Epica 1.8 Quart / 1.7 Liter Stay-Cool Double Wall Stainless Electric Steel Kettle

Hello everybody blessed chick here today we are taking a look at this epica electric kettle here it is going to put some water in it real quick.

Just bear with me not going to put a whole lot maybe a cup of cups worth plug this thing in. This is the base right here I'm going here's the unit itself it's very large and then I am going to press the button down here you there you go you can see that that light is on.

I'm going to let this start to work while I tell you a little bit about it I'm also going to get back up back up this cup and you can hear it's already starting to work and. This is a 1.8 court epica electric kettle comes with an owner's manual and just some information about it planning a maintenance warranty and it says Epica products provide a three year limited warranty on the cool touch kettle the warranty begins on the original date of purchase and applies to the purchaser of the kettle.

Basically if you have issues with your kettle just reach out to them and let them know and they will try to fix it for you it's got cool touch.

Epica 1.8 Quart / 1.7 Liter Stay-Cool Double Wall Stainless Electric Steel Kettle

The exterior is not going to burn you it's a 18 and 10 stainless steel interior plastic free on the inside double wall.

It boils the water faster and 1500 watts of power for a very super duper rapid boil the cord storage and the base and that's that's that.

Let me get a tea bag PG Tips t from England and I don't know if you can hear but. This is already to the point of which I want it to be and I can feel that the water is getting hot but it's not burning me clearly you can see there that the water is already starting to boil.

I don't want to go to a full boil I'm going to take it off it's already I've taken it off it's still boiling and it actually is already a little too hot for my tea I like to steep it I don't like to get it to to steaming hot and I'm going to blanch the tea but there you go it's still boiling in the kettle right now I've been talking for three minutes it took me about a minute to get the water setup you've got steam coming off of it. This is a great alternative to a microwave a lot of people are eliminating microwaves don't like them or don't ever want to use them and it's a lot faster than boiling it on the stove going to go ahead and put mine in there now but it's definitely it's definitely awesome under under two minutes to boil three or four cups of liquid.

There you have it I absolutely love it five stars if you're looking for a nice big kettle like this and again you know they sell smaller ones this one's huge I love this. This is going to be used all the time another thing i'm going to use this for no doubt is preparing my pasta water faster because you know for my stove i have an electric stove and I'm miss having a gas stove like you wouldn't believe gas stoves are the best jealous of everybody who has won this takes electric stove takes.

Much longer to heat up water.

I'm going to be using this for that I'm going to be using it for a lot of things thanks for watching everybody I hope you have a wonderful day take care.

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