Elders React to Deez Nuts Vine Compilation

♪ (ragtime music) ♪ - Hey, man. - (friend) Whassup, brotha? - (man) [Inaudible]. - (friend speaks inaudibly). - (man) Oh. Hey, is there's something coming-- - Look at their teeth. What's with the teeth? - (man) 'Cause something came in the mail today. - Yeah, what came in the mail? - (man) Deez nuts. (both laugh) - (man) Got 'im! Deez nuts. (cracking up) - "Deez nuts?" Is that what he said? - Hah. - (man) Got 'im! (laughing) - Okey doke. - Well, that was sort of weird. - (Mary Jane) Wait! - Wait, Spider-Man. - (Mary Jane) Who are you? - (Spider-Man) Deez nuts. (laughing hysterically) - (chuckling along) That's-- (snickers)-- That's so stupid! - Spider-Man is also quoting "these nuts" now? Okay. - This is like an audio meme. - (Mills) Oh, what's in the box?! - (Somerset) Not until you give me-- - (Mills) What's in the [bleep] box?! - Oh no! (laughs) - (Mills) What's in the [bleep] box?! - (man) Deez nuts. (cracking up) - (chuckles) What are "deez nuts"? - I'm trying to figure out where this is going. - ♪ Will your mouth still remember the taste of... ♪ - (man) Deez nuts! (cracking up) - (laughing along) - (man) Got 'im! - ♪ Will your mouth still remember the taste of... ♪ - (man) Deez nuts. (cracking up) - Okay, it's getting funnier. (wheezing laughter) - (snorts) Oh, that was pretty good. - (Taylor Swift) ♪ Saw you there and I thought ♪ ♪ Oh my god, look at... ♪ - (man) Deez nuts. (cracking up) - (snickers) - Why'd they just put Taylor in that [bleep]? Why-- Why would they put her in that? - Doesn't take much to get people to laugh, does it? - (Aladdin) ♪ I can show you... ♪ - (man) Deez nuts! - (cracking up) Ah, I didn't think that was coming. - We're so amused by that, aren't we? - I'm afraid to tell you I'm totally confused. - (Drew Carey) George, let's start the show with a bang. What've we got for her? - These nuts? - (man) Deez nuts! - (laughing) - (Drew Carey) What've we got for her? - (George) Lori, how about-- - (man) Deez nuts. (laughing) (game audience cheers) - (Steve Harvey) Name something you put in your mouth, but don't swallow. - "Deez nuts." (man cracks up) - (Steve Harvey) Name something you put in your mouth, but don't swallow. - (man) Deez nuts. - Nuts. (laughs) Okay, I got that. (laughing) - ♪ A is for Abby! ♪ - ♪ B is for Bert ♪ - ♪ C is for Cookie Monster! ♪ - ♪ D is for...♪ - (man) Deez-- - Don't make Cookie Monster say that [bleep]. - (man) Got 'im! - Oh my gosh. They're even hitting the kids shows. The Muppets aren't even safe! - That was different, I have to say. - That's a copy from Snoop Dogg's album. - Dumb but funny. - (laughing) What's so funny about deez nuts? Am I supposed to know what they are? (movie reel clicks) - (Finebros) Okay, so what did we just show you? - These nuts. (laughs) - It's a very interesting meshing of videos with these nuts! - Several people's interpretation of... this one, I guess, product? But I don't know what the connection is. - (Finebros) So what exactly does he mean by "deez nuts"? - Balls? - He's talking about his privates. - He referring to his own nuts, his balls. - I'd say nutty people. - They were all a little nuts in the head. - I-I-I don't know. (laughing) I'm missing it for some reason! Maybe I'm too old. - (Finebros) Is there another potential meaning for the word "nuts"? - Come on, you guys! - I wasn't thinking perversely. - Okay. (laughs) You don't mean nuts like you eat. His balls! - (Finebros) What did you think of the guy? - He had too much teeth. - He had big buck teeth! - The guy with the deez nuts? Not much. - Oh, I felt kind of bad for him. You know, he looked like he kinda mighta had a disability. - I thought he was hysterical. I love that he was so amused. That just cracked me up. - (Finebros) Did you like watching these? - Yeah. - Yes, I did. - (chuckles) I liked these videos. - The one with Steve Harvey was good, and the rest of them were just stupid. - A couple. Not all of them. It depended on how it was intercut. - Well, the way they'd been combined is very creative and I think it's hilarious. - I admit, that was funny. But so stupid! God, you know-- I'm too old for this kind of stupid. - You know, you keep doing this to me. (laughs) I think they're the strangest things I ever saw. - (Finebros) So this has become this huge trend and even younger kids have been making these and watching these. Do you think this is appropriate for younger people to be watching? - No. - Not really. - Do I think it's appropriate? Nooooo. (giggles) But would anybody care what I think at this point? Noooo. - That's fine. - It seems kind of harmless. - Considering what all is available to them, it may be one of the least worrisome problems that we have. - (Finebros) There's also something odd about this trend that had something to do with politics this year. Do you have any idea what it could be? - No, none. - No, I don't. - It probably has something to do with Trump. It sounds stupid like Trump. - (Finebros) So what happened was somebody officially filed paperwork with the FEC to run as an independent presidential candidate as "Deez Nuts." - (laughs) - Deez Nuts? Really? - (laughing) I think that's funny. - (Finebros) And, at one point, it was polling as high as 8-9% in Iowa, Minnesota, and North Carolina. - Oh wow! - Yay! (laughs) Great. - The nuts are voting for Deez Nuts. - (Finebros) Why do you think people would joke vote for Deez Nuts? - Well, simply because it's probably just as effective as voting for anybody else. - They think that all the candidates are such worthless nuts that, "Why not Deez Nuts?" - (Finebros) Back to these videos, this is one of many short form video trends, like ones we've shown on the show before, where people remix original footage to create their own versions. Could you ever have imagined this becoming something people like to watch? - No, I couldn't. - Not at all. - I can understand that because you get a wide spectrum of creativity. - Most people seem to follow fads, and if it's a fad, yeah, people will follow. - Sure, look at commercials. Do you remember "Where is the beef?" Everybody went around saying, "Where is the beef? Where is the beef?" Yeah, that's the same thing. - Remember how much fun we had with mad libs because it was so stupid and you could put all that dirty stuff in there? There's been something-- just to be goofy for the sake of being completely goofy and having a really good laugh-- forever! - (Finebros) So finally, do you yourself consider this to be entertaining? - Yes, I do. - Yes. It made me laugh like crazy. - Sure! I'm laughing my ass off. - (hesitantly) No. - I guess so. Yeah. - It does not entertain me enough. - Well, not so much deez nuts, but what people chose to do with it-- that was hysterical funny. - Not at all. After about... as many as you gave me, that's about as long as I would watch it. - I don't think that's entertainment. I mean, it's cute. But give me Abbott and Costello if you want funny. - I don't know if I would go to the extent to where I'm gonna sit down in front of a TV to a half hour or hour long episode of doing this, but if there's nothing else on, yeah, I'm gonna probably do it just to get a good laugh because this one gave me a good laugh for a short period of time, and I love to laugh. - Thanks so much for watching another episode of Elders React. - In your comments, let us know what videos we should react to next. - Make sure you subscribe. We have new videos every week. - Bye! - Bye... you nuts. ♪ (ragtime music) ♪
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