Dyson DC39 Animal Review

Hi today a vacuum-cleaner advisor we're going to take a look at the dyson DC 39 animal that's the machine right here we'll look at some of the specifications the features and run the Machine through some cleaning tests now. This is Dyson's full-size canister there is a mid-sized canister the PC 47 was a little bit smaller the DC 39 is split into two versions there's the origin and then the animal the animal is this one here the only difference between the two is the tool set other than that the vacuums are identical that's a pretty interesting looking machine some people don't like the look most do we think it looks pretty cool it's fairly futuristic a lot of that stuff down to this ball mechanism and the sight clothes here it's bagless and it has a washable filter.

There's not much in the way of consumables and in terms of power the DC 39 really has it in spades it has 275 air watts of power the mid-sized canister the DC 47 only has 170 and if you want to compare that to the power of Dyson's full-size upright the DC 65 that has 245.

This thing really is something of a powerhouse in terms of those tools it comes with the stair tool the DC 39 animal does it comes with the crevice tool and brush tool combo and this mini turbine tool which is good for getting into tight narrow areas and also for doing upholstery you get a manual with a warranty card and back and a Quick Start Guide now the tools don't all store on board the vacuum cleaner. However, the stair tool and the combo 2 will do they fit into this little tool caddy as and this tool caddy goes on latches on to the to the war something like this you can put it on. However, you want you want it up here down here the other way around it's up to you it latches on like that and that allows you to carry these two around the mini turbine tool doesn't go anywhere on the vacuum you have to put it away somewhere and get it if you need it there are a few controls on the canister body itself here we see the dust canister release button you try to get this canister off without using that button you'll frustrate yourself if you press this button comes up then the dust canister releases quite easily. This is the power on/off button not on this side here is the power cord auto retract button.

When you pull the power cord out of this machine you pull it out until you see a little red lock and that tells you you're at the max there we are see the line there when you're finished vacuuming and you want to retract the power cord you simply press this button the canister body is fairly maneuverable you can see here and easily pull it right around in a circle the front pivots to some extent back and forth there is the ball mechanism and it also has a set of small wheels it requires a little more force to pull it forward than expected but it's not bad in terms of cleaning reach Dyson claim the DC 39 to have about thirty two point eight feet of cleaning reach and are our calculation is putting somewhere pretty much in that area the hose itself I measure up the hose approximately we get somewhere in the neighborhood of about five and a half feet the cannister body itself through to the power cord is somewhere in the neighborhood of a foot and a half.

Dyson DC39 Animal Review

The hose in the body give you about seven feet or reach maybe seven seven and a half because the hose stretches a little bit you got a twenty one point three foot power cord that puts you at about twenty eight point eight feet and your wand you want the tool is somewhere around four maybe four in a couple inches.

You're looking at pretty much thirty two point eight feet five and a half maybe six foot hose on a stretch we find it a bit short sometimes we feel the cannister is a little too close behind us when we're vacuuming twenty one point three foot power cord power cords four canisters tend to be shorter than they are four uprights we'd like to see a little longer it is nice you don't have to you know plug in and plug out all the time but thirty two point eight feet in total it's not bad now here we see the main floor nozzle on this machine Dyson coal is the trigger head tool it can be used for carpet as well as bare floors because the brushroll inside can be turned on spinning or off which stops it from spinning it's rather unique tool because it is the brush bar is driven by suction yet it can still be turned on and off in most cases brush rolls or brush bars that can be turned on or off is usually result of the brush bar being motor driven this one is driven by suction and it still has the on and off and we'll show you the control for that in just a second but I wanted to show you here is how easy this thing is to maintain brush rolls get you know covered in hair and and string things get tangled up and they have to be cleaned sometimes you have to get underneath with a pair of scissors in this case I just use a quarter just rotate this counter clockwise and the calf pops off the entire breast roll can be pulled out and clean then put back in let's push back into place and then flick and there you go the vacuum grip has a couple of controls on it here. This is the brush bar on-off control here simply turns the brush bar on and off we'll do that with the power on in a second here. This is a suction release valve that allows you to reduce the suction at the end of the wand and that's good for vacuuming like delicate items like drapes or maybe lampshades or something here we have the brush bar on that turns the breasts are off.

Typically you're going to have it on four carpet now if I want to vacuum something delicate perhaps like this lampshade one option will be to take the crevice tool combo tool and extend the brush out to the end and that can be attached now directly to the end of the grip it's one of the great things about the tools is they snap fit into plates just like that they don't come out it's not pushed in like friction fit now if I were to turn the vacuum on now and go full suction it might be too much for this lampshade what I can do to use this trigger here in the fridges open the suction with the we're going to test the vacuums pickup on carpet these are fine caraway seeds we'll do this with a brush bar on the brush bar off the machine is actually very difficult to push on carpet and you probably want the brush bar on our carpet anyways.

Let's see how it performs. Okay, we can see it's been pretty effective at that that's fine that's fine material we're now going to step it up and we'll try something a little heavier these are much larger and heavier lentils now one of the problems we can see here is that the heavier lentils the larger levels they're not getting underneath the nozzle there's plenty of suction in this machine and it can pick these up with no problem but they're being pushed along because the front of the nozzles a little low for this kind of material. This is fine white pet hair it's been ground in you've taken a couple of minutes to grind it in with our fingers and with our shoes make sure it's really ground into the carpet we'll see how the vacuum does picking this up we'll have the brush bar on for this test well we have to say it's done a pretty good job a little unexpected for an air driven brush bar typically the motorized ones are better there's maybe a tiny speck of hair left there something that was really ground in for the most part I think it did fairly well we always like to test how well a machine cleans up tight against the baseboards it's great if you've got a machine that will do that because you don't have to go over the room later with something like a crevice tool or something else we did this with the DC 65 animal the upright in it it did a stellar job up tight against the baseboards a lot of machines dunk let's check the DC 39 animal well surprised a little at how well that works it did a pretty darn good job actually. This is fine material on bare floors you see we've got a tile surface here we'll do this test with the brush bar off the vacuum has absolutely no problem with this and that's the result of the tremendous suction produced by the machine. This is the much larger and heavier material again same stuff we did on the carpet we'll do this test with the brush bar off you now in this surface the nozzle has no problem getting over top of the material you can see the suction is more than substantial to pull even the large material emptying the dust canister and machine is really very easy you simply press the dust canister release button on the canister body the canister comes out that simply there's a red button on the top one red button if you press that the bottom of the canister opens out and of course you do that over a garbage can and all the vessels Bree shakes out sometimes you can get other stuff caught up around here and you have to pull it out with your hands which is unfortunate but it's the way some of these things are it clicks back together there's also a filter washable filter and it sits right here in the middle of the dust canister very easy to access you can wash this under cold tap water and let it dry for upwards of 24 hours when it's absolutely completely dry pop it back into the machine back back into the caster and this whole assembly just flicks back into place you're finished.

What did we like above the vacuum cleaner we like the fact that it has tremendous suction essentially anything that gets underneath that nozzle gets picked up we also like the fact that it has on/off brush bar controls that allows you the ability to use that nozzle on carpet and on bare floors on bare floors this thing picks up pretty much everything both large or small we did read that some owners report having the nozzle head suck down tight to the floor wants a really smooth bare floor surfaces we tried this on we tried the this nozzle on very smooth hardwood floors and we we did run into that problem we liked the suction release trigger here that allows you to vacuum things like the lampshade or we showed you we liked the fact that the tools click fit into place and that provides a very solid connection the retractable power cord is a nice feature it's much better than having to manually wind a power cord up the canister itself is quite maneuverable it spins around quite easily the machine is not too loud we think it's also pretty cool looking unit it's easy to maintain you've got the washable filter there's no bags and it's quite easy to get at the main brush roll and clean that as well in addition it carries a five-year warranty which is fairly lengthy a couple of things we didn't like we found that the the nozzle on carpet the front of the nozzle tended to push larger debris forward it didn't quite get over top of it and allow it to get sucked up we found the hose to be a little bit short and that resulted in the canister body falling a little closer behind us than we were used to the canister itself requires a bit of a tug when you're moving forward a little more of a tug than we expected the power cord is 21 some odd feet long it's a little bit work longer would be nicer we mentioned the suction release trigger it's a great feature we're glad it's there a simple slider may actually allow you a little more control that's a bit of a small issue some owners report having to empty the dust canister frequently we haven't run into that problem but we haven't used the machine for extensive house wine cleaning at this time ultimately. This is an extremely powerful vacuum it's capable on carpet and bare floors despite the area brush bar you should be able to find this unit out there anywhere between about 300 and 400 dollars.

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