What's up guys? how you guys doing today.

I'm in grandma's room right now what are you about the Duke ground getting ready to go get my nails done her nails done she's been asking for weeks to get her nails done a week exactly Oh means you're gonna get mom's gonna drop the school for them ticket supposed to drink the Underwood's yeah.

They're gonna go get their nails done grandmama and my girlfriend Lizzie and I think I'll probably end up hitting the peel box while they're out I'll get all that stuff organized and brought inside grandma's got.

Many turtles now look at all this stuff I have a shrine oh my gosh mr. clean it but I'm gonna get many tons of Turtles grandma what are you doing chasing after jail.

If you guys haven't seen we got the tree up yesterday what my parents did at least looking pretty good get into that holiday season we all decorating yeah and my room is almost done downstairs if you guys didn't know already me and Lizzie are actually having like I guess I should call it like my own little apartment downstairs stuff that was on the kitchen but we're getting a room in the basement put in for me and Lizzie and it's almost done which is pretty cool it should be done sometime this week we're supposed to have it done by tomorrow but we're not 100% sure yet except we it looks like his hair starting to come back a little bit it's taking some time to grow but you'll get there always looking himself like what I hate is when he licks himself and then he comes in like you like directly after that scuse me out a little bit but we again though.

Just a little update if any of you guys have been going to my store which is lance210 comments right there we released a bunch of new merchandise if you don't know already but here's the thing there's a lot of people right now saying that they really want you sizes and the only reason that we don't have youth sizes up on the website right now is because we were afraid that people weren't going to be able to get them by Christmas we're working on putting you sizes up right now but the only thing is guys you might not be able to get it in time for Christmas which it kind of sucks but just know that now that if we do put them up pretty soon that they will not be available for that time we are currently also working on gift cards.

If somebody just wants to get somebody a gift card then that can work as well if you can't get the you sized in time for Christmas very sorry about that guys it just we're in such a time crunch right now because we did rush to get the Stuart as soon as possible there are still some products that haven't even been released yet because of how fast we're trying to get everything out and then at some point during this week I'm gonna go up to Philadelphia again and work with the creative team and trying to make up some new designs through the merchandise and a lot of people have also asked for different stuff like pop sockets we're gonna try and work on that for you guys as well and then there's also other things what's up boy my mom just brought this up as well if there's any type of like merch ideas that you guys would think would be really cool for us to have in the store leave a comment down below and let us know we're gonna try and work on socks joggers and a few other things as well but once again if you guys have any ideas leave them down below my website link is always down below at the very top of the description.

If you guys want to check out any of the merch that we have up in there just click that website link it'll bring you right over to there you want to go up with going on gram ice cubes I understand people say somebody keeps shoving off mm-hm you know it's weird like on my camera this doesn't display like it's like all weird looking on the camera like this says negative 15 this has one degrees Celsius but it doesn't show it on the camera like it looks really weird for you guys yeah I'm gonna head out to the peel box right now they should have the mail and it's like one o'clock right now usually they have all the mail and by this time I'm gonna attempt to take my car today it is Monday.

Here's the thing there might be a good amount of mail and I might get screwed over by taking my car because there's no room but let's see what happens I mean there's no other cars for me to take right now the only cars here are the workers cars see if we got anything I says what we got for today not too much it'll fit my car perfect fit and then I have one more boxing that I gotta get that gonna put in the front of my car remember how I bought a Canon 5d Mark four before and I didn't like it because I I couldn't use it for vlogging well I decided I've been thinking for the past couple weeks now I'm like man I really want it for pictures because the picture quality was insane and I could use it for like sit-down videos though.

I think that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna rebuy the camera I found like a really good bundle online it comes with a bunch of stuff comes with an LED light and some other stuff as well that would be pretty useful for the camera and since the camera has a screen on it but the screen doesn't pop out I'm buying a monitor that goes on top of the camera and I can just turn it around.

I'll be able to see myself especially when I'm doing sit-down videos.

I'm purchasing that online right now should be here in a couple of days but I really want to amp up my picture quality especially for my Instagram.

That's what I'm doing right now Lizzie just got back.

I'm going to open the fan mail pretty soon I don't usually do this where I buy something end up returning it and then buy it again but I really want the camera because it is super high quality it is beautiful I just got super frustrated at that time because I couldn't have logged with it and that's what I really wanted to do with it.

I said fuck it ended up returning it but I want it again now it's weird grandmum cut herself and she's on blood thinners.

Like the bleeding almost never stops.

We gotta get her a band-aid on there we go got big Naoko like a tie pleat like a pig alright let's open some mail guessing. This is like a nerf gun zombie strike oh we got one of these but now we got to is dope thank you. This is from Drew and Frank. This is from Gianna Guglielmo she sent over some slime thank you whoa what is this some type of crystal that's neat am I really sure then bunch of like little rocks in here United States Mint there's a book in here to Ellie's story thank you oh my god a five pound gummy bear oh kind of nice this might be blue raspberry oh my gosh and the tons of Reese's Cup high pants thank you. This is from Drew Jamie and Lane thank you. This is from me Acosta.

We get some mikey likes ours ramen sour patch kids gum a Lizzy sign one for Grandma with a turtle. Okay, I don't lance210 one with an airborne thank you sour patch kids watermelon and sour patch kids that's awesome thank you. This is from Zach Congrats on two million subscribers that's also thank you for the spin art. This is from logic I greatly appreciate this but. This is the reason I can't lose weight like I sit here and I'm like oh my gosh like we have a shit ton of Reese's like if I don't eat it other people are gonna eat it you know yeah. Okay.


Hard when like here's the thing especially when you're trying to diet when you see candy and stuff in front of you it's.

Hard not to cave in and do it and eat that stuff but when it's just like not in front of you it's not it's not as hard that's what I did it la that one time when I was dieting really hard I just didn't have any junk food in my house and it makes things.

Much easier but I'll probably end up eating a few of these thank you guys.

Much for always sending this stuff over you guys are.

Kind but the making strawberry banana smoothie right now got some yogurt strawberries bananas milk and I'll add some sugar to it skitter going way too thick.

I had to add some more milk there we go you want some ground a little bit. All right, you guys have to hear what ground just said to me go ahead. This is balls were empty cuz it's like food bowls well the war eight drug both of them one time over to cheer in other words till I get somebody to fill them up yeah you left Gio in the yard for a half hour I heard bargain I didn't know what happened to him oh he's not at the door anymore come on Gio come on come inside he's right freezing you guys want you can follow me on Instagram I try to follow everybody back that follows me I do this a lot too I usually go to the recent like.

I'm like one of my newest pictures and then I scroll through them and follow a bunch of you guys on here as well Jim tonight you ready to go no come on you gotta get back into it I'm coming down now Gio gets jealous and he's like hopping on you guys i sat down next to Daddy cross very jealous dog he gets jealous he's like when I was younger yeah you wouldn't let me kiss that in the left I know I used to like lay on my mom's lap all day and my dad came home and I saw them kiss I'd get jealous it was the weirdest thing I feel like a lot of guys when they're younger they have like this thing for their mom it's really weird I was like what was I like one no until you were like eight you're like fuck out of here oh my god no it was not I was a teen yeah. Okay, it was like till I was like a couple years old.

It used to go osoyoos East and I'm a virgin I'm gonna marry you mom any kid when I was a young guy goes my fortune my cheeks fuck up that thank you Jia is mine my daddy no don't say that you can't find your phone you don't hear it ringing you don't hear it ringing oh I asked my dad if he wanted to go to the gym the other day and he said I can't I can't hear out of my ears what what does it have to do with lifting look at Geo trying to leave - come on boy you're gonna stay home bye boy I guess we're taking the truck over to the gym finally got my dad back at the gym now we're gonna go every day we got to get back on schedule bro we were going hard last time we were going good we went like a good two or three weeks like every single day consistently my dad just missed the entrance and we have to pull all the way back backwards y'all look at this my dad is always trying to match me yeah just like ah that's funny they still didn't clean the piss off the floors in there s disgusting on the bathroom. All right, we got biceps today I guess you didn't get the use this out the other day.

You wear it again yeah and I work I know it was just sitting there doing his say he's like my ears bar they pop it pressing changer something just wrapped that workout up you know is a good workout when you can barely even fucking put on your own coat lizzi's air-dropping my dad rental pictures was a Squidward music yeah he said what's an airdrop see we just learned this now whenever we get home and jail runs towards us and to get super excited I always walk outside and make him come out and then let him go pee first and then I start petting him because if not he pees all over the place it's our little trick isn't it we Lizzy and my grandmom are about to do the whisper challenge right now and I actually did this with grandmom before like a year ago but for some reason I got taken off at YouTube and it was like super friggin funny.

I'm gonna try and find the footage and put it into this video right here but of course if you guys want to see Lizzy's video with my grandma I'm sure it's gonna be funny as hell too the link will be down below at the very top of description click that video and go check it out you know I'm watching back my whisper challenge right now and I'm.

Awkward to the camera and it feels like I'm like deepening my voice or my voice is like super deep I'm like hey what's up guys it's like what the fuck oh my gosh it's.

Weird but hopefully you guys enjoy it hey what's up guys my name is Lance and. This is my grandmom you guys might know her from vine I today we're going to be doing the whisper challenge.

Basically if you don't already know how this works somebody puts the headphones over their ear and the other person plays music and blast it.

They can't hear what you're saying and they try and read your lips right.

Do you want to go first yes yay yeah does my shit smell does my shit smell what's my shit smell right though does my shit smell does your shit smell yeah three blind mice three blind mice three big dicks hey Marik stop what I said say again three blind mice three blind mice yeah got it what time is it what time is it I was too easy that was way too easy you kill a man up show you where tampons oh you kill me not children you look like a sketchup you tell them and not chill you look like a sketch oh now you've done what did you say you kill my not chill I can't see my forehead I can't smell shit I can't see my forehead I can't see you oh I can't see my forehead I don't know I give up what'd you say I can't see my forehead do you like hot sauce do I like to get high over weekends already here do you like hot sauce asshole do I like hopscotch yeah hopscotch do it was that right yeah II like oxalis ah Jack and Jill went up the hill Jack and Jill went up the hill shut the fucking door what it's not nothing like it Jack and Jill went up the hill chanted the door I owe more time Jack and Jill went up the hill I give up Jack and Jill went up the hill well I was trying to beat them listen I look I guess I lost that one there I just bought it what's it smell like I like to play the forest if I have salmonella no I just party what's it smell like hello I just farted what does it smell like yeah really fart now you would have been a GF I did do you watch Dora the Explorer Thank You watcher is this morning do you watch Dora the Explorer did you wash the clothes this morning do you watch Dora the Explorer did you watch no I said do you watch earth do you watch Dora the Explorer I do watch oh I thought it was watch how well where is the umbrella where did you find the Fox in the woods where's the umbrella am i a black eye where is the Fox say again I tried it nevermind we've seen growlithe one more time where is the umbrella where is a black guy you already say that what we's the umbrella I thought she said work Amaya bloody who said where's the Fox and then I said where's the Fox the dog went to the store the dog went to the store the caught in the trap the dog went to the store the dog went to the store yeah go top of the lake.

I like pina colada now go jump in the lake say again go jump in the lake I look like an elf go jump in the lake III don't know that one this was that jump in the lake don't jump off do you have a bowl up do you have ebola do i great do you have ebola start butter do you have ebola I know do I have but I know what I'm saying do you have ebola dodgeballs one more time do you have ebola ha ha do I have Ebola oh yeah no trouble go turn the oven on get the fuck out of my house no that's not what I said go turn the oven on go turn the oven on go suck a big toe no no more time down turn the oven on don't fuck yourself get that puppy out of here miss what did you say those tiny youngin one I like to play with kitties I I like to play with kitties I like to play with kitties is that he said I like to play with kitties oh I like a private keys yeah do you hear the phone ringing do you hear the phone's ringing do I hear what the fuck you're saying whoa it's I do you either phone ringing do i fuck pumpkins what do you hear the phone ringing I thought you said fuck now I didn't say fuck you said fuck no I did you said thought I didn't say fuck I need to blow my nose it is stuffy I just blew my nose I need to blow my nose it is stuffy I just blew my nose that it's stopping yeah that one did you lose your keys did I play my asshole next I said yes all did you I don't know your side do you find the car keys did I vacuum the carpet you're such an ass did you lose your car keys wait you're laughing too much on all you're saying did you lose the car keys did I have sex in my car I hope not is that what it is how did you lose your car keys Oh some about a car suck my ass suck your ass suck it yourself there's a spider in the bathroom but there's a spider in the bathroom did you bother wait did you bother the bathroom no there's a spider in the bathroom I like setting up there's a spider in the bathroom then I bought in a bathroom no no no he didn't bother wait well there's a spider in bathroom don't you send butter in the bathroom no I was close yeah does your asshole smell like shit does your asshole smell like shit does your aunt's house smell like shit I bet - looks good Annapolis yeah do you like to play with fire trucks do I like to try to fuck myself do you play a fire trucks I try to fuck myself I'm gonna beat you off say it again do you play with fire trucks do I play and fuck myself you're saying are you saying fuck not fucked up what do you say trucks with all your trucks do you play with fire trucks Oh thought you said though I like the fucking Beast oh he's such an anus always I wish that were to recorded it but my dad just got his finger and just like scrolled through my entire video I'm surprised you're not done watching yet cuz you usually always get through we ordered some food and we're waiting on it to get here now but Frank is actually on his way over to Graham um yes my glove what is how you been today good you ever get your medicine dad got took me get it Sunday ok I'm surprised you haven't asked me in a while usually asked me like every day because there's a group of it it all comes at one time yeah then it is you're feeling soul not do the same time it's good like that that's why I have a problem well if you ever need some honey no we haven't done a Burger King run in a long time I know grandmom's craving it I've never King since list on blam yeah good for me yeah me too what's up guys.

Frank just got here how you guys doing today yep why it's figure oh you took his place cuz he's not here yeah cuz he's busy what's up J crazy Bobby what's up no he's not playing guys good he's being a good boy for once as you guys saw Frank ready took his intro and yeah and flogged himself but my parent feeds here yeah glad steal my line grand mom's not even done her first sandwich I'm already done both I eat.

Fast don't I I can't watch you eat that's harder than just foolin anyone what's up guys.

Today we are going to be eating these half pound Reese's Cups and in fortunately Frank does not have a half-time Reese's Cups.

We just got a bunch of different races packs that add up to half a pound.

We're gonna see who can eat this thing the fastest unfortunately for you you have to unwrap them.

You might as well I'm right about now the first yeah I don't need to give you guys any more of an edge well look at this package this thing's pretty big I think is gonna be easier for him because you can stump one it's not let time take two bites swallow we might have a lot more peanut butter video probably I have more chocolate than you true oh yeah I know.

Frank has 12 Reese's Cups and we have one but they they equal the same weight wise we don't know what chocolate or peanut butter wives are pre warning for all of you guys we all just ate dinner yo.

We're all kind of like full already this gonna be like my last meal of the day because this thing's like a thousand calories you have four tacos you ready yes sir 3 2 1 go Oh oh my god laughs what a wise man compared the head come on you're my favorite now demands as my gum is bleeding I think blood is not like a finger in here Sean Meagher Jesus problem oh there's.

Much off on this well it's hard to swallow nothing is up come on Don mmm really hard like my dad oh man I feel like I'm the only non clean vlogging channel Lance is a thousand per second when he literally just showed you guys that he finished his cheesesteak before and I'll finish one half of her I'm determined oh my god oh my god one more let's.

Hard on well I'm gonna lose I would have to drink or not my jaws hurting yeah I know my daughter's too. This is.

Much peanut butter oh my god oh my lip I'm gonna have a master stomachache I wanted a burp up the peanut butter cover in my esophagus only it half that's me about me to know about me Joe mean tonight you oh my gosh Frank someone's done whoa whoa whoo it look really hot now ahh ahh stars how much cream butter like it's making like what for every bag more quickly or me leave it up to me to finish guys yeah Frank never finishes this entire part of the book it's not about this puke I'm a buffoon baby ah I was just thinking that bags on the last one wears like that she's Eurasian but I should put that one British challenge Frank one that tells me it what happened oh no more congratulations Frank you wanna shout out go far away bill Bubba shut up your chocolate all over your face good luck yeah how are you feeling Frank not good very bloated I don't feel good either oh I really do feel like all that candy isn't good for you man oh oh no this thing is insane guys look how fucking big this nerf gun is Lord yeah gigantic is it tired now soon as I pick up the camera oh my god Jim Joe hey not you're trying to chase him it is currently 2 hours since we did that Reese's challenge and my stomach is destroyed please do not do that challenge and eat that much candy guys it seriously messes your stomach up but that is gonna wrap up the video if you guys did enjoy make sure to smash that thumbs up button I'd really appreciate it do not forget to check out the store if you guys do want to get an item in time for Christmas you must place an order now because if not they're going to be sold out and you're gonna the wait longer for it the ship.

The merchandise link is down below on the top of the description also is Lizzy's video with Grandma yeah I would see you guys next time like you be strong to hold the powers of the Sun - dream Billy.

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