Easy Hair Removal At Home

Hi guys welcome back today I'm doing a review video on this Sally Hansen hair removal and I got a strictly for my little mustache you can't really see yet but I can't see it.

I wanted to test it out and see if this hair removal actually works I've never done hair removal at home.

If you haven't either and this works for me you might want to try it yourself.

I'm gonna go ahead and try it out for you guys it says that it's um it's only for the face but you can't use it near the eyes and you can't even use it on your eyebrows when you place it above your lip you can't have it touch your lip and I don't know about you guys but I know that sometimes I get hairs around here.

Easy Hair Removal At Home

You might want to use it for that area too but for today I'm only gonna use it right up of my lip so. This is how the bottle looks like you just open it and it already has a brush supposed to have a brush it's really thick I thought it was gonna be smaller. This is what it looks like and you just take the excess off apply it carefully.

It takes about three minutes for it to work.

I'm gonna go ahead and apply it right now and I'll take the time from them. Okay, now that it looks like I have white milk mustache I'm gonna wait three minutes and see if it really does work it doesn't have a strong smell what kind of the smell doesn't really bother me but it doesn't have that usual um scent that hair removal products have.

So far.


I'm gonna go ahead and wait thank a couple more minutes and we'll see. Okay.

I'm back and I think I'm ready to get this removed and stuff that if you do get like um I'm not allergic reaction to it or like if it starts tingling or something to just remove it I do feel a little tingle but not enough to where I'm like oh I can't stand it um.

I'm gonna go ahead and and see if it will remove now and all you have to do is wet a cotton ball or a little napkin or towel and just move it. Okay, and this was an extremely expensive was only like six dollars and I got this at Ulta I've had my my face wax before and I know that's like ten dollars and if I if this works and I can do it at home then it's gonna save me some time and money. Okay.

So far.

Good and. This is what your cotton ball is gonna look like and all my little hairs are on there.

I'm gonna go ahead and zoom you guys then.

That I can show you that it does a work let me get closer zoom in.

Yeah it works wherever I applied the cream all the hair is gone.

Yay for things that work if you guys enjoyed this video please hit the like button and don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video I.

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