"Egg Cetera" Chef Cody's cooking with eggs Part 1 (Candied Almonds)

Hi ladies and gentlemen I'm chef Cody and Emily got and we are chef toadies culinary adventures on meetup com hey finally home finally here finally ready to go so guess what let's go I've been getting a lot of questions about eggs and all the different things that you can do it eggs so let's just get started let's have some fun hey how you doing name of the show is except and that's very important because you guys about to see some really freaky stuff ok the first thing we're going to do just to get started real quick that the unpretty at 36 first time I do is I want to make some candied almonds and that's going to go out one and desserts it we're gonna do it a little bit that's me only a good thing a little bit of salt egg whites he only grabbed you can put the egg yolk in now I've got any weights over here that but for this I want to use I cheat guys okay I know I shouldn't use my hands but oh ok there you go just like that then we're going to take some sugar with us breathless sugar on just like that now put this back shut that door I want to jump it on me because I don't clean as they go so we're going to work on that again the day now did you ever notice these omens are a hole and that's going to be really important in a little bit and basically just almond sugar salt as simple as you can get and they'll and just a small bit of a way then we're just going to lay these out like so and then let me just get a little bit more sugar and if you really want to make them interesting you could hit it with a little bit more salt but I'm going for a goal that right now go ahead take you to the oven 350 it's free it ready to go ok now the next thing we're going to do
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