Ear force DPX21 Turtle Beach Headset Review

Hey everyone. This is man you've got a gun and I'm going to be doing a quick review of the DPF 21 turtle beach headset and let me go ahead and say that yes these are already broken.

Durability why it's not.

Great because they only fell from the top of my bed to the to the floor there and that's just a couple feet.

It's not.

Good arm sound quality wise though they are group I'm they're amazing they're I mean they're perfect they're probably one of the best sounding headsets I've ever heard they compare pretty well to the Astros um except for a few other little kinks like the fact that um the durability is horrible of course and then then there's the mic which is actually really annoying um I liked it the boom has a boom mic and whatnot and it King then towards your face but you can hear yourself in the mic it's a very very sensitive Mike.

Maybe you have you stand going it's just barely touching the the mic there and you can hear that loudly and clearly and you can hear yourself talking I don't really like that and then you can also hear like your self breathing possibly if you're just breathing very lightly into the headset.

You can hear all that it's kind of annoying and then there's also the fact that these the volume control the base control and the game control chat control is just turning wheels here and very often times like this happens all the time like I'll be gaining and then all of a sudden I brush against this a little wheel here and the volume goes ever way up and if it's game volume and there's an explosion nearby or something and there's guns going off extremely loud and its really really annoying that happens a lot and then there's a base which I have to say the base is great in these headsets as well and then there's a mic mute and that's a switch thankfully and um yeah I mean only these things could be buzzes they would be.

Much better and you know if that could be a little stronger but then there's user processor box here and there's the Dolby bypass button the bass boost here on the side this side turns it on or off here you have the USB in which is for the headset itself to connect to this and then you have the analog in for the for the sound and this side you have the pits at optical digital Ford which goes in from the box to your ps3 and then here's the power source which also connect to your ps3 and there's the analog in again another analog in which you don't really use and.

Yeah but here's the master volume on the side but another plus to this headset I guess you could say is that there's only two cords that you connect into either one of your systems your xbox or ps3 and that's your USB cable and your optical digital cable which is pretty great I mean compared to the Tritons trade-ins have tons and tons of wires and cables everywhere the apt to put in and plug in several things.

It's great to know you don't even have to plug these in to anything besides your ps3.

Another thing on the 7.1 can only be used on xbox because Xbox don't want to provide that ps3 only has up to 5.1 dolby digital surround sound which is not.

Not such a great surround sound quality compared to 7.1 which is amazing um.

I don't know if i would suggest paying a whole one hundred fifty dollars for these if you're only a ps3 gamer because you know PSG only supports 5.1 Dolby Digital and i'm not sure if they gonna be coming out with an update that with that or not but 150 bucks is quite a bit just use for ps3 if you're gonna have both systems though highly recommend it it's a great headset um but then again you have to consider the the durability of this headset is pretty pretty bad I I mean I just dropped it all the first time I ever dropped it and it broke just that few feet as I step tiny fall and it completely sucked the headset off and it's just hanging by a wire and its really annoying to use it now but um.

Yeah that's the GPS 21 skies hope you liked the review plz sub subscribe save whatever if you found this helpful please comment whatever you guys can do for me thank you and thanks for watching.

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