Hi everybody why am i yelling on a teacher it's been a long time since I had post since I had posted a video soul I figure I start with a giveaway and.

What had happened was um a relief awesome friend of mine had let me borrow a lot of lavender because I I was out and I needed one and.

She went let me borrow a bottom lavender and when I went to go and return it no mind is handsome father I still gotta go Porsha um honesty he went interrupt me oh.

When I went to return her bottle lavender she did not want it and.


I really didn't want to keep it because uh oh and also she had suggested that since I didn't want to get you didn't want to take it back from me she's like what about what if you did a giveaway and.

Here I am today giving away a bottle of lavender soul if you're unfamiliar with what you can do as lavender lavender can be used tactically internally aromatically it can be using your diffuser and.

Lavender is really popular for its calming and relaxing benefit it also helps with occasional skin irritations for all kinds of insect bite for helping kids to calm down you know when they. This is the to rub underneath their feet your feet their feet when you want to have a good night's rest grow up a little bit of lavender underneath your feet you can put a drop or two on your pillow what else what else what else. Okay, when you get sunburn you can rub it on your skin in six place already said that how else i use them a kiss when you use lavender internally whether you put it in your water or when you put it in a capsule it can really calm down anxiety stress it really mellows down your mood just afraid that there's a bunch of other things that lavender is good for.

If you guys want to go read up on it please do but.

Without further ado here is what you need to do just like and share this video and sometime whenever I am free or whenever I feel like doing another vid i will choose a winner for those who had light and shared this video.

Get going um i'll definitely poor name be like probably i would stay under the march end of this month is not very first. Okay, and you'll have a great evening catch you guys later shoes.

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