DOLPHINS ! Elsa and Anna toddlers swim in the OCEAN and watch DOLPHINS! Splash Water fun

Tickling me we're very relaxed girls see actually LCI wheels are Walton not this feels.

Great that was.

Much fun another way. Okay, be careful because the way that could be too strong and knock you down well be careful on a jellyfish jellyfish over here Oh ooh I want me to help with your floaties because you're going pretty slow. Okay, come here haha. This is.

Much fun me we're out the deep water what if a jellyfish come sorry girls but we already told you there are no jellyfish yeah well I'm still afraid of jellyfish well Anya if you're still afraid of jellyfish then I'm going to call you a scared trip whoa that was such a big wave girls did you see that yeah.

Big hey Anya Gino are LCI hello I don't know where she is outside come no of course I don't LCI where are you my stereo LCI what were you doing at the bottom of the water well I was planning that I should scare you really yes I did scare you wait did I actually scare you fun well only a bit maybe Anya got scared she's a scared cat well I didn't Anya you're lying no I'm not the way how's the much better go to splash news and I just squash you wanna voting in the water ah look at us girls we're relaxing we're just staying flat we're very relaxed girls see you will learn how to do it one day I'm going underwater mommy. Okay, okay water really busy but just come under water.

You can see. Okay, I wish I can see them because I can't swim underwater Oh Anya I'm sure you will get to see them from here. Okay, let's go you are right Oh see on those fish are.

Cool and they're really big yeah I told you I'm knocking to see the fish let me see oh yes I do see the fish it's very big oh look its tickling me I think they came to my feet maybe it's a jellyfish don't take oh I stink.

It's not a joke snail let's go see them one more time else oh yeah actually LCF those are dolphins and they are Wow no you're just joking no I wish you could go underwater to see it too it's.

Fantastic Anya look over there just peep if you see the dolphin. Okay, look they're swimming.

Nice now see I did you see that yeah let's see one more time I'll see ya bye dolphins next time you see you I visit our channel and subscribe for more videos.

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