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Well we had a rainy night it's sunny now expected rain sometime today but we don't care we're offering our next tribal video come on let's get in the car I alright we're here in Dresden.

You do buy a parking thing every day sundays are not free weekends are not free at least around this area you rivers just over there you and we'll come back around you can see what we just walk through alright.

The river is about the bridge there the rivers just on the other side of the biergarten tourist group here there's where we just came through paddlewheel boat we just came from where the horses over there looks like a good way to catch the city if you want to catch a big overall view they have hopped on hop off bus here two days is 22 year old one day is 20 euro it's an hour and 45 minutes to complete the tour that's just staying on the bus.

I would think you would definitely need the full day if you did that and got off at each stop and took a look catch the next bus and got back on again think about it the big city like this by doing a hop-on hop-off bus you can pick the places you want to see and you don't have to get a taxi or do these other things we did it that we've done in several cities in Europe some cities are better than others I'll put a link I'm sure that they've got a link for this stuff online and stuff.

Here's another view of this court different port yard here beautiful blue skies today I don't know how long they'll last we'll take advantage of it while we can catch the Roses fatties up there you I we're outside of a mice and gift shop about a porcelain.

I'm going to show you a few items and you'll be able to see the prices.

Here is a but I mean look at look at the detail and the color and everything I mean it's just it's not just a porcelain figure I mean they really go through a lot of trouble with these handmade porcelain.

As a big lady here is seven thousand euro by means he gets it there's milk in the cup there's coffee in the cup I mean look at the detail maybe we can afford a coffee cup or two now there's a coffee set for 155 euro Oh a little more or less expensive birds these are 2,300 Oh copy copy 890 Wow how about these little oh we can afford the little baby's head for 12 year old you got the current time 1121 see monday through saturday 20 minutes is 50 cent sunday and days off one hour is 50 cent.

Hopefully an hour should be enough time for us to eat lunch.

We put the money in here yeah it gives us the 12-24.

It tells you how much time can be on your parking parking chain as they call it here it is and here it shows you 1224 window where they can see it and we're good to 12 24 scrap some lunch.

I ordered pork with sauerkraut and abetted thing i'll let you take a look here looks pretty good my wife thought she ordered soup. This is under the soup section but in reality you have to take a closer look sometimes it does have the English under the German she ordered the broth korb meat lube reversed which is actually home-baked bread with liver sausage.

Even though it's under soups it's not soup I ordered suckling pig with sauerkraut mustard roasted onions crispy bread dough server green cabbage salad and a marjoram sauce we're finished with dressing for this time.

Come along follow me we're heading the Leipzig.

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