Eat natural date and walnut review

Hello and welcome to another one of my food views sighs becoming a bit wobbly is my brother that's a holding the camera and so I got a bit hungry and we were picking snacks and my brother suggested this which he knows that I love the ink natural range so we dropped the ink natural fruit and nut bar date and walnut with pumpkin seeds so I got this from Holland barrett eyeballs got another eat natural bar there because it was a buy one get one for a penny so i'll be doing a review of that when i eat it and put my scopes on this one so far so it's a grassy green color and for the lies just like and all the other two bars i reviewed now let's see if it contains coconut and i read that so this one does not contain hope not so like you eat natural bars it was overpowered by the coconut taste and the yogurt tastes this one has neither so it simply better what it does have them is dates or plan is glucose syrup crisp rice walnuts pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds horny and hazelnuts so by the sound of it it sounds amazing let's say open it and i think my brothers getting annoyed so smells plaque where that twinkle spending less on bar website text your eyes I think it's pretty much the same as the other eat natural bars I've reviewed other than the plateaus not got yogurt around it but there's so much salt on is in that and raisins and the pumpkin seeds very green and rice crisps and everything so I see mmm now is a perfect balance I think see if it'll warm up there as well that's a perfect balance of the nut and the fruits and the seeds and the crisps I think that's actually really nice better than the other two actually and yeah I'm gonna give this a an eight and a half out 10 I think this is a very good bar actually total recommend you might drive it Jason leaves in one tribe it so until next time
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