Electric Stove Troubleshooting - Oven Not Working

Hi guys my name is Bill and in this video I want to show you how to troubleshoot the oven on your electric stove alright.

What we got here is a whirlpool oven it's an electric stove same one I've been working on trying to get a bunch of videos done on this because I know somebody who needs one.

Once I'm done doing some troubleshooting videos on this and actually giving it to somebody.

What we're going to troubleshoot this time is the bake element we're going to take some ohm readings and tell you about the voltage and that's about it. Okay.

Electric Stove Troubleshooting - Oven Not Working

Real quick on most electric ovens there are three things basically three things they control the oven turning on baking your food and.

Forth the first thing is going to be the control board or if you have a knob for the for the oven basically the power comes into this and then from here the power goes down to the element what controls the actual temperature is a temperature probe.

If you have an oven that's not turning one or cooking on the right temperature or something like that your little probe up here in the corner I don't know you can see that look or not that little probe right there this guy is what tells your stove what temperature it is.

That could be bad and that would prevent the bake element from coming on that's that's the second thing and of course if your baked element is broken then of course that would be bad I mean they don't have to necessarily look broken to be bad but most of the time when these do go when these do go they burn like a sparkler on the fourth of July and then it's pretty obvious that. This is shot. Okay.

Let's say you turn your oven on and nothing happens it doesn't get warm the first step in the troubleshooting process would be to make sure that the stove is getting the correct power now generally I do that by turn them one of the top burners on and if they glow red-hot then you know that's pretty safe bet to say that the stove is getting the proper 240 volts you know because that's what the elements on top take.

If you turn one on it glows red you know the stoves getting the correct voltage the second step would be them to of course look at the bake element and look for a hole or where it would have burned up or something like that and that's a pretty clear indication that the bake elements bad.

If but if that looks fine then of course the next step would be to pull it out from the wall look at the back and look at the wiring and look for anything that you know burnt wires or plugs or something like that. Okay.

Let's check the voltage now one way would be to turn a burner on see if it glows red hot but. This is for those who turn the top burners on nothing bait doesn't work.

Then you need to move on to checking voltage.

Here's a typical three prong stove cord plug.

We get 240 across here and from here 120 and 120.

We have power here.

Let's plug the cord in and test it at the bottom the stove make sure the cord is good. Okay.

Now we're going to check the terminal block where the cord connects to the stove.

From one leg to the center 120 sent it to the other side 120 the outside 240 ok.

We're 100% short the stove is getting the correct voltage not real quick before we move on if you don't get power at your at your plug here you need to check the breaker in your panel box in your house you could have a trip breaker or a bad breaker not going to get into that on this video right now we're just concentrating on whether you have power here making sure you do to the cord to the stove and that's what we're concentrating on. Okay.

Let's say the bake element looked fine and everything else looks fine.

Far now at this point we're going to unplug the stove from the from the wall and we're going to mount the bake element.

What you want to do here is remove one of the wires you know open up your oven door see where the bake element goes through the back of the stove and then find it back here you're going to see two little Spade terminals down here I pulled one wire off connect my meter to one side and then the other my meter set on ohms and twenty three ohms.

The bank element is good now if you could reading that looks like that the bake element is definitely bad.

Here's a reading for a good one and a bad one. Okay.

The next thing we're going to move on to is the temperature probe now that was the little finger inside the oven that basically tells the Control Board what temperature it is and here's what the back of it looks like it's got two wires going to it now at room temperature give or take a couple ohms you're going to get a reading of about a thousand eighty ohms or 1.08 kilo ohms.

Here's our thousand and seventy four ohms at you know basically room temperature and.

This temperature sensor is good now again if you get reading that looks like that and of course it would be bad or if you get a shorted reading like that then it's definitely bad.

You want 2080 give or take a little bit and that's going to be a good temperature probe. All right.

To finish up this video here you have proper voltage temperature probes good fake elements good the last thing that leaves is going to be your control board.

Of all those things check. Okay, and you still don't have any heat when you turn your pyramid bake function on your oven then basically you're going to need to replace the main control now those little guys right there are the relays for the bake and the royal power a lot of times if you look real close at and you can see that maybe the contacts are burned up or something like that and they're not really replaceable at least not at my skill level anyway, you know it's always just requires replacing the entire control board to get your oven to work again.

They have a little bit of troubleshooting when I like your Devon thanks for watching.

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