Electronic Sway Prevention SD 1

In the past all trailers were generally built as low as was reasonably possible.

Every trailer had a wheel well like this that allowed the floor to sit down between the tires and in this case the floor is 19 inches off of the ground you may have noticed though that many trailers now are much taller this particular one the floor is 36 inches off the ground.

Almost twice as high as the older one over here at first glance that hates wouldn't seem to make a lot of sense because the taller trailer is going to take a lot more power to pull it through the air the sidewall can catch a lot more crosswind and the center of gravity is much higher.

These taller trailers aren't necessarily our favorite ones to toe around especially on the racetrack.

Electronic Sway Prevention SD 1

Why would anybody want a big tall gangly trailer to tow well the reason is this massive interior space and that's made possible by these large slide outs that go all the way to the floor these large slide outs are what makes the height necessary the bottom of this slide out has to clear the top of this tire.

No wheel wells will work on this unit now this modern lightweight trailer is still low and still has a slide out because the slide-out is above the floor but it's a much smaller slided.

You've decided you want all that space you want a nice big room your trailer then the question becomes how are you going to tow this tall trailer safely and comfortably well obviously you're going to start with a really great handling tow vehicle something like this mercedes GL on this mercedes we've actually strengthened the hitch.

That we can transfer weight effectively to the front wheels and it said the tire size optimized for towing as well we hook it up properly.

The ball here is very close to the back bumper of the mercedes and this ball mount is the correct geometry we're getting the correct type of way transfer when it turns corners as well we have friction sway controls as well as being hooked up properly this trailers fitted with a new device that is mounted underneath the front end hidden up in the chassis that senses oscillations in the trailer and actually applies the trailer brakes on one side or the other whichever is needed to help straighten it out this really makes towing a large trailer and theory much safer much more stable now we're going to test it and see how it work fit it on the dash we have two lights connected to the right and left trailer brakes that will tell us when the sway control system actually actuates they light equally when the brakes are applied as you see here first of all we wanted to see if would actuate annoyingly when not necessary.

Running smoothly through this 100-foot slalom cars the system never intrude if the trailer leans to the limit of its suspension travel but tracks fine this lane change test has 12-foot lanes with a 50-foot opening on exiting the lane change the system briefly actuated the right hand trailer brake here we take the unit out on the unstructured portion of the track and try and get it out of shape. This is accomplished by whipping the wheel aggressively one way and then whipping it back before the trailer completely changes direction normally this manoeuvre can cause any trailer to sway but at all trailer like this can become quite uncontrollable as boring as it looks from the outside inside the Mercedes the cameraman could not hold his camera still due to the violence of the maneuver here you can see the lights alternating as a system breaks one side of the trailer and then the other to control the side-to-side movement on this laughs I toss it around very violently and you can see the trailers kept completely and checked by the automatic system interestingly the Mercedes stability control system did not activate yet when tossing an Airstream around without the electronic sway control it does in this close-up you can see smoke come off the trailer tire as the break locks up on the driver's side in conclusion the electronic sway control is very effective it does not replace a proper hitch set up persuade controls is like the air bag in your car you hope you never need it but should the occasion arise you'll be very glad it is there this technology is the ideal solution for these taller trailers and a worthwhile safety feature on even the best towing trailers it's an easy retro fit to any trailer with electric brakes in just a few hours.

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