Ep. 1018 - Thermoweb iCraft Deco Foil

Hello welcome to scrap time episode 10 18 my name is Christina and on today's episode I'm showing you the thermo web I craft deco foil today I am going to be showing you some foil from thermo web it's there I craft deco foil you get 5 transfer sheets in a package and it comes in a whole variety of colors.

Many colors out there now i'm going to be showing you how you can use it with foam adhesive with tape runners and they're special deco foil transfer adhesive I've used this a taste of two ways one is with stamps and you can see there's like some dots and fine lines and that and then the other is these little dots here now I'm not going to show you these these thoughts because they take a while to dry what you want to do is when you use it straight out of the bottle like that you it goes in this sort of um it's not quite clear sort of miss what's the word cloudy thank you it looks sort of cloudy and you have to wait for it to dry and it would go clear and then you put your foiling on.

It takes a little while.

That's all you have to do for that I'm just good not going to do it today since I don't want to sit here while it waits. However, I am going to use this adhesive to show you how you can use it with stamps.

Ep. 1018 - Thermoweb iCraft Deco Foil

Let's get started to show you all these ways.

I have this card here i previously done up and i'm going to start with the stamp.

It has a little bit of time to dry while we do the other and what I do is I take the deco foil adhesive and I squeeze it on to my thing.

You can see how it's cloudy is the word we are looking for there and when you put the glue on it has a nozzle that goes right over top of the nozzle to prevent it from drying out.

That's really good then I'm going to use this phone makeup sponge and apply the glue to my stamp and I'm going to stamp it down here and I'm going to just let it rest they don't know I might have to apply more adhesive I'm not sure if it transferred very well sometimes when you use the makeup sponges the first time you use it it absorbs.

Much of the glue in there that you don't get as much on your stamp.

I'm going to stamp it on the side as well then we'll see what happens now because this was a glue i'm using my water and I'm spritzing my stamp.

I don't want that glue to ruin my stamp and then afterwards I'll take it to my sink and wash it out but at least they're the glue isn't hardening in my stamp and you're just going to get a paper towel to dry off my table.

While that dries a little it doesn't take that long because it's very thin layer I am going to use my dot runner and I like to use the dot runner just because i personally like the the dots if you wanted a solid strip you could use you could use like the tape runners that are solving and you just put it on and peel it off you can change up your colors and wherever it's the key you just want to throw the tape or with the foil.

Now is the other thing with the foil is you put the matte side down.

Whatever the color you want it's facing up a lot of times people will turn it upside down and nothing with your transferred.

It's always map side down and you can reuse these foil sheets quite often like you know even though I've used it a lot there's still color on there to use let me get another newer sheet.

Let's see was anything happening with that stamp did it taste I didn't think much happen with our stance.

Let's do that stamping again I'm going to get a different stamp this time it works because I did it on my previous sample.

I know it works.

Let's get a nice amount really good glue on this you don't know why this clip is not one as transfer it could be what I'm moving on to but I did it on on acrylic paint and it worked fine.

Let's do it while it's like that now see happens maybe had too much time to dry where we're getting some of the design now it might have been that because it was.

Thin it had time to dry and.

You don't get like a really sharp distinctive design but it's a really great way to add bits of of the foil onto your project.

Let's do a little bit more about just if you want like this little texture onto it it's really cool that's over this time see you again.

I guess the trick with stamping is stamp and put your foil on right away because it is.

Thin and you just want to burnish it until it starts moving a bit yeah we're only getting a little bit.

The stamping part it will work you can see there is some there but don't expect it to be this full-on stamped image it's just really great for some little texture actually when I turn it like that quite a bit of gold is on there and there is silver on there and you can also see from your foil how much has been removed.

The first thing I'm going to show you then let me just put water on the stamp that I have just used.

The third thing I'm going to show you is with foam adhesive and.

I actually cut this using one of my dies.

I'm going to sometimes it's easier to work with this if it's already on your project.

I'm going to just put my butterfly onto the probe checked and what I like to do is I like to take this one that has already a lot of say the circles already out of it and use that and you just furnish it on with your finger now this adhesive is quite sticky and because we haven't fully covered it some of that sticky it's time.

Then what I do is I go in with the second color.

I'll now put this over it and wherever their stickiness it will just pick it up and. This is a great way you can add two colors onto your project now I find with the foam you want to get in there edges to wherever their stickiness that part there is what came up but now I've got both silver and gold on my butterfly.

It's a really cool way to use it.

There's lots of ways you can add oil into your projects without it being like a total foiled project like the stamping i think is still really neat because it's a great way to add that just Sparkle and fun like when i moved this on an angle I can really see I actually got a lot of gold and silver on there it was just on the angle i was looking at it didn't look.

Much and then with the tape it's a great way to add little dots or if you wanted that straight line it's just put in a straight line of tape and you'd get a nice foiled edge.

Different ways you can just add some texture to your project using these foils from thermo web well that's it for today's episode be sure to check out our website at www and on our next episode i'm showing you the derwent graphic pens.

Please join us thanks for watching scrap time.

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