Eagle Creek Travel Towel Review

Hey guys. This is jonathan louie from the traveler reviews calm and today i'm reviewing the eagle creek travel towel.

The travel towel comes with this mesh container it's just like a stuff sack where you can put it in and then tossed into your suitcase and the travel towel is made of this microfiber material it's really soft and really absorbent it also is quick drying.

You can just like bring out all the water and then it'll air dry really quickly it comes with this hook right over here.

If you're like at a hotel you can hook this onto some hanger or anything and then just let it air dry it'll dry out in a couple of hours this towel is the size large and it's a hundred centimeters by 50.

Eagle Creek Travel Towel Review

You can see here you can wrap it around your body a bit like this and I'm not too large but it ducked it can barely cover me.

If you need your towel to cover you you might want to get like a bigger size and also like this it barely goes over my body.

Even though it's small it's it's a really big benefit that it's super lightweight and portable as you can see here when I fold it it's it can like super small like that and then you can just roll into its nest pocket.

Compared to one of these like giant cotton towels it's a lot better for traveling as you can see the size difference and also it's only five ounces.

That's about the size of these three clementines.

It's not too heavy it won't weigh you down the things that I don't really like about this towel is that it's it's a bit too small for wrapping around your body.

If you're planning on wrapping the towel around you to just like cover you say the beach you're probably going to have to go with a bigger towel and also I'd like to see Eagle Creek makes some towels that are other other colors like if you're traveling as a family you might want different color towels but instead they only sell it in blue which can be a bit annoying and you might mix them up overall I highly recommend this travel towel it's super lightweight and quick-drying.

You can check it out on amazon com and also on the Eagle Creek website its twenty two dollars for the large size which is this one and I've included the links to the product below.

This was the Eagle Creek travel towel review for more reviews check out the travel gear is calm thanks for watching.

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