Easy Multi Stamping (Tim Holtz Platform and Distress Oxide Inks)

Hi there is baby coming on here welcome to another video today I will be showing you how I fo let's do multi stamping using the team host a stamping platform and distress oxide inks I will be making one layer card like this one and coordinating envelope I'm also going to be using this beautiful stamp set called sending flowers by Simon Says Stamp this system set has been designed to some envelopes but I'm going to be making a card today and I'm also going to be using this stamp set called sweet sentiment feature by sugarberry time I'm going to use an a4 chip of cardstock if it fails and Casper by Stampin Up and I'm going to put it Eagles and I'm going to score a mean house to create my card base when I'm is something directly on the card base I'd like to place a piece of paper underneath my card to avoid getting ink on the back of the card.

The paper is going to observe the ink and I'm going to keep the back of my car clean now I'm going to start stamping with the stress oxide broken china i'm going to use at three o'clock and i'm going to be using sending flowers stamp by China faces tongue I'm going to use this system here which is the grid a stamp in the set and I'm going to place it on the block just like that and I'm going to start stomping until the stamp that we have more ink then I'm going to ink my stamp again and I'm going to keep going I'm going to move my hand up and down the paper.

That I can create a kind of irregular pattern just like that another thing you can do to stamp this interest and in its light stamp of the castle.

You will create more ticket line like.

Easy Multi Stamping (Tim Holtz Platform and  Distress Oxide Inks)

So when you are happy with the stamping you can go and do lines in the word direction.

You get a very in quick text tool at the background and I also wanted to show you a couple of ideas of things you can make with stands like this you can create a perfect grid.

Just stamping like that I'm not doing it perfectly just to show you just an example and you can create another kind of textures a square and something I have been doing recently a load is twisting my stamps to create with them different shapes.

Perhaps I can make a rainbow with this. This is Professor drain voyage as an example just to show you how best that I can be a stamp like this one. Okay.

Now I'm going to get back to my project I'm going to place the card base on the platform and I'm going to be using this Florida stamp here from sending flowers stems it now I'm going to place it there in that corner I'm going to move the team hold platform like that.

You can see better what I'm doing and I'm going to ink the stamp with the stress oxide won't play stick ink and I'm going to stamp this image a couple of times I'm going to clean this Tam and I'm using here this stamp shammy by lawn film this scene may seem too plain the stamps are presented to me and is amazing all you have to do is to add water and keep it in a container like that and it will be ready to go the whole time I was using before wives in microfiber cloth and I noticed that they leave some fibers on the stamp and sometimes when you stamp you see all those fibers into artwork and decimal ideas.

The stump sham it really make a difference when it comes to talk about cleaning stuff.

Now I'm going to use the stairs oxide pilot pain. This is a green color and I'm going to apply it just on the leaves in the little stems of the flowers light.

I can clean any excess of it on the stamp and I am just going to stamp I'm going to do this twice because I am stamping on the pink ink I apply before.

You can see that the green ink has covered somehow that pink ink you will need to stamp apart the chorus to just overlay the colors. Okay.

Now I'm going to stamp this oil flower in the same way I just stamped the previous one is something very important to tell you oh I wasn't doing it because when I'm making a video I'm always more worried to see if it's filming or Mineola teens than making my card is placing the embankments near the image was camping to keep the car stock steady.

Now I'm going to do exactly the same and you will see that the cutter is not going to lift from the platform just because I was putting the magnets too far from the area I'm stamping and I'm going to do that exactly the same as I did before going to use this system here to stamp the center of the flowers and if you know this placing the stamp at the center of the platform.

That I can move the paper to one side or the other and I don't have to move this down and you see here socialize distress oxide II and now using the same as time in the same place I'm going to be using this trace oxide excited manipulate ink just to add a little bit of contrast.

I'm moving my cast doc to the other side and I'm going to sum the Centers of the flowers something I want to show you about this platform is that I notice some improvement and. This is regarding the transfer of the ink on the lid of the platform onto your project I applied that in there and not even the magnet got the ink this lid is removable and if you see here it has this kind of badge.

I don't know how to say that like a channel there that will avoid the whole lid to go over your artwork.

The infant elite will never be transferred to the work is easy very easy to clean and it's very easy also to fit two different kind of stamps I am playing here with the clear air setting but it also has a reverse setting.

You can use also the platform with rule stamps or clean stamp now I'm going to keep stamping this and I'm going to use this beautiful stamp it by sugar PD signs he's a teacher team is stamp it and I just love this sentiment.

Much it's.


What I'm doing here is trying to align the sentiment in that space between the flowers and I'm making sure. This is straight they lit up the platform or follow me to do that and I'm going to stand with born lipstick this straight oxide ink and I'm going to do this three times then I'm going to apply this stress can be it Apple Inc which is like a red ink in with this ink I'm going to add contrast only to the word heart and I'm going to do it three times as well now I'm going to clean this tab and I'm going to make sure that the stamp is dry once it's dry I'm going to use post-it note like.

Just to cover the words I don't want to get ink it I'm going to apply black Simon Says Stamp ink remove the post-it note in a stamp and I'm going to do that a couple of times as well and now I'm going to do the same with the older part of the sentiment I'm just one the word heart in red color or pinky color.

The rest of the sentiment should go black.

There you go these guys almost finish is really simple I'm sorry because the video tends to be a little bit long but I want to spend you some details here and there and then make the video a little bit longer I'm also going to stamp some hard using the platform because I want to stamp three times in the same place and I don't want to do this by hand because I already try and I spoiled a previous car.

Once I finish all this stamping I can add some finishing toship with this Nouveau brush script pimp and all I'm going to do is just adding phone lines around the center of the flower like.

I could also add ink to the stamp but I noticed that it was time-consuming and. This is a quick car despite I always say I'm taking a lot time to explain you how I make it it's a really simple project and when I post these on my blog I knew it all about making a video because I told it.

Easy but I know that even when you make something easy or we have car makers make something really easy people want to know exactly how easy it is.

Now I'm sharing that but to be fair. This is easy because I'm using a stamping platform it will be a little bit challenging if we have to use a strategy or eyeballing.

Perhaps each you having good and stamping platform this video might give you an idea of how useful this could be for stamping. Okay.

I finish applying this Nouveau process screen. This is a water-based product and now I'm going to use an oil-water Bass Pro which is a Nouveau shimmer pen. This is very similar than wink of Stella and I also love it but you have to be a little bit careful when you are using this pin on this kind of card stock because it tends to distress the ink my advice to get that shimmer of this paint is just applying the ink of the pen on the center of the image and it will distress a little bit towards the edges but it's not going to overpass the edges once I finish applying the shimmer pen I'm going to add more sparkle with Nova glitter actions. This is a spec code if my favorite drops a golden drop from Nova but you can also use any of the noble jobs you have enjoy start to use this product very often in my cards because it's easy to apply any provide holes for a very nice finishing.

The car is finished and now I'm going to make the envelope.

To me the envelope for this guy I'm going to need a 12 by 12 inches sheet of paper ideally paper I don't have paper in this color.

I'm going to use custom just for the demonstration but it will be idea to get envelopes or paper in this color I'm going to use a guillotine to cut the paper at 8 inches in a house by a inches in a house in 10 when the paper is ready I'm going to use the envelope punch bowl to make the envelope and I'm going to punch in a score as stay inches three-quarter I'm going to follow the scoring line to create the new a scoring lines and get check to this envelope I'm also going to use the punch in the back of the envelope punch board to round the corners and once I have the envelope ready I'm going to stamp it in the same way I stamped the cut I'm going to use this paper here just to protect that part of the envelope because I just want to get this flap a stamping now I'm going to use an avalanche bitch code to create a decorative edge for this envelope using this die here this diet is from Concord and nine previously made another envelope purchase this one in the picture but to make an envelope like that to my need a template as I wanted to make my envelope using the envelope porch for I just like coat a piece of cardstock like I'm doing here and then I stamp it and I simply paste it on the envelope I made.

That was the way I do it initially but I have to recognize and as I said before because I'm using car.

To me this envelope the envelope is too thick and you might need also a lining and it's not going to look.

Neat and nice as we like to.

I will rather prefer to make envelopes like this one here in just one layer if we are using cardstock.

Am I still here the camera because to thumb the envelope I did exactly the same that I D twist on the card I just wanted to show you a small variation in is that I'm twisting the stamp a little bit just to try to give it the shape of the edge of the envelope you can do that as well with some long clear stamps and also with some cling stamps and when I'm twisting the stamps sometimes it's easier to move the cart or a little bit than the stamp that is already set on the platform what I have to do here is just paying attention than the stamp the same drink or move or untwist.

I'm stamping always in the same place.

That's the only variation when I am stamping the envelope and I'm loving twisting my stamps because you can adapt the shape of the stamps or the floral patterns or lines or anything to H dice which are.

Beautiful for project.

When you are working with this stamping platform you don't need to be always aligning the Casto with the edges of the platform you can go towards the center of the platform it move around the paper has Farhad you have the madniks properly set on top of that paper.

The paper is not going to move and you are going to be able to a stamp Oh no we're in the same place.

That's my envelope and there is my car.

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