catastrophe struck a sweet old couple running the pet spa and that's to retirement I'll be hysterical if I could never see you again Rocky who's the new take the route of my bow-wow windy my Walter needs this place like I need a squeaky toy let's color would be the cat's meow have running a pet spa now your desert rocky that's about to close make it offer doesn't it's like a totally mellow gig do better I don't help fedora me dude this is this is a business opportunity I've been looking for Wendy gonna have complete control you buy my assets are tied up right now huh I've got water wall weddings booked for a month how about you scarlet Oh Quinn there's this pet spot I'd love to buy but I don't quite have enough money what would you like today Walter Haut that's why I like to buy oh you mean to eat it's call it Walter what's buy their pets about to wanna be part nice let's meet there Friday at 8:00 p.m. sharp groovy but can we do like 10:00 Friday at 8:00 a.m. after you partner no I insist after you partner let's see you select a character scarlet or what dude slightly increase the station speed or a slightly increase its pet pets happiness I don't know I'd love to have low speed but happiness is probably more important poured in and I'll just go scarlet and let's see probably around 50 levels probably I don't remember it's been so long since I played this hovel 1-1 304 no my goal 400 for expert we were all to us call this first pet spa just fit stations and customers to start with just like those first diner it's not the cat's meow quite yet but we'll get there quick as a dog right rocky welcome to the first day in our new pit Bob this is a great chance to learn the basics and to skip tutorials since this shouldn't be easy and we always have that clock let's see the cats should be done eventually into the next cat and the power bonuses as well just pick you up as we wait for the cat want to break up swap yep and the shop is closing should make it to expert I should be fine and goodbye to my cat pop combo but that's okay go complete and just 15 more for expert their owner should give me more than $15 and 35 mission accomplished and it was completely incredible an expert after that he talked we did a windy though we did and I'm feeling fine now that we have a little money let's do something to plump up the shop to the shop let's see what should our walls be and kind of like this but maybe I should go with this maybe I don't know I'll probably change it next time see level 1 - - those walls look great but neighborhood pets will be begging to come here now no docking it today if you'd be charcoal today you'd be able to fix a fire where the customer said he'll and stay let's see for 20 and service sweet slow for bass station speed normal well once i upgraded mmm don't have 800 feel like i should get more scissors in I could yeah grooming station I'll buy you and this to bring up their hearts hmm cactus plants or flowers now though with flowers and maybe swap it later upgrade Walter to on myself and I'll do that next time sweet I'm gonna give you a back pay for that and now we have a cat hey you go kitty have fun see you in another one week at good after the say goodbye to that dog combo but that's okay I think I'll work on I might next time I might have enough for a for a cat in well water station for the dog and another both station or something see time to swap beautiful combo and at least that cat has a lot of heart she has like five four over there and the dogs only house Tariq she'd be faster and now he only has two now yes three and I have over 600 I should be fine does it lose my voice he'll come back one day and another level complete that day what's a bowl of kibble and more what to serve a doggie treat for date for today's tricks don't roll over and play dead yeah rocky we need to put in that waiting room floor I really hope the color doesn't clash with my fare let's see waiting room and this one looks the best I think and I think it kind of goes with their walls and expert day is 7:25 did you hear one D that Dawson Dawson down the street is coming in today I love wiener dogs through my mule lunch Oh Rocky really it's a good thing he doesn't mind waiting Waltons collar are still struggling to learn all their new tricks and let's see hey yep I have enough for both some lovely condos give treats done happy pets to raise their hearts probably work on that keep pets happy and content for short period of time and or I could upgrade my speed next time think I'll work on that congratulations a new pep reading is stopping by today adoption this pet has high patience and slow service speed ELISA station so you got a dog a dog and cat will go right there and another dashing or wiener dog lot more simpler to say water for the kitty and I'll just pick you up so you'll get bonus heart and the shop is already closed and swap out you and there you go Kitty and pick up that dog now hopefully he's happy kitty goes there and probably should upgrade my machines to another upgrade my speed but these machines they're pretty slow and I got exactly expert exactly 7:25 what are the odds and that cats gone camping and complete Topsy was one fun guy more patient than a cat at a mouse hole and did you let the weight dance - Walter stone flute luckily he wasn't any bigger or you would have had a tidal wave Walter Schuyler handle that well they're almost burning at each other so you have 945 uh-oh sick day a frill this print is gonna have a rough day all alone on the floor just one human to move the pets from station to station and get them back to the customers that thinks buzz coming in with skelion he's the pickup a letter Scully makes pets happier just by sitting next to them no partner your partner is out six sick today you must deliver fish pets to the out counter have to do all the work myself let's see hi - well upgrade myself then and hopefully that hopes will be sticking probably get more swapping combos that's one good thing I guess yeah and time to give Kitty a haircut got a dog take it all the way over there cat goes there and anymore customers in line tell me now thankful you told me now now I'll pick up back hat swap you out put you there and there's flow another dog does we'd be over there and put you there and the kitties done as well and I already see like a double combo here and so much money and still enough to x-ray yet I'm pretty close though see put the dog legs and one more customer probably could have got in a swamp combo but but waited just a little longer but that's okay and there you go flew him in his apron and just one more dot you love to groom or just pat down or maybe maybe they're putting on clothes that makes more sense yeah that's probably what they're doing and 1595 thanks for lending a paw skillet with their help are humans our human was faster than a handle on a ham sandwich now we're off to make the work room floor wide my pup sure pup pleasure pup Leisure Pool pleasure yeah well my pup this place looks great like something out of out of good dog housekeeping be sure to recommend it to all the dogs and cats I know and hopefully it is and let's see I could get those floors yeah I guess this that floor kind of works
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