Episode 230 - Sweet Cupcake Card

Hello everyone. This is robin and i am putting together a video to show you a little bit more about sweet treats now i was playing with some of my new stamps that are about to be released or if you're watching this later they are already released and I wanted to make my daughter a card because she loves cupcakes and.

I'm just going to use the regular cupcake when we actually make the cut cake but i was i was thinking and I was pondering more about what I was going to make on this card I thought I needed a tag and then I realized this has a whole tag feature of the coolest tags that have just different dimensions to them.

If you're ever looking for a quick tag sweet treats is a really great cartridge and also and I know I've used these flowers before when I've made videos there's some really cute flowers in this on this cartridge and there's some really cute cupcake holders and party favors yet I've also made videos forum projects already but I wanted to show you just how to make a quick and simple card. This is for my 12 year old daughter and. This is the color palette that I've chosen to use I want to do something really bright and.

I'm going to make my cupcakes using the four in the middle the lime green and the darker lime green and these three right here they're all coordination card stock in a package that I have and. This is tempting turquoise and pretty in pink and then I'm going to have it on black I think that's what i want my cupcake to be on I just want it to pop.

I'm going to put it on black and just see what we come up with I have no idea what it's going to look like yet I'm just kind of showing you my thought process my feel like that thought process I talk with my hands if you guys could just see me with this camera here it's pretty crazy.

I thought i'd show you some of that as i'm doing it the husband thinks it's pretty funny I talk with my hands up I do even when I'm on the phone anyway, I am getting off the subject here I just kind of pick colors that I think would look you know well together together and I am just going to use them on this card and you can kind of take the colors that I've made and kind of create create your own palette.

Let's get going. Okay, let me show you how I have my card stock on my mat it's a very colorful creation right here it's art I love it ok now what I've done is I had to look at my picture here and I had to look at the color picture and see what was what and.

The frosting is actually going to be the first cut where you cut everything out I might want my frosting to be the bright pink and then I'm going to shift it and. This is going to be the under part right here it'll be the Polka Dot.

I want the polka dots to be the lighter grains and then the outside of the wrapper is going to be the blue and my little swirly is going to be the darker grant lime green and then my tag is going to be pink and i'm going to use LMK colors right here incorporated the different colors i'm going to use it on the tag if that made any sense I hope.

Ok kind of crazy in my house right now but they're playing piano down there I think they're starting to band we probably have enough to start a band in my family right now actually alrighty now I am going to cut this at three and three-quarters I think that's a good sight I don't sighs I don't think that'll be too good.

Let's find out we're going to press the first button here which is this right here it's the first page in my hand book that has the buttons on it gets going to me and you figure out what you cuttin it is i'm just going to show you a trick pretend that you're putting your can book into your cricket this way and that's how you decide how the images are going to lay on your mat just always remember it's putting it in sideways because otherwise you won't they'll help you sue don't get all messed up. All right, now we're going to press shift shift and hit your cupcake press your line return to get it up to the right here and I am going to press my layers one creative features button right here and I'm going to press my cupcake again and that will get me the bottom part right here and if you want to wait and just look in your little screen now if you're working with the regular size Cricut the Cricut personal cutter you will not see the pictures in your screen but you will see the words ok and now I'm cutting the swirly keep it on your layers button press shift cupcake and this really will be cut ok now I'm going to do the tag the tag up here and I'm going to have to change the size to let me look right here now which one am I going to do i think i will just go ahead and do this tag right here and I want it to be cut you hear them they're singing down shares I'm going to have it be cut at three let's see i'm going to say three inches that might be too thick i'm going to say let's see here two and a half i'm going to say two and three quarters and i'm going to press my tag create a feature button which will cut this right here and you were still working with the same button here which is awesome cut that and we'll see what size let's see here i have a stamp that I'm going to use i'm going to make sure and it says sweet cupcake and that's way too big.

I'm going to cut a smaller I think I'm going to cut two inch tag I ended up cutting that the tag at two inches.

Now I want to cut the top part of the tag right here and I'm just going to move my blade over here and I hope it fits I think it will fit i'm going to cut it in a lighter green I'm just trying to kind of I'm trying to make it all coordinate with each other.

We'll see what this looks like I'm going to hit shift and press my cupcake remember that my creative feature button is on tags and it looks like it's going to fit birthday.

Let's make this into a really fun card.

Here are my pieces cut out for you to see what I have like I said I cut this one in pink for the frosting.

I'm going to show you how to put this together if you don't know it already how to do this we're using. This is my new pink atg I have a video on the comparison to the 714 it's pretty much just the same thing someone mentioned it might be a little bit lighter need with lighter plastic we're still investigating that it feels lighter it's really fast it's really cool really cool alright i'm just adding this on here i did not it perfectly ok you don't have to be perfect with paper crafts if you want it perfect you'd have bought it at the store that's what I always say ok because it's smaller pieces I'm just using a smaller adhesive atg is great but i don't really like working with it for the smaller pieces and then i have gosh i have my smaller. This is a zig 2-way glue pen i love this and there's different glues that people use and just got to find what works for you ok whoops put this on here like.

Oops like this I love these colors already I love these I love that stack that I got the coordination it's just like the basic stack it's an eight and a half by 11 but all of the colors in it are just.

Vibrant and bright and they cut like butter they cut like butter on your cricket I haven't had any problems with them tearing or anything like that. Okay, now let's put this baby together now here's my tag that I said remember we cut this at two inches instead of. However, big I had it before and I'm just going to go ahead and glue this on the top using my to make loop in right here not cute it's cute Robin when it doesn't stick to your finger and lift up then it's cute. Okay, there we go that's kind of crooked.

I'll try to fix that a little bit and it's good enough perfect well it's not perfect yet what did I say a second ago if I wound it perfect i would have bought at the store right ok trying to straighten it out just a tad ok perfect enough alright.

I'm going to have this here this here and here's my black card stock that I cut. This is four inches by five and a quarter some big shadows today they're blue that will help with the shadows ok now I'm going to kind of just lay out I want that here doesn't that just pop on the black and it is.

Cute I'm going to have that here and I'm going to stamp on this like I said I'm going to stamp sweet cupcake and that is in a stamp set in my pink stamper stamp line I have 12 stamp sets oops i just gave something away this video is going up on wednesday and the release is actually on friday morning.

You're getting a little snippet of what's happening in my pink stamper got some new stamp sets coming out and just fun stuff you know just trying to keep it fun for everybody but my daughter is really into cupcake.

When I was designing the stamp set one of these stamp sets I wanted to have one for my 12 year old daughter to say sweet cupcake and she loves it it's her favorite sweet cupcake. This is just a really fun you know little stamp for ya and I'm going to have that here and I might actually i'm still debating if i want the little hold a show or it not to show i might not have it show but i am going to have this tag i have a scrap of pink ribbon and i'm using about my scissors i better take off my ah see if i can beat the clock my camera is just about to die they'll order to divert it that's what we sing for our kids when they're doing talent show we sing dead i read it did it i read it that's kind of annoying to that i read it that dent dehra dun dun am i annoying you yet I'm sorry I'm really not trying this time too bad to do it just happening. All right, i got my paper fold in half i'm going to go ahead and add my i can beat the clock that is using my ATT come on just give me 30 more seconds I can do it I can do it promise I can do it. Okay, get that on there cute that's.

Bright and fun oh my goodness tiny dimensional I knew I had some in the other side of my office. Okay, one two. This is a big one three you have to do five let's see if I can do it one two three and I have an idea that just popped in my head I'm.

Excited for it for that's not good life isn't this.

Beautiful just these colors on here sweet cupcakes can go right here kind of underneath and then I'm going to use this ribbon and how long that is to tie a little ribbon right here I always twist it on the bottom it seems to hold the tighter. Okay, cut it straight the crust cut it straight right here and I'm almost done I'll just glue that part down later I think I want to add a little bit of bullying what do you think we need add bling yes hopefully I know some of you are saying yes Robin we need bling bling before your camera dies bling sweet cupcake okay. This is going to be where it gets a little tricky I'm just going to put it on my spiral and I'm just kind of swirling my stickles around in just a circular motion but look at that isn't that just awesome I love it ok oops I messed up not really bad but I can fix it yeah I fix it enough is in that.

Super sweet isn't that a sweet cupcake card.

I hope this was helpful and I really think sweet treats is a great cartridge to have have a sweet day everyone bye bye.

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