Easy Way to Grow A PISTACHIO Tree From SEED FAST!!

What is up guys welcome to the go far starts video off I just want to say one quick thing the product that was unbox it did not arrive home XCOM did tell me that the laser would arrive here is Monday so the product was not here but you know I can't really knock them down the holidays are all coming up and with all shipments being sent out I can't leenock up them down because they don't really have control over that but I did personally tell me that the product was supposed to arrive here at the latest by Monday so I am bummed out about that but I had to improvise so let's head over there and slide this commandment off welcome everybody to the experiment table so the surprise is that we will be growing our very own pistachio tree here in the grow to run alright so make sure you subscribe if you didn't already and let's get started so here I have the Peru baggie dry paper towel and the pistachio seed now you want to pick pistachio seeds make sure that they're not salted okay or roasted make sure you buy the legitimate seeds okay so they cannot be oven roasted or the name-brand pistachios um with that being said let's get started so basically I picked seeds that you know looks very plum more mature than others and those are basically what I settled on with your dry paper towel we're going to do want to do is I have two layers right here fold it in between and then what you're going to do is just make a square alright and you want to get this dampened okay so I have one right here damp in that paper towel um it's best if you don't chlorinate it if it's uncoordinated water however if she is chlorinated that also works as well honestly I didn't really find I'm a big difference in the two but basically what you're going to get next step is you're going to just basically put this inside a plastic baggie and then put your pistachio seed inside the plastic baggie with it all right so put both your stash Evette seeds in there or have how many you have and then wait until they germinate now I with my experiments these take a little bit longer however they will so they will germinate so do not give up on them I wish you guys the best success and while germinating um it's best if you put this in a warm area faster during the process of germination will go much faster and if you want you can cover the dampened paper towel over the seeds I would suggest doing that for maybe a week or so and then uncover it and switch this damp in paper towel every week or so that way mold and other things may not grow all right so with that being said I think you have everything set for pistachio tree um this is beginning stages to grow this um once you're finished and you want to put it in the soil soil you will be able to see a little root come out of the seed and when it's about and that that long I would definitely put it in the soil okay so you can put that in the soil if you have any questions or concerns please comment below but let's get this started and please subscribe if you didn't already thumbs up this video guys grow farm out peace
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