Epson TM-T88v Print Head Cleaning

Hello well. This is an Epson TM t 88v I've noticed that there is a lack of tutorial videos on how to properly clean the printhead on these I have some customers that could probably do with that.

Open it up like we're gonna change the paper pull paper out is the lovely thermal printhead cleaning pen stand along the top here this piece actually goes between the paper and the printhead or actually the paper goes between this and the printhead. Okay, and after you do that the printhead is actually this piece right here this metal piece clean the whole thing best practice is to clean from the middle out be sure to clean under as well the little dark strip that's underneath the metal slip sure if you can see that or not their Lighting's not very good here actually a little dark strip under there clean that too. Okay, you notice it gets dirty when you're done you should probably wipe it off with a tissue or something put the cap back on it then put the paper back in. Okay, then what you're gonna do is I do a what's called a hardware test page hold the feed button and turn it on feed button held it should eventually do that and you can look at your seat and see if there are any dead spots and the light marks you know any spots I can see like right here on this - I don't know if you could tell her not there's one line there I can see if there's one bad spot on that printhead and I feel like I can see it there - and there - and in the D.

This printing head is actually starting to go bad it's got a nick in it but it's just one small spot.

It's still usable back to the prayer notice that they're still a blinking light push the feed button one more time you get your text set another way to to verify anything cuz notice the right-hand side of. This is actually not looking well at all probably gonna need a new printed on this one soon but the printer is now online and ready for operational use.

That's how you clean a printhead it's also how you to determine if you have a bad printhead because if you clean the printhead you've cleaned it there's nothing else you can do if it still looks like that you might need a replacement for ahead hope this helps you have a great day.

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