Enviro-Safe Worker Co-op

I was born in the Congo that's not cable it was put in middletown i was born in a cartoon with the area of la banda he's a cute flavor yes northcliffe that's why I came from.

I came when I was 13 and I had to you know start going to school and they learn the language.

I think now I'm getting better at it this song.

Many things different that's when I came I didn't know anything about how call can be in Winnipeg it's not bad.

Enviro-Safe Worker Co-op

First thing in Congo kids grow grew up in the street right I mean doesn't mean they don't have shelter where to go and sleep I mean they play in the street they can meet friend easily they can make friendship easily without any problem there's no fear he can't go there there's something will come and pick something like that my client is a like a city Winnipeg and the Assiniboine credit union and also we have a central with 12 Franco Manitoba and test popular so. This is awkward the man who was serving is the man we used by our festive a queue and cleaning supply. This is the way we started first the contract second third fourth and we buy a second vacuum and.

On rather be my own boss and somebody else being my boss being in a member of a cop is very important because you meet with different people and also the value that you give to members to be like equal in Waka cop is very different like the way it's shared in traditional mode of business where the owner will take the big party of the business the prophet and the worker will have few first of all we want to give opportunity to two people specially in your comment and when we give them opportunity as a waka we open them those to become also member.

They have a chance of working with us with us and becoming a member our value also is to see the wage that we give to people right we have to make sure that we are providing people with a quality job with a living wage not-not-not people working with minimum wage and at the end not being able to survive with that with their job we know in cleaning business there are a lot of product that I used that I the long run has an impact on people's health.

What we have done in that context we have decided to be environmentally safe cleaning company the coop I mean like everybody loves to be on of it in the share the work that's the meaning of pop and that was very hard when some of members don't understand that and if for example let me see if you have some responsibilities like you have some people what to do and you like in our case you have to go and clean it's like you're you're having double pressure that you have really to overcome if we see something going on bad or wrong.

We said our meeting and talked about it and we have to try to fix it not.

Walk a cop is about you know to find a consensus is oh very hard and it's a it's a it's a long debate and sometimes tiring the future plan for co-op is it to to hire more more employee and also to set standard for the instant us tree to grow you need for example are good governors right we you need for example a good leadership and having a good leadership means for me having the skills right.

It's what really those are really our future goals and we are working slow stall on achieving them you.

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