Episode 71-Hey Cupcake

Hi everybody. This is momo and today i'm going to be making a card i did a question on facebook as to what you guys wanted me to make today and a few you guys had set a recipe card and that is such a good idea but I don't have any kind of food or kitchen or you know I don't have like from my kitchen or um a rule look at all the fruits and the vegetables and stuff I can't even remember the name of it preserves cartridge or anything like that.

What I did was I'm going to order from my kitchen and I should have it soon because I am bidding on something on ebay.

It when I get it in I promise you guys I'll make a little like either a recipe mini or I'll make like a little set of recipe cards for you guys.

If you guys can just hold on until I get it I promise I'll make it for you guys but I thought that was an awesome idea and I've been wanting from my kitchen forever.

I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get it but what I am going to be making today is this card and I basically welded a cupcake in a rectangle together and this rectangle is four and a quarter by five and a half and then I got the cupcake at four and a quarter from sweet treats and i welded it together.

This video is going to have a mini Design Studio to studio tutorial at the end for those of you who want to make this card and or maybe do it with a different shape.

I am going to go ahead and i've already gone ahead and sported down.

That's done and then the layers that I cut out were I did the cupcake in the blackout feature which I'm going to put on top and I did um just the little cupcake holder in this pattern paper and both of these were cut out at four and a quarter now this cupcake normally comes with a flower but I didn't want to do the flower I wanted to do an actual little prima flower and I'm going to put the sentiment here at the bottom.

I'm going to go ahead and do that. This is going to be a really simple one.

The first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to adhere the cupcake holder on to the blackout feature and I'm going to be putting it on some pop dots.

I've gone ahead and put my pop dots on the back of my cupcake holder and I'm just going to pop that that pop dot it up to my little blackout feature and I think that gives it Oh some really cute dimension and then I'm going to put some atg on the back of my cupcake and I'm going to adhere this down straight onto our little cupcake that we weld it onto our card now the cupcake that i weld it onto the card is the shadow feature of this sweet treats.

That's why it has the border and I think that that's perfect for when you're doing this kind of a card and then I didn't think that it stood out enough.

I got just a white sheet of paper and. This is caught up four by five and a quarter and i'm just going to adhere this straight to the center here on the inside of our card and that will make it stand out much better and I'm just going to get some glue dots here to adhere our flower and I'm going to put it here towards the top and then I'm going to get one of these Martha Stewart curls and put it at the center and that's perfect there and then what I'm going to do is I have some zip dry and I'm just going to put a few dots of it here for my sprinkles and the reason I'm using zip dry is because the paper that I'm gluing on this white paper that i use for the cupcake is sort of it's like a pearlized or a kind of paper.

The zig to way doesn't work.

Well there we go and then I'm going to get my quick stick and. This is um just a little tool that Becky got me one of my YouTube friends and basically what it does is um it has like a little sticky tack at the bottom and it just sticks and it makes it easier to get the little pieces to stick.

I'm just putting my sprinkles on just just came to me that I didn't I did my sprinkles like perfectly even that's horrible let me see if I can put another one up here just to offset it grab another sprinkle and the sprinkles are part of the same cut of the cupcake. Okay, that's perfect and then um what I'm going to do next is I have some adhesive here let me get my adhesive remover. All right, now i'm going to get my silver gel pen and i'm going to do stitching all the way around on the shadow of the cupcake and I'll be right back. Okay.

I did my stitching and that adds just a little something to our car there and our last step is I have two pieces of cardstock. This is the same blue as the car debase and. This is cut out at one by two and. This is one and a quarter by two and a quarter and what I'm going to do is stamp using my. This is the Versamark and I always use the dazzle one because it gives it a little bit of extra shimmer and i'm going to get my stamp and it says hey cupcake and. This is from the scrappy mom sweet something stamp set and i'll put the link at the bottom or you guys can purchase these stamps that i have been using and we're just going to stamp here using our first amar and then i'm going to get my white embossing powder and my little embossing buddy that I got at Michael's or joe and i think it was trans i'm just going to put some white embossing powder on there and like off the excess if you have a lot of people ask me how I get the embossing powder only on the stamped image and that's just to use a dryer towel it takes away the static and let's stamp only on the stamped image.

I'm going to heat emboss I'm going to heat up my gun and embossed it and I'll be right back. Okay.

I used my heat gun and I embossed hey cupcake and I'm going to Matt it onto this silver card stock and then I'm going to adhere this on to my cupcakes and I'm just kind of sort of slip it under these flowers here put it right there and there we go that's our card I hope you guys enjoyed it i had made two other one previous to this one I just wanted to make some cupcake cards but that were a little fancier instead of like the regular very bright fun kind of cupcake card.

I hope that you guys enjoyed it and I'm going to have the many designs studio tutorial at the end of the video thanks for watching and stay tuned for the recipe cards bye for those of you who stuck around for the design studio mini tutorial. This is what you're going to start with and we're going to go to George and basic shapes just to get our rectangle for our card base and then we're going to come over here to shape properties it's already four and a quarter which is perfect and now we want to put this up five and a half and that's going to convert it to a standard size card base and we're just going to move it down just to bits to make sure that it cuts and then what we're going to do is we're going to scroll down here and go to sweet treats and. This is the cupcake that I want to use it's the third cupcake and we're going to press shift and we're going to press nope no shift just this button right here which is the shadow blackout feature and I wanted my cupcake to be four and a quarter.

That's the side that I have here then I'm just going to move this down and as you can see if we weld it here it's only going to be a very small piece.

What I did was I tilted my cupcake just enough where the flat edge would be on the card base and then I'm just going to move it over very very slightly and then we're going to come over here press weld we're going to click on our card base and click weld and then we're just going to test it out by clicking on our little eyeball over here and it's perfectly welded and that's it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little mini tutorial and hope it helps thanks for watching bye now.

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