Epson TM-T88V & ReadyPrint T-20

Hi this is Jamie from and today we're discussing Epson's two newest point of sale printers the Epson ReadyPrint T20 and the Epson TM-T88V. The TM-T88V is the latest edition to Epson's industry leading TM-T88 point of sale printer series. Designed for use in food service and retail environments the TM-T88V offers more speed and features and reliability than ever before. In short this is Epson's fastest and most reliable printer. It has easy drop in loading. It has a standard status light, feed button on off switch interchangeable interface power cord standard USB interface and the cash drawer port. Epson's cost effective ReadyPrint T20 thermal printer is the latest edition to Epson's energy efficient point of sale printers.

Designed specifically for low volume retailers it combines basic point of sale printing functionality with high reliability and multiple ease of use features. In short this is a less expensive version than the TM-T88V. Like the TM-T88V it has easy drop in loading, standard status light feed button easy on off switch the back is a little different in that it has a USB interface that is not interchangeable. It has an integrated power supply as opposed to an external power supply and than the cash draw port. The biggest difference between the TM-T88V and the T220 is print speed. The T220 prints out at an average of 6" per second while the TM-T88V prints out about 12 inches per second. And this one also incorporates a data buffer.

I'm going to print out simultaneously the same restaurant receipt so you guys can see how much faster is the TM-T88V. As you can see the exact same receipt, this one was just printed out a lot faster. In addition to the difference in printing speed the TM-T88V also comes with a four year warranty while the T20 just comes with a two year warranty.

The TM-T88V is rated at 2 million cuts while the T20 is rated at 1.5 million. The TM-T88V also has an interchangeable interfaces and its also, its already integrated with USB while this one only has USB and this one has an external power supply the T20 only has an internal power supply. They also both come in white and dark grey. So if you want more information on this printer please visit us at

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