Enhance Images with Simple Patterns

Hello crafters. This is Julia from just one more card calm and today I have a big announcement I am joining the elevate stamps as a YouTube specialist I don't know what the YouTube specialist is it sounds very official it sounds very qualified.

I hope i can give you some tips and tricks along the way i'm going to be using the monster math stem side by the lms terms and what we're going to look at today is how to fill out our stems that don't have a lot of detail like this one right here that's the one we're going to be using today I'm starting out by laying out all the acrylic blocks that I need and I'm going to be using the memento tuxedo black ink nowadays there are more inks that work with Copic markers and I have my standard a2 sized card base right here there are more instant rock with Copic markers but when I started out it was basically memento tuxedo or nothing and this ink will not believe if you use it with copics coping saw alcohol-based markers and usually they make every other ink bleed there are a few others nowadays as I said but I still have this one I like this one.

I'm going to stick with it.

Here we have it a very simple basic shape and now I'm grabbing my inkadinkado masking paper and you can see I keep all my scraps in here looks kind of chaotic but it's perfect for occasions like this when I just need a simple like a tiny little piece and I'm stamping the same shape right here and then I'm fuzzy cutting it and a tip for fuzzy cutting turn the paper not the scissors that one when I heard that for the first time I didn't really know what it meant but you can see here that I'm gonna keep the scissors in the very same position and just turned the paper and that helps if you have like slightly curved slightly curved shapes and. This is a very easy shape now I'm putting down the mask onto the shape that I just stamped.

Enhance Images with Simple Patterns

It is protected and now what I do the rest of my stamping it will stamp on the mosque but it will not stamp where it shouldn't go you will see that in a minute I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense yet I want to get all my stamping done on this second little monster before I remove the mask just to make sure I'm not stamping where it's not supposed to go and you have all these little accessories and the stamps at different sets of eyes you could use these here as feet or as hand or maybe even its antenna or something completely different it's.

Much fun to create your own monster now I'm lifting up the mask using my tweezers here because I didn't want to bend the cart to get it off again and you can see how clean this looks you really have the impression that one monster is slightly tucked behind the other that is the magic of masking i love it i absolutely love it now i'm using this huge I i love this huge I it's.

Much fun it looks like a black girl and then we have this fund on the mouth here that we can also stand.

That's basically our stamping oh no it's not quite honestly the sentiment see I always forget the sentiment and before I start screaming or getting a panic attack yes I'm cutting it apart that's. Okay, I learned it from Jennifer McGuire when she says something works then it does work we know that and now I'm able to stamp my sentiment next to the monstrous because it would not have fit otherwise that's why I cut it apart ok now the stamping is done and now when we look at this we basically have two simple shapes and we want to add interest to these shapes that's the purpose of today's video.

I'm grabbing a pencil and I know you can hardly see it and I apologize for that but I really only want very thin lines here and I'm adding like stripes to this monster I hope you can make this out like just following the movement of the pencil here and you want a somewhat like thin lines because we will go over them later on with a with another pen but if we make the lines with the pencil too intense and then when we trace over those lines we're not quite precise will have to erase stuff and then we might run the risk of smearing any ink.

I'm just being very very like very very light handed here um here I'm drawing circles there's like you can draw everybody can draw a line but then on the other monster everybody can draw a circle it doesn't need to be a perfect circle just vary the size it's going to be fine and that I'm going to grab my copic multiliner only have a very thin one I wish I had a bigger thicker one but this one won't work as well and the copic multiliner will of course work with copics and not bleed that's why I'm using this one and I'm now tracing the pencil lines and sometimes not entirely precise but again that's not a problem because you won't really see the pencil lines later on and now you can see how simple lines can already add interest to these images of course I'm repeating this with the circles as well and you can see that my circles are not perfect either but that's ok that's not a problem. This is not an art contest we were supposed to be having fun.

Just do whatever makes the most fun to you alright.

Now we're done with the drawing and now we get to the fun part which is the coloring I will be showing you the colors that I'm using in the top top left yes in the top left corner and I'm going to speed up the process later on because otherwise it's going to be very boring for you i'm going to play some music and then come back to you at the end to show you how i'm finishing off the card just a word on the coloring i like to color from light from dark to light and i like to color them two coats.

I'm putting down the darkest color first going to the lightest and then i'm coming back with the darkest to apply a second coat and to intensify the colors you will see that in the video and yeah i hope you're not too bored i hope you enjoy the coloring and i will see you on the flip side you. All right, you're still here thank you now we're done and you can see even though. This is Copic friendly carts like it of course bled through now i know there's like for example simon says stamp card stock that doesn't bleed through but to import it to germany it's very expensive and i guess a lot of you will have Copic friendly card stock that also bleeds through.

You can't you think you can't do on their cards but as you can see i simply grabbed a piece of paper and glued it to the inside of my card.

On the inside it still looks absolutely clean now and on the outside it looks like a one-layer card.

I hope. This is a little tip that will enable you to use your Copic friendly paper for one layer cards even though it bleeds through now for the fun part i decided that these monsters need googly eyes because they are fun there is.

Much fun of course the is all already.

Much fun the eyes that we stand but the googly eyes just add a little bit of like action to the card its unexpected and it's really it's really funny now you could stop there you don't need to go and you could stop right there but i decided to grab my white gel pen and add some detail to the card and since we used circles here i am just holding my pen somewhat vertical or as vertical as i can and just add dots around the the green circles um nothing else just simple doubts there's no skill required everybody can do this everybody can be successful with us and for the other monster i like to do a dot pattern and what I like to do here is I put down three larger dots and then fill in the space with the smaller dots I feel that gives it a feeling of more randomness um that if you would have dots that are all the same size the all same size notes work on the other monster but here I feel the random pattern works better and that is the finished card and I'm going to shake the ice a little bit for you I hope that doesn't make you seasick or something but I just like the interaction that you get you just you're just want to shake the card and see the ice move that is.

Much fun here's a close-up of the monsters of the coloring the accents we added with the white gel pad and of course the fun eyes and here's a look at the entire card you can see I also edit a few sequence and matching colors for some blink if you like this video subscribe to the elevate you to bow to my youtube channel as well please and leave me a thumbs up thank you very much and see you again soon bye.

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