Easy Way to Install a Kitchen Backsplash DIY

Hi guys today I'm going to attempt to install a kitchen backsplash I've never done it before but I've watched a lot of YouTube videos and it looks really easy so I'm just going to go for it I bought this mosaic tile really pretty it's made of glass there's also stone in it and metal and I bought these tools right here it's a glass and tile cutter that's to cut the glass and tile part and this is a hacksaw and that's going to cut the metal part I also bought this double stick tape so this is really interesting it's supposed to make tiling really easy you don't have to put glue on the wall you just put this double stick tape that comes in this roll and it works just like double stick tape you stick it on the wall you peel it off and you put the tile on the wall I don't know how it's going to go but a lot of people and a lot of review said that this works so I'm going to do that instead of gluing and the cool thing about this is is that unlike glue you can grout it right away you don't have to wait for it to dry 24 hours so you can finish the project in an afternoon or in one day depending on our factory work I also bought this grout great hopefully it matches the tile and I also got this grout squeeze the squeegee the grout and this bunch so I have all the tools that I need so let's get started by the way I'm using sandpaper on the wall since I don't want to use any cleaner that's going to dance the law and it's going to make me have to wait a long time I don't know another day to be able to use the sticky stuff I'm just going to sandpaper all the grease off and then wipe it with a damp cloth wait a few hours for its completely dry and then I'm going to put the sticker on you want to lay your tile out where you want it to be placed I'm going to start on this wall because you're supposed to start on the corner here's just how that's going to go in the quarter but you can see that this tile has these little things that stick out so we want to cut these ticklish and then for Jen and inaudible wasted tiles ooh oh right exactly hey wow we did it oh my gosh it's all straight it's so straight I did it looking nominated supporting okay we got our first edge check it out I am so proud of myself you know what I should have done this first I should have laid the city paper on the wall but I was so excited to cut the tile so I had to do that first and get that out of my system a little bit at a time and they said that we could teach this to close it out and make sure there's no air bubble that looks good that looks good Wow you now time about it take some grout and press it on the tiles and spread it then take your scraper and scrape it in a diagonal direction then take a damp sponge and take a smudge grout off as you can grouting is not my thing it's so hard I actually gave up and fell asleep I woke up and saw my mom finish grouting the whole thing thanks mom I think this looks really good considering this is the first time we ever did a kitchen backsplash we even added a border for finishing touches [Music]
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