Doug Graham 801010 VS Lou Corona Sprouted Almonds

So just got back from a 207 Kay Ryan tonight open pre-warn out and let me get the face up this is the trolls can use this in the meme meme generator 207 K ride today toaster did a salad 15m did a 1458 up Norton summit after a hundred ninety two case today feelin picking pretty good right now on the boy today's video you Holly can you please do a video about Lou Carano vs. Doug Graham this similar age is almost the same age why does Lou have less wrinkles done Doug and you can can you can take their diet and athletic performances and fight a league Sarah no I'm not gonna do a video about that that's just that's creating more controversy and truth and I'm not into that so I'm not gonna do it alright fuck it let's do it so what Lou Corona I think it's great that Lou's been doing a vegan diet for 40 years fantastic good stuff up i alright you think blues got some great things to say great things to share I have very critical there of the fact that he sell supplements he's a supplement supplement supplement supplement supplement supplement supplement supplement supplement pusher pusher pusher seller that's people gonna make a column that's what he does so I'm critical that someone as a raw food guru itself pointed would sell enzymes to raw foodists when the whole premise of eating more food diapers has cooked food I don't eat cooked foods got no enzymes in it so the raw food diet and take my enzymes and on lose sight says the FAQ is can you take too many enzymes is like nut it's like driving a car if you want to go fast and push more so you can't talk to me enzymes none questions how long gentle enzymes for and it was just just this life I know here you've got diagrams food and sport combo design FAQ is just for a free information so Luther owners FAQ is that is enzyme products diagram FAQ he spent hours reading all the free information about diet and lifestyle so that's just my first critique that dog donates love his free time on forums and stuff like that on his blog a lot information Lu these websites basically it's a sales page for enzyme product which is hey this is my comments and criticisms is making one a bad person I'm just saying that's I always like to know where someone's coming from is it from the heart do they say it or is actually from the dollars that's us market ich don't mean him a bad person some people a bit more money focused and others or whatever that's cool it's the world we live in its the money world that's why I was like those how much free information can I get from someone versus having to buy every single thing home so what Doug does a lot of you know fasting clinics and that stuff and helping Fitness awake and all that for sure but he get most as Dougie's information for free on his own website and YouTube videos so yeah next question was the ascetics someone says Doug it has more wrinkles than DeLuca Rona now here's two photos of Lu and Doug now these are not photoshopped follows is a photos of ripped off Google Images and they're a lot these photos because they're clear photos you go to lose website he's got a Photoshop follow himself and even Doug there's a Photoshop photo his website these are real deal photos of how they look in real life so these are great photos to use an example Doug Graham has he got more wrinkles indeed and you know what you want to know why you get more wrinkles because look at Doug's leanness look at this picture here of how lean Doug is so when you strip off all the excess fat fluid toxins etc you're going to have more wrinkles this is how it is less toxins less fat less bloating it means more wrinkles more bloating more fat more puffed out less wrinkles so look at Luis face here quite puffy quite sort of fat you know and that's for another not saying lose a bad person I'm just saying people well Holly Wars dog got wrinkles because he's so fucking lean maybe someone as lean as Doug alright without that without wrinkles men anything with that all that again Botox brotox' now I hadn't had any Botox cuz you can see here you can see wrinkles and then you can see here wrinkles so there's no pro tox on myself or Doug if you very lean you have more now he's an example he's a 21 year old Olympic triathlete one of the twin brothers what's his name doesn't pretend like I'm having a mental blank too many case today the young the Olympic the the the gold medal kids are the Olympics triathlete it's 21 wrinkles crow's feet walk is fucking lean if you want to get lean you've got to have more wrinkles so you can get too little Botox injections I've got a syringe around here somewhere no nothing your injections in there like Hollywood star that's why you get more wrinkles when you're lean you're gonna have wrinkles but Holly I like it with ABS like Doug Graham and be lean and sinewy but I want to get any wrinkles I'm gonna have cheekbones and be able to see my cheeks you can see your skeletal structure that's the normal face the people used to say puffy inflamed face I don't think that's really healthy but that's just more conce and Christmas the next one would be you can comparing Dow Graham who is like a Polish drew I think he's blood line is Lou Mexican Spanish who always have the better teen etc you can't compare Caucasian with Hispanic or Latino or Asian whatever you can't you can only compare people in the same family really because you're the same fair got same genetics if you look to other people yeah people get into this mindset of like comparing races with races but you can't do that you can only compare probably family members of family members that's a more accurate one it's not fair to like if I could change my skin to black I'll do it in a fucking heartbeat because I could ride my bike in the Sun no shirt all year long and not worry about getting sunburned man I'd fucking love to dr. Gordon 110 Fahrenheit just riding 200 miles no shirt just sweating in the Sun I'm the fucking love to that I was black I'd do that every fucking day in summer but how about white skin how do that white skin and burn the fuck out of that skin so you can only compare skin genetics really with someone in their own family or a similar race does that make sense tell people the health world just pairing that to that you can't wait you can't compare those fitness levels you can do that but you can't compare skin you can't compare hair or whatever like I know Tiger is beautiful long black hair you know to get that if you're like Asian men what I you can't get that if you like Caucasian it's not gonna happen they're not gonna happen another one would be the diet can you please talk about the diet differences I don't know what Lou eats he says he's a vegan diet war big night awesome I don't actually know what he eats no one actually knows what Luke eats I heard it was just a handful of nut butter a day maybe a little could do a video why not eat in a day that would be really cool what a Wednesday whatever never know what I eat people write freely it's been about Doug eats I don't know what loon actually eats how much how many calories or whatever a lot times people do miss dickens slight and like if you're healthier and you're missing about your diet that alarm building for me what else gonna talk about nobody follows lose diet long-term first of all I don't know what the diet is so some people sense high fat but there's no one doing high fat long term who has actually got some fitness now Lou is doesn't have as many wrinkles because he's a bit fatter than Doug so you see his face is quite chubby so you're gonna have less wrinkles so Louise Elena's Doug then that would be a good comparison and I'm not having a girl - I think Lou's got some fantastic things to share and say so this is not a negative video I'm not a hate video whatever this is just comments and criticisms because people bring it up and when you're a health celebrity it's only fair that people talk about it someone do someone could do a video during our versus Lance Armstrong my son I wouldn't want that a lot just comments and criticism the solidus it's not hey so people confuse that if you could take some of each hand that's bullshit that is lack thinking and blue he doesn't care anyway he's just no judgment from him at all he loves it um what else we got was on the diet no one can do it long-term because I don't even knows what it is but let's say it was high fat no one can do that long-term the enzymes I think that's a lot of crap blah blah blah that's a pretty much cover so I think Lou's got some fantastic things to say one thing I liked about Lou was he says write a declaration and read it three times a day now that's powerful so that's that gets my thumbs up there 100% you should write a declaration where you want your life to go three at three times a day just focus on getting that that's fantastic so for me loon what I get from Lou is more of a motivational speaker motivational there's nothing that ivory that would help me or anyone else to have to say that Lou says because it's very subjective very vague for mystic but he's very objective and clear on life goals etc positive attitude so that's that's my take home message from Lou is the mental aspects very good nutrition wise can't talk about so know about it because no one who seems to know what he actually does eat doesn't take my message here write your comments Jane or comments down below what have you learned from either health teacher and look for the read in the comments I'm gonna go get some carbs into me because I'm pretty rooted right now but yeah carbs for the win like it's crazy people say ah you can do like low carb and still prefer this like fucking bullshit bullshit mate that is the biggest load of bullshit I hear like a car that's like cut out for a fucking training ride and show me how it works nobody's ever be able to do that crazy isn't it low carb low carb and power and energy not possible at all anyway digressing here rambling on see you next video what's next movie gonna be about posting down below we'll see you soon peace
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